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"Don't you think they can see us, there's cameras everywhere Emana."

"Just stay close to me, behind me no matter what." She mind linked me as we walked the flicking hallway.

It was like a scene from a horror movie where I'm waiting for someone to say, got ya bitch. Emana giggled, I forget she could hear my thoughts.

"I'm here with you. No one will hurt you. We just have to find a way out or figure out where we are exactly."

She held my hand as we took each step toward the front of us. "What if Freddy Krueger comes out of nowhere and kills us-"

"Are you serious Maya, you watch way too much horror movies."

"Sue me, look!" I said while pulling her hand. Through a glass window, I saw a man chained up against the wall. His eyes were shut.

"I think he's one of the men I transformed into a wolf." She said as she looked close to him.

I turned around and gasped as I saw another man on the other side. "How many did you shift Emana?"

"These are the last two; I think we should help them get out. We can use their help." She said while opening the door. "No, they could hurt us-"

"They won't; I know they won't. Go free the other one while I free this one." She whispered while pushing me to the door.

I gently opened the door and went in, the man shot his eyes open, causing me to yelp in fear. "I'm here to help, please stay quiet, or they'll come and kill us."

His eyes never left my every move; he watched me carefully as I moved closer to him. "Run, they're coming, I can hear them." He spoke in a harsh cracked voice.

"I'm not leaving you."

I struggled to get the chains open, feeling a hand on my shoulder. I jumped.

"Easy, it's just me. Hurry up; I hear them coming." Emana said as she effortlessly unlocked his chain with her powers.

I looked over to the man who was standing by the door, then over to the man she just freed. They both seemed weak and exhausted.

"Come here, " Emana asked the man who was at the door. He marched over to her, she grabbed both men by their shoulders and started to chant words I couldn't really understand.

A glowing light lit up the room as both their bodies shook. She stood, pulling her hands off them. "You can now shift without any pain, just attack whoever comes our way. Maya" she said pointing at me. "Doesn't have the power yet to shift, only us three. Do you know a way out of this place?"

"I remember a little, but I don't know-" one of the men said before Emana cut him off.

"Just led the way, we have to get out of here-"

"Find them, shoot them then bring them back to the first floor." A voice said from down the hall.

Emana looked at all three of us before pulling me in the middle, the two men by our sides growled as they took position to attack. Before my eyes, they both shifted into wolves.

She gentle stroke the back of their furs, holding them in place. Footsteps came closer and closer until a man appeared in front of us. She let them go, and they began to rip the humans apart before us. One after one they took them down, Emana Circled once, forming white dust of clouds to fill the room that went out through the hallway.

I couldn't see anything, just screams of men yelling. A hand gripped

just passed out in fear I think?

I ran over to one of them, not knowing if it was Eddie or Connor.

God, what's happening to me?

I gently touched him and as the human. He melted. I looked around for the other and went over to him quickly. I felt him as well; he wasn't in his wolf form yet. But just like that, he melted as well.

I grabbed his hand and went over to Emana's side; I looked back.

"Let it go, let go-"

"Stop it, Maya." Emana braked out irradiated. "Let's go before someone finds us." She said, not facing me.

"We can't leave them like this-" I didn't get to finish as the bodies fell to the floor before melting one by one.

As if they remembered what had happened, they all looked my way. Each person grabbed their guns, pointing it towards us.

The anger inside me came rushing back; I lifted my head before circling once. I felt my body rise in the air, I heard gunshot being fired before I struck back down to the floor. Pushing my hands towards them, a shield barrier blocked every bullet that came our way.

I could feel their fear; I could feel them moving, screaming to shoot.

With one push forward, the barrier blasted a ray of light, blinding them as they screamed out.

"I can't see.."

"I can't see.."

My eyes caught a pack of pure white wolves, along with other wolves walking our way. I saw a more significant wolf figure walking along with them; it was bigger than the rest. It's fur was black as night, overlapping the wolf itself.

"Maximus, " I whispered out before running towards him.

The black wolf ran past the others, meeting me halfway. I fell to my knees before wrapping my arms around him.

Purring before growling out he did.

"You two can mate later, what are we going to do with this place?" Emana asked as Maximus went over to her.

She kneeled as she smiled. "Long time Maximus."

He returned to me before rubbing himself against me. I held him once more, enjoying his soft fur.

"Oh god, not now you two. We have a lot on our hands." Emana said.

I looked back at what I've caused, the ray of light was still visible to see. I wonder if anyone is still alive?

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