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"That went well, don't you think?" I remarked sarcastically while facing Emana.

"She will never forgive me; I should have told her."

"She wouldn't have agreed if she knew, her attachment to Maximus was more than it should be. He's a wolf; he can not feel, don't worry about her. I will handle everything and make her forget him."

"No you can't, she doesn't want you Zod. She wants Maximus." Emana stated as she got up before leaving urgently.

Maya can not love Maximus; it's impossible for him to feel let alone love someone. Don't understand why everyone is...

"Do not mistake Maximus Zod. He has shown more than you think. He felt and shown his love for her, and she fell for him harder than you'll ever know. Just because you are the king, and his human form. That doesn't mean anything. Her heart desires Maximus, not you, so be careful with her. You won't get everything easily like you always do." Tyio warned in a serious tone.

Two men walked in, "Maximus, dude. You ok? Why's Maya crying?" A man I use to see through Maximus eyes said before me.

"Ethan, Maximus is no longer with us. You are speaking with King Zod." Tyio stated as Ethan took a step back.

"What do you mean he's not here, I mean, is he not coming back?" He asked calmly, but I felt anger in his tone.

"Ethan, Zod will be with us from now on. Maximus will come out only if Zod wishes he does." Tyio exclaimed.

"That's fucked up, tell him to come out now. I gotta tell him something Important." He said as the man beside him folded his arms in defence.

"Look, Ethan, it is best for me-"

"Yeah, best for you. I don't care, Can Maximus still hear me?" He asked while looking at me curiously.

"Yes, he c

hroughout the day, but I have you all night."

I mentally laughed in my head; this was easy.


"I don't think you understand Maya. You give yourself up to Maximus, you will do the same for me."


"Than he will be locked up, only comes out if I want him too."

"You can't do that."

"I can do anything I want; I am the king. You and I belong together Maya, not you and Maximus."

My hands shook, I felt like I wanted to hurt him. Closing my eyes, I found myself somewhere dark. Slowly opening my eyes, I took in my surrounding. I was in Zod's body once more; I could see Emana and myself. I felt a cold breeze breathing down my neck.

I faced him. My hands started to push him back. But they went through his ghostly figure.

"I hate you, come back out. Take over as you did before. Do something, anything..."

I was being pulled out by someone, Emana was holding me tightly as I cried out.


"What do you say, Maya? Do we have a deal?"

I pulled myself away from Emana hold, "I don't care if he never comes out ever again. I don't want either of you. Stay away from me, YOU HEAR ME? STAY AWAY!"

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