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1month later...


"What do you want from me and how long have I been here for?" I asked, probably for the Millionth time.

They wouldn't talk with me, all they did was just stare, without saying a word.

I was slowly going crazy, and I can't seem to remember anything. Or where I came from. Just a blank memory of someone named Max...I can't remember, only bits and pieces.

"What did you do to me, why am I here?"



"Have she been eating her food?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Do you think she had enough doses of eplrea?"

"I think so sir, she can't seem to remember much. But if she takes anymore, she could die. The drug isn't even tested thoroughly; her blood sample is negative. She's human sir, what should we do now?"

"We wait for them to come rescue her. Put her in the room with the witch; I want to see what will happen."

"Yes, sir!"



"Where are we going?" I asked the man who walked me down a bright narrow hall. My mind was in pain.

I'm your mate.




You murderer, you killed them.

He opened a door at the far end of the hall without saying a word. The blue light shined brightly, blinding my sore eyes that were in the dark for far too long.

The door shuts lock behind me; I stared at a woman who was in the far corner, covering herself with her hands.

"No, please. Haven't you had enough? I can't do this anymore." She yelled out, causing more confusion in my mind.

They took one of my guards captive.


She threw the child I once called my own of a cliff...

What are you?

I am king Zod...

Bring Zod out scare me.

"Maximus, " I whispered in my head.

The woman lifted her head towards me, her eyes pierced through mine as if she heard me speak.

She sniffed, once, twice, before standing up.

"What did you say?"

I fell on my knees, covering my ears from the voices that echoed through my head.

"I don't remember; I don't remember anything."

A voice I never heard before spoke in my mind.

"Who are you? How do you know Maximus?"

"Get out of my head, ge


"I don't know, in a facility. The region I am in is cold, covered with snow. That's all I can feel."

"Is Maya...okay?"

"Yes Maximus, I will keep her safe. May I have permission to cast a spell on her?"

"Don't harm her, please."

"Have I ever let you down my king?"

"No, but she.."

"Has your heart, you love her don't you?"

"I depend on you Emana, take care of her until I come."

"You have my word Maximus."

"Can she hear me?"

"Yes, she can, but she seems to have lost her memory in a way. But she remembers some things. I think they are giving her something to cause this temporary memory loss."

"Tell her-"

"She can hear you Maximus. Speak to her."

"Maya....after I save you. Do you still want to see my kingdom?"

I want to see it...

The one before you never liked it; she said I held her against her will...

"Nod your head Maya so I can answer for you."

I was already crazy, might as well go with the voices in my head. I slowly nodded my head.

"She can't wait Maximus, now find us."



The connection was lost after that.

Anger filled my body, "Somewhere cold, where it's all snow. Where?"

"Alaska, " Ethan shouted.

"Yea, that the only climate that never changes. That's the only place where is cold, but where?" Lexin asked.

"I think...I know where." Ethan said, causing everyone to look at him. "I know where they are."

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