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"I missed you so much, don't ever do that again you hear me." Emana pled before pulling me back to look at me.

She hugged me once more; I looked down at the humans who were tied up. They seem to fear me in a way.

"Witch" I can hear them whisper in their heads.



"That's the one"

"Murders, " I replied back at them, only to receive a shocked expression.

"What did you say?" Emana asked as she pulled away from me.

"Didn't you hear what they said?"

"You can hear their thoughts?" She questions in shock.

"Can't you?"

She frowned, "No, I can't." She declared truthfully.

"Maya is unique Emana, she has powers like no other, well, there was one person like her. But she's dead now." The old man said as I looked over at him.

"How so Tiyo? Aren't we twins? So we must share the same powers." Emana

Remarked as if it wasn't possible.

"You only have the same power your mother had Emana, Maya has the potential of your mother and her sisters, along with Royal Beta blood. There's a difference between you and her, you have been taught what you've needed to be shown. While Maya still hasn't. It is possible that you two have the same power, but I only can sense Maya with an ability like no other. I believe that Zambia cursed you both, but knew who was who when you both were still in your mother's womb. What I want to know is, how did the witch who help you escape that night knew which was Zod's mate and which wasn't? How did she cast away Maya's powers so that they wouldn't resurface until now?

"I know the witch's name!" A voice said that I seem to remember.

I looked at the man who walked out from behind Tiyo; it was Lexin, accompanied by his wife.

"Who?" Tiyo asked.

"Helena, that was her name, " Lexin said before Emana braked out. "That's impossible, Helena never left the black forest. You're lying!"

"Who's Helena?" I asked curiously.

"I think it's time you two knew who you really are, meaning, who your parents were, " Tiyo said while walking away.

"I know who I am, and I won't let him talk about the one who raised me in a bad way, " Emana yelled out madly as she stared at Lexin with pure hate.

"Emana, come, all of you come with me, " Tiyo stated firmly before walking into a tent where two males guarded. He stopped and looked at one, ordering him to have someone look after the humans.

One by one we sat down in a circle, as Tiyo took his place on a dark wool mat in the middle of the room. I waited for him to speak, he grabbed a handful of ashes and threw it to the floor, causing the ashes to burn in flames.

"What, how did you do that? Are you-"

He looked at me without answering.

"There's a world where we come from; it's call Nèdar. A place where all unknown creatures live in, you see, there are not only werewolf but vampires and dragons along with Mythical creatures of all kind that h

now why she left me. 'You will know when the time is right Tiyo', she said. And the time is now; it took longer then I thought to know why she ever left me; finally, I know."

"I'm sorry for causing you pain Tiyo; I'm really sorry. But something in this story doesn't seem right."

"Don't be Queen Nèarda. You have nothing to be sorry for. And I only told you what Helena told me; I know something is missing in this story. I only told you what was told to me."

He smiled. "Your throne awaits you, but I think Maximus will never let you leave his side. Zambia cursed you so you'll never be together." he whispered as tears fell. "one shall live happily, while the other watches from afar. If Maximus ever steps foot into Nèdar, he will forget you, and you won't even be a memory."

I gasped, remembering the dream I had.

"But I thought it was Emana who shall live from afar?"

"Emana will have her happy ending, can't you see? She is with him every day, and she will return with you along with him. Zod will also enter Nèdar. But he will be a cruel person there, and you two will fight a deadly battle. I wish not to live to see that day, from what I see now. He loves you with every ounce of heart beating in him. But that will all vanish once you enter Nèdar."

"Then I won't go back-"

"It's not that simple Maya. You are needed there, enjoy your time with him now. For you will shed tears of pain like no other once you enter the realm." He says while wiping his tears.

My heart stabbed, an aching pain twisted countless of times before tears fell down my cheeks.

"I am sorry Maya, it's the least I can do. Is to tell you the truth. So you can be strong."

"There has to be a way to reverse the curse; please tell me there is."

"There is, but I can't tell you, Maya."

"Please, tell me, " I begged.

"Go with your heart, listen to it, never doubt it for one second. That is all the help I can give you."

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