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"And I swear that there was a dragon that was under a child's command Maximus. Vampires, lots of them. With red eyes. Living in a realm like no other, witches and werewolves were also there. It was a place where everyone was fighting in a competition to rule that kingdom.

The man that stood next to that child was you Maximus, just as I'm seeing you now. I saw you there, spoke with you, but you didn't remember who I was."

I looked at her as if she had lost her mind, "I've never seen a vampire in all my life Maya, and how can I forget you? It was just a dream, and here I was hoping it was a dream were it involved only you and I."

She frowned, "You don't believe me do you?" She asked sadly.

"It was a dream; I haven't heard of a place such as this. It probably doesn't-"

"They why did I see it?" She spoke, cutting me off as she stood up.

"It's this how you treat me after a long time waiting for you Maya? It's been almost four months you been away from me, two months locked up with those humans and two months sleeping. Or whatever that was, can you please just sit down and let me have my fair share of you."

She stubbornly looked anywhere besides looking at me, "I don't think that was me who you saw, I know that I will never forget you. You're far too remarkable to forget easily. You shall always be in mind and my heart no matter what."

"How long are you planning to stay here for?" She questions with a hint of blush caressing her cheeks.

A smile plastered upon my lips, "Tiyo still wants to teach you things before we leave. The faster you learn them, the quicker we leave beautiful."

Her eyes are landing on mine, it was a staring competition that neither

out happily. "Hi Ethan, it's nice to see you again, " Maya said as he countless of times rubbed his eyes.

"Welcome back Maya; it's good to see you as well." He smiled happily before winking at me. "Have fun then, sorry to interrupt."

"Where's Emana?" She asked, getting off me. Reaching him, he shyly looked away from me.

"Um...she's with the humans. Trying to cast a spell on them to forget everything. She'll be happy to see you again."

She left without even looking back at me.

"Sorry, didn't know you two were in the making of doing the dirty. These tents should have doors you know, someone can walk in without notice." Ethan tried to explain himself.

"It's OK Ethan, let's go see how that two reunions will be like, " I said before standing up.

"Maximus is about to get him some love tonight."

"Shut up and go, " I stated as I pushed him ahead of me.

He chuckled as we made our way to the sister who was staring at each other. They ran into each other, embracing one another in a hug that shined brightly.

"Why do they glow up like that?" Ethan questioned curiously.

"I don't know, and I wish I knew."

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