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She walked in, and my heart ached, this place wasn't what I expected. I never knew some packs were against the king. And if so, how many were there?

She ran over to me; my legs were in pain after I stupidly step into a trap in the wood they planted. It's for protection, the old man said.

"Are you ok? What happened? Why did you leave me, I wanted to come, but you didn't let me. You left me.."

"Stop whining like a baby." The man who stood behind her said.

If I growl or hiss at him, he can do something terrible to harm Maya. I had to think of a way to get out of here. My leg was completely damaged. It needed time to heal. I needed time, so I can fight back with everything I had. It was time only stopping me. I should have listened to the other pack when they said.

"The slighters are dangerous and cruel. You shouldn't trust them, stay here and we will help you." A man who's named himself Xenon said to me.

"Why should I believe you, you're not the pack I'm looking for."

"You have to trust me on this; I can't tell you anything because I have no right. Come with us. We will get your mate and help the other. Please, your highness, don't go. I am only trying to help you."

"I don't know you; I will-"

"What are you doing here Xenon? You're on our territory." Someone yelled.

"Come before it's too late." Xenon held his hand out.

"Who is this?" The man asked.

"I am your king; I came with Harris and his wife. I need help finding them."

"We will help you, come, Harris was apart of our pack." He replied.

"Don't trust them, come with me, my king." Xenon implied the others growled.

But I didn't. Foolish act on my behalf. I should have listened and trusted them. Now, look what I have gotten into.

"Don't speak to my mate like that, it's a warning young man. An order from your king."

"Ha, I have no king. What is the king doing out of his throne anyway?" He barked out with no amount of respect.

Maya's hand gently squeezed mine. Her eyes told to not to react to him.

Did she know? Did Ethan tell her? The one I called rogue was the one who was standing by my side in defence. And the ones who were royals, were the ones against me this moment.

Clenching his hand into a fist, Ethan growled at the man.

Don't Ethan; they have them. We are surrounded, and Maya is with us. I can't have them hurting her.

I spoke to him in mind-linked.

Luckily for me, I could block out anyone and talk with any whom I wished. I was thankful for that. Ethan relaxed and seemed to calm down.


believe the old man.

"You weren't supposed to come to this pack Maya. I told you Maximus. In the forest on your left, not right. Look at what you've done; they will kill us all now." Mom yelled as the man behind her pushes her on her knees.

"Ah, the Elite pack. The pack we've been enemies for over the years now, you thought you'll seek refuge from them? How stupid of you Harris." The old man commented.

"Let her go, she has done nothing to you. Kill me, that's what you wanted all these years." Dad declares.

"You told me the Slighters were your pack, how was I to know where was left and right? I thought to come here, how-"

"How did I capture them?" Lexin asked as he cuts off Maximus from speaking.

"Easy you see, the train stops at our territory. I saw a few members of the Elite cross our side, wondering why? I followed them. They were helping rogue's cross over the fence to get over; only a couple got through. But my pack caught the rest. You didn't even listen to the man who told you that our pack was dangerous, yet, you ignore his warning. He didn't want to be the one to tell you about what Harris did; he knew that you would go against him once you knew the truth. Now, look what you've gotten yourself into? A death trap worse than those trap we planted out for the Elite pack, so that they can't cross over to our side easily." Lexin stated.

He pulled me near his side, Maximus and Ethan growl loudly as Lexin pulls me back behind him.

"Fight me, your highness; you don't stand a chance." Lexin mocked him as he stared him dead in the eye.

Sizing himself up, Maximus stood proud, hovering over him like a beast ready to go to war.

"Challenge accepted child."

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