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Two months later...


Tiyo taught me everything he knew. He said that my powers were a curse if the only way I could control them is by how I felt. I had to learn to block my feeling out, and it was hard, but that's how my powers worked.

Emana taught me some chants and spell she knew; she's been really pissy these days. Always frustrated and angry, but only if Ethan was near us.

Conner and Eddie were doing more than great; they took a liking to Zod, but also to Maximus whenever he came out.

I've tried my best to adapt with Zod, but it was difficult for me. He wasn't anything like Maximus; he was so stiff and distance. As if he was scared in a way, whenever I tried to bring up his first mate. He would get angry and yell at me.

How was I suppose to understand him when he didn't even talk with me? He would only talk about leaving this place, how he couldn't wait to go back to his Kingdom.

If Zod felt I was sad, he would bring out Maximus for me. I always wondered if Zod could feel how happy I was when Max came out?

"Still working on that spell?" Zod asked as he sat down beside me.

I would go to the place Maximus told Ethan and Lexin to show me; it was the only escape place I felt comfortable in. The view was impeccable, astonishing to the point I thought it was a painting. A cliff where you can cast your eyes upon high mountains. At night it was more amazing to be at, I would gaze up at the sky and relax.

"It's hard, and I keep mixing up the words. Sekra with Sakra, I don't know which is which."

"I think it's Sakra first, here, say it with me." He said while grabbing my hands. "Sarka sino dèa ra serli Sekra."

"I don't know what that even means."

"Neither do I, just try to say it."

"Sarka sino serli Sekra-"

"Sarka sino dèa ra serli Sekra." He whispered while holding tightly onto my hands.

I repeated what he said, "Sarka sino dèa ra serli Sekra."

He hissed out while pulling his hands off mine, I grabbed his hands again and froze them instead of cooling them. "Sorry!"

I unfroze his hands, "Guess Emana was right, don't play with magic or it will damage you."

"It's nothing; you didn't mean too."

He examined his hands, and I seem to cause a hole in the middle of both palms. I stared in horror at what I have done.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, let me see, " I asked with shaky hands, grabbing on to his.

"God; I'm so sorry. We have to call Emana-"

"Calm down; it's not that bad."


He looked around before looking at me, "Maya...calm down."

I felt the ground shake beneath us; I held back my tears that wanted to fall. I can't believe I did that to him.

"Maya...Calm down please."

But I couldn't, "I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to Zod."

I covered my eyes as the ground shook even harder, Ethan's voice came through my head. "Maya, Maya?"

"I didn't mean too; I'm sorry."

"Maya, stop! Look at what you're doing." Tyio yelled causing me to look up.


I gaped as I watched everything move around me, "OK Maya, place us down slowly." Emana whispered as I stood up.

The ground was lifted up as we were on it, I could see Conner and Lexin staring at me from the woods along with the rest.

"How is she doing this Tiyo?" I

s hard as I could, Lexin and his wife went to fight the others. Zod wasn't near me; he was being held back by Tyio.

I pushed him back while still having my hand around his neck.

"It shall be known, that she will return to claim the throne. She will fight for three hundred years while watching her loved ones died each year. Shall there be no problem if you take her before the child is near? You will live in Nèdra with no fear. Capture her before that time. How did they say? Isn't there a child with a guard in the closed Palace? She has written in blood, not yet! Take her down before she enters the glass speck that shields the child and guard with no intact. Take her out, kill her. Zambia's last will is what you hear, take out every false wolf that ever walked this earth. And live as the royal king." He said while staring into my eyes. "Dear mother will be so proud of me; I forget to tell you that you're my dear cousin. That Zod and I are brothers. But that's not of importance, goodbye love."

I screamed out angrily in his face, causing everything around me to freeze completely. I turned around while gripping him tightly. "Siktia riyati."

He his widen in shock as everything around us lifted up into the air. The ground began to spin, he took hold of my hands but yelled out in pain.

"Take us to the Black Forest now Maya." I heard Tyio yell as he spun around me.

"I don't know where it is." I mind link him as a tornado spun us in circles.

"Imagine a black forest, NOW!"

I closed my eyes, and everything around me dropped to the floor.

Maximus jumped against Xamar, but he pushed him off effortlessly. "Ah dear brother, you stand no chance against me. I am more powerful than you'll ever be." He said while rushing to his side. "How was the dear father, I heard he was a liar." Xamar stopped speaking as he grabbed Maximus up in the air before throwing him against a wide oak tree. In a blink, he was by his side, "What makes you think that you are Maya's mate?" He asked while shifting into the same black wolf as Maximus.

"Maya, go to the mirror portal now. Unfreeze everyone." Tyio said as frostbite covered his face. "Go into the portal before it's too late."

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