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"You shouldn't wander off like that Maya, not without telling me at least, " Maximus said, startling me from behind.

I just wanted to be alone; I didn't want to see or talk with anyone. Especially him, why can't he just let me be?

"I just want to clear my mind; it's really hard. Sometimes I wish I'd wake up from this dream and go back to my boring old life. I miss it so much, and I even miss school. Heh, funny right? Ugh, this shit hurts so fucking bad, and I don't even know what it is. It hurts right here." I choked out while holding my hand against my chest.

"You're taking what Tiyo said very seriously; I don't believe there's a world called Nèdra. But what I do believe is that you are my mate and that you make my heart do such things it had never done before. Not even the one before you made me feel the way you have Maya. You should trust me and forget what Tiyo said. We will live happily together in my kingdom if you accept to come with me that is?"

"I don't think I'm able to forget that easily Maximus if you don't believe then that's your problem, not mine. I don't want to feel that pain I felt in my dream ever again."

"I've told you, it's impossible for me to forget you-"

"WELL YOU DID, YOU DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER MY NAME, " I shouted angrily. "Just get away from me Maximus, please."

I felt sorry for screaming at him, it's just if he saw what I saw. Than he would understand me.

He took my hand in his, softly tracing my palm with his index finger. He placed a black gem he always had around his neck into my hand.

"Keep this with you for as long as you live, never lose it. This is something I will never forget because I have it engraved in ink on my heart. I had to fight Tiyo for it when you were sleeping. If, I am saying if, we end up in this make-believe world called Nèdra, then show me this. Don't fear the worse that hasn't come upon us and let us live in the moment, Maya."

Tears filled my eyes.

"Why me Maximus, why? Haven't I had enough pain, now I'm waiting for a pain worse yet to come my way. I don't-"

He stopped me from talking with his lips upon mine, slowly taking my breath away. He

own into mine.

It went on for so long that I had forgotten everything that surrounded us. Moaning loudly was all I could do, snowflakes cover his hair as he looked down at what he was doing.

It was a sight never to be lost in me, his head snapped back at my eyes, looking at me before removing his fingers.

He entered me with such force as he held my shivering body in his arm. A loud grunt came from him; his head was on my chest, his mouth devoured one of my breasts.

With each thrust, he sucks. With each thrust, he kissed, with each thrust, I lost any sense that was in me.

Lost the will to control anything any longer. I wrapped my legs around him, taking all he had to give me.

He turned us around, placing me on top of him before pressing me down on him as he pushed himself even deeper than before.

Following the rhythm he was doing, I took over. Doing what he was doing, seeing stars before my eyes, I tilted my head back.

Rocking myself back and forth on him as he gasped. His arms laid above his head, and I placed my hands on his chest. Looking down at him while riding him as a stallion horse.

"I truly love you Maya, love like no other." He spoke as hot-shooting fire shot up against my core.

Trembling to the feeling, I exploded my desire as well. Mixing myself with him before breathlessly collapsing on top of him.

He wrapped his arms around me, securing me.

"I love you as well Maximus, I do."

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