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"You don't need a man to save you, but a man to conquer the world with. Side by side, together as one. You'll form a duo like no other." ~Marilla


"Tell me again how you did this Maya?" Maximus asked while holding my hand.

He inspected it as if he was going to find something, "I don't know, I just felt anger and-"

"What were you thinking of, I mean, what kind of anger? We're you cold or just angry?"

"Why are you asking all this, I told you I don't know. It just happened."

"Emana, what did you do to her?" He yelled a bit angry as he marched over to her. All I did was raise my hand towards him, a strong pull held him back.

He couldn't move, everyone was staring at me. He was going to hurt her, and she didn't do anything.

"Maya. What are you doing? Let him go!" Emana yelled as she ran over to my side. My hand dropped as he slowly turned around. He smiled, and I frowned.

Wasn't he mad?

"Your powers surface when your anger and protective. I wasn't going to hurt her Maya; I just wanted to see if you would react and you did." He said, slowly making his way back to me.

Emana wrapped her arms around me, and I did the same. Hearing them all gasp. I felt warm and safe like apart of me was completed. We both let go and smiled at each other before looking at everyone who was staring at us.

Not knowing why Ethan spoke. "Did you see that, or was that just me?"

"See what?" Emana asked curiously.

"You both glowed up like shiny objects." He replied back.

I looked up at Maximus who was staring at Emana. "What just happened?"

"Remember my lost sister?" She asked.

His eyes widen, looking back at me than at Emana. "She's...but I thought-"

"No, your first mate wasn't her Maximus. I told Zod that she wasn't my sister, she had no birthmark on her shoulder. She was human too, but Maya." She said, pulled the suit over my shoulder to show my mark. "Is my sister, she the true one."

A soft smile appeared on his lips, before looking over to the wolves who made it back from the facility.

They shifted as they walked over to us, with a flick of her fingers. Emana covered their bodies in white wool. As well as she did the rest.

"The humans are still alive, but they've seemed to lose their vision. They are a couple more humans I smell inside the facility. This place must be brought down once and for all." An old man said.

He had long silver hair and red tribal marks on his forehead. I looked over to the rest, no of them had the same mark. Just him, so he had to be the tribe's leader.

He walked over to me, and I felt his strong presence with every step. Then I felt him get angry; I felt him wanting to hurt me. I shield myself along with Emana. Just as Maximus did, he smiled.

"You a

body before returning to mine. I felt dizzy and weak; my eyes felt heavy. The world was spinning before my eyes, Emana's body was lying before me.

I watched as Maximus ran towards me, but I collapse before everything turned pitch black.



One month later...

"Why isn't she waking up, WHY?" I screamed at Tiyo who seemed lost just as I was.

"The twins are two powerful Maximus. I think it due to the fact Zambia was their mother's sister, and that their father was Royalty as well. They both seem to be healing; we can only wait for them to wake up on there own. I don't know how long it will take."

Ethan walked in; I looked over at him as he stood watching both Maya and Emana laying beside each other.

I felt defeated, I couldn't do anything for her.

"What are we going to do with the humans that are here?" He asked.

After burning the facility down with everything that was inside it, we took every human that was alive and brought them back here with us. Their sights were slowly returning to them, even though Maya was a witch. In her heart and mind, she couldn't hurt anyone. I knew that as I watched the tanks melt before freezing completely.

"Just feed them and keep them warm, if Maya didn't want them hurt. Then I won't hurt them either, even if I wanted to kill them. I wouldn't do it only for her."

He nodded his head before heading back out. I slowly sat down beside her as Tiyo left me alone with both sisters.

"We can't play this game of hiding and seek; you can't leave after I just found you, Maya." I grabbed her hand and gently placed it on my cheek. "Sleeping Beauty fits you well, but I would love for you to wake up. Please..wake up."

A painful moan came from Emana as her eyes fluttered open, I looked over to Maya, but she didn't move.

Why isn't she waking up?

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