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What better way to bring a king down, then to take what's his before killing him. She might be a witch, but she's a sexy one.

I watched members of my pack bring out the rogue's one by one. We kept them locked up down in the basement so that they won't do anything stupid.

Chains shackles were all I could hear as they walked in a straight row, one after one.

"Why are you fighting for her Lexin? Aren't I your mate?" Her annoying voice spoke from behind me.

"You're not my mate; your an arrangement father chose for me. My mate rejected me. You were brought in to cover her place. You aren't, nor will you ever belong to me. Now act like the Luna you're suppose to be, and stand by my side, my dear wife."

"You're a monster Lexin, I'm trying, but you're killing me. I really hate you; I wish I was dead." She whispered.

"I can have that arranged for you, my fake love." I lowered myself near her ear, gripping her body close to mine."Go be a good wife and go up to room; I'll be there shortly."

She tried to pull away, but I held her tightly, "Remember, not a single clothing on your body. You don't want to get me mad, and I don't want to hurt you."

"Let go Lexin, and everyone is staring at us."

"Kiss me then, I'll let you go."

"You idiot-" was all she muffled into my mouth as I took her by surprise. It was always like this at; first, she would tense up, then fall numb in my arms.


Very sweet.


"LEXIN" I heard father voice scream. I pushed her away, shaking off the feelings I would get when I was with her.

"You were and will always be under his control. I know you have a good heart in there Lexin." She whispers as she places her finger on my heart. "He's corrupting you to be like him, don't be like him."



Yelling ...



Tears fell over and over, before the table was flipped. I gasped loudly when a gun was pointed at my head.

"Found her!" One soldier said before picking me up.

I kicked and screamed, trying to get out of his grip. I stopped, looking down at the dead bodies that laid on the floor.

"Mom... dad..No, no no no nooooooo.You murderer, you killed them for no reason." I cried out, trying to get to them. But the man held me back.

My cries didn't do anything for me.

"MAXIMUS!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.



I froze completely when I heard her scream.


I looked for Ethan who was on the floor crying, holding his pregnant wife dead body in his arms.

I ran towards the house with a group of wolf's right behind me I pain. Pass the dead bodies in the kitchen, through the living room. Until I was outside the front house. I watched as she held out her hand for me, I watch how they pushed her into the helicopter before it flew away.

"MAXIMUS!" Was the last thing I heard from her before I roared out the pain that was in my heart they caused.

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