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3-week later...

"Well, my sister was always caring for me. Even if I was the oldest, she had to play the role of dear mother. I do truly miss her, I'll bargain with you that she will be excited to know I found you." Zod stated as he always finds in any way to crowd my space.

"Why couldn't you fight Lexin or Ethan. Maybe, Conner or Eddie, I'm sure they wouldn't mind kicking your butt."

"And miss out on dueling you?"

I swung my hands left and right before circling them together, he dropped his hands to his side and watched in awe as the bright light became stronger by the second.

Should I hurt him?

I wanted to so bad, but Tiyo was watching me closely. Everyone was, I pushed my hands towards him.

Sparks of flame came rushing out before I blew a soft breath of cool air, freezing the flames before they reached him.

"Are you trying to kill me, Maya?"


He touched the icy flame that was flowing in the air, my mind turned off completely, causing the ice to fall on the ground beside his feet.

Emana was different from me, she could chant and do magic that she was taught, I on the other hand. My powers were all based on how I felt, all I had to do was think.

The past weeks has been all about keeping my distance from Zod, cause every time I see him. I remember Maximus, how I wanted to agree to his deal but didn't, this was better for me, I could learn to forget him faster.

Zod knew what I was trying to do, he was making it difficult for me by letting Maximus out whenever he felt like it.

The first time he let him take control, all he did was apologize. I just held up my shield so he wouldn't come near me. He didn't sleep a wink that night, Ethan was happy to see Maximus come out. Even Lexin was, but I wasn't.

If he chose to leave then so be it, better for me to forget him then to love him. You can't fuck the night before and decide to leave the next day just so you thought it was the right thing.

"Maya?" Zod yelled out, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I looked up at him, it wasn't Zod, he brought him out again.

Staring at his pitch black eyes, he stood before me, I pulled away from him.

An angry growl escaped before letting out a whimpering sound, "Please don't." He begged.

But I wasn't having it, my heart was aching so bad. "I don't want to talk with you, go back and hide."

"Maya, come on! This is Maximus, Maxey, Max. Don't be like this." Ethan said while grabbing on Maximus shoulder. "Dude, that Zod guy is really a pain in the ass. Don't like him, he's so stiff. How the hell you put with him?"

Ethan and Maximus are more friends than anyone here, th

o get out if his hold but failed miserably.

"You can talk with Zod about what happened. Let me have you, Maya. I missed you so dearly...I...I love you." He said while placing a kiss below my ear. "I never meant to hurt you." He kissed again. "You're in my veins, a thief that stole my heart without permission. Don't be mad at me Puppe, I really do love you."

My heart was racing wildly, I had lost it, my mind was spinning like crazy.

"I love you too Maximus."

"You do?"

"I do!"

His hand went up against my chest, hovering over my breast before he gently squeezed them. His lips attacked my neck and I just gave in.

Kissing along my jawline, I threw my head back and enjoyed him before he leaves me again.

"I miss you, I want you, Maya."

He turned me around in one swift move, gripping my legs before he holstered me upon him.

"You'll come back whenever I need you?" I asked while brushing his hair away from his face.

He nodded his head before crashing his lips onto mine.



"They've been in there for quite a while, maybe we should-"

"Stay here? Yeah! That's a great idea Emana, give them some time. Don't be a cockblocker."

She gasped and I chuckled, "Maybe we should do the dirty as well, I think you need a good di-"

"Shut up Ethan."

"Fine, I will. But, you know where to find me. I'll be willing to assist you. Don't think Maximus and Maya will come out anytime soon. Bye, sexy!"

'You couldn't please me even I showed you how.' I heard her whisper in my head.

Turning around to face her, "Wanna bet? I have your legs spread apart while I watch you drip wet sexy, you'll love my tongue while it's in you."

Her eyes widen before huffing out before leaving.

I'll have you Emana, just you wait.

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