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[This is a conversation between Emana and Maya through mind link]

Three week later...


"How can I hear and understand you so well? Didn't you say that it would be a weak connection?" I said without parting my lips as I look over to Emana. I've seemed to have a hint of power that she has given me.

At first, it was weird, I thought I was going crazy. But I just gave into her, she asked for permission to cast a spell on me, and I let her. I felt I could trust her more than anyone else here.

I can now sense more around me. I just felt more alive.

"I don't Maya, something about you is different. You're human, you shoul-"

"I'm not human, " I stated, remembering what Lexin father had told me.

The door open and in came a guard with my food.

"Don't eat the food Maya, throw the tray from his hand, " Emana whispered in my mind.

"Here's your fo-" the guard didn't finish what he said as I kick the tray out of his hand.

"I told you I don't want any food; I want to go home." He stared at me before marching out the room.

"I know you're hungry Maya, and I'm sorry. But there's something in their food, and I don't want you eating what they give you. Just...hold on, I know Maximus is coming."

I was starving, and the food on the floor was so tempting. My stomach growled loudly, closing my eyes. I let out a deep sigh. "Talk to me about your family Emana, where are you from. And when I said I wasn't human, I meant, that I was recently told I was a witch. That my parents went to a witch to cast a spell on them so they can conceive, but no luck. The witch said that she couldn't do that, but she offered me to them. I'm a nobody that is lost about her true identity." I said with a sad tone.

"Ok, just look at me, not the food." She sad in a hurt tone. She was sweet and kind, and I felt connected to her in a way.

My body was weak, and I didn't know how long I was going to go without food. I grabbed the water bottled and opened it up, they couldn't put something in there, or could they?

I drank anyways, then turned to look at Emana, she was beautiful. She had long blonde hair and green eyes just like mine. I laid my head against the wall and smiled her way.

"Long ago, there was a witch name So?aya. She fell in love with the kings beta and second in command Vince Alexander the third. It was a taboo for witches and wolves, especially a royal wolf to become one with others then their kind. The king overruled that law and said, it shall be known, that not all are alike. But the heart has chosen, and there's no running away from lov

everything. He was in command and took over him, even when Maximus wanted to run free. Zordon would lock him up for weeks maybe even months. Zordon depended more on his human side than his wolf side, I don't know what happened between them, but I know Zod hurt Maximus in a way." She confessed.

"I think I like Maximus more."

She giggled beautifully inside my head, "I can see that Maya."

The door opened unexpectedly, three men came in, and were fully armed.

They marched over to Emana's, and my heart picked up its pace. "What are you doing, let her go, " I yelled as I watched them pick her up, they unlocked her and pulled her out while a man was holding me still.

"This is our chance to escape Maya, kick the man behind you and I'll take care of this two. Run out, and I'll be right behind you." Emana whispered in my head.

"But they'll hurt you; I can't leave you. I"

"Listen to me; I am older than you. Now go!"

I stomped on the man's foot, before turning around to shove him. He went flying out the room for the small shove I gave him.

"She a witch as well, locked the doors." A voice screamed throughout the room. In one move Emana killed both men that were in front of her. Before standing before me, grabbing my hand as we both ran out the room.

She started to chant words I couldn't understand as she shields me from the men who were coming our way. She turned around, held me in her arms.

"Close your eyes little one." She said as we vanished from the halls to another place.

"Oh my god, what just happened?"

"Breath, we're still in the facility. I can't get that far; we have to find a way out before they find us."




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