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Two months later...Ethan...

"Maximus? Again? Should I come? Maximus?" I yelled out as I did every night but no response from him.

"Go, Ethan; you have become a man he trusts more by each passing day. Go follow him but, let him have his space." Tiyo said, letting out a deep sigh.

Maya hasn't woken up since that day, her sister has, but she was the still the same. Poor Maximus was with her day and night; he felt defeated and sad.

I looked over at Emana who was watching Maximus walk into the woods as he did every night. I quickly followed him without crowding his personal space.

She followed me close by, walking carefully next to me. "It's all my-"

"Don't Emana, it's not, so don't blame yourself." I mind linked her.

The wind blew away the leafy trees in a soft mallow calm way, spring was in season, but the snow was still intact. Small footsteps of bunnies sneaking around on the soft light snow. Owls were howling, the moon Illuminating down on the floor as a bright light for us to see.

Being a wolf had it's good and evil, I appreciated everything more now then I did before when I was human.

"I wish I were human, " Emana whispered into my mind.

"Not fair, no reading thoughts Emana."

"I wasn't reading your thoughts, you were thinking out loud."

"Yeah, sure I was, " I mumbled.

We both stopped as we reach the same spot Maximus takes Maya too. We sat far away from him, watched him lay her in his arms while looking up at the sky.

The northern lights lit up the sky, and as I did every night, I shifted, before laying against the crystal clear light snow that was beginning to freeze once again. Emana changed as well and put beside me, both of us were just looking at Maximus caressing Maya's hair gently.

"Why do you feel that you must protect him, Ethan?" Emana questions me through mind link.

"He saved me, the least I can do is have his back if anything happens to him. Besides, he is the king."

"You two have grown very close and fond of each other, it's like you're his second in command." She stated as if it was a bad thing.

Maximus stood up slowly and looked down off the cliff; I ran towards him while being followed by Emana.

"There are humans down there, and I think they are having some festival." Maximus implies as I looked down at the group of humans who were sitting around a bonfire.

Music blasted shortly, "I like this song!" I whispered in their minds.

Broken lies

Driving backwards

Making all the wrong turns

heart you know."

"Aren't we all suffering from a broken heart Maximus?"

"Indeed we are Ethan, just be careful."

"Will do Maximus."

"I think, he likes her Maya. What do you think?" I asked her as I remembered my conversation with Ethan in the woods.

"I think they'll make a cute couple, don't you think?" She whispered out.

I froze, before looking down at her. She was smiling at me, an ache stinging in my chest became more and more as she closed her eyes again.

"Maya, don't-" I yelled, causing her to open her eyes once more.

She pulled me down next to her, "It's still night time Maximus. We'll talk in the morning." She whispered while softly stroking my left cheek.

How was I suppose to sleep, she might not wake up in the morning.

Was I dreaming?

"You're scared I might not wake up again?"


"When did this happen?" She asked while running her fingers through my beard.

"You've been playing Sleeping Beauty for two months now."

"That long huh? What about Emana?"

"She got up a month later, please don't close your eyes. I-"

She pulled me down to her lips before kissing me softly. A rush of emotions played in my chest; I softly kissed her back. Her fingers went up against the back of my neck before running them through my hair.

She pulled back, looking up at me. "I missed you too." She whispered, pushing me down before laying her head on my chest.

"Sleep Maximus, I tell you the dream I had of you and I in the morning."

I watched her eyes flutter shut before a smile grew on her lips.

"I'll be mad at you if you don't wake up in the morning Maya, " I stated before locking my arms around her.

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