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We finally made it to Colorado four hours ago, and my was it dark and gloomy. Holding the mug in my hand that was filled with cold coffee for the past hour. I waited in a diner while tears fell down my cheeks.

Maximus and Ethan who were still out searching for my parents and the rest haven't come back yet.

"Are you OK?" A soft young voice spoke from behind me.

I nodded my head. All eyes were on me, watching my every move. I could tell they weren't human; low growls would softly come from the couple behind me. Two lovebirds you could say they were, overhearing their small conversation as I dwelled over the worse possible scenario that could have happened to my parents.

A shadow hovered over me; I didn't want to look up. I didn't want them to see my tears.

"Are you sure you're ok?" A deep manly voice said this time.

Where are you Maximus and why are you taking so long?

"I'm waiting... for my boyfriend to come back with his friend, " I whispered out as I calmed myself down. "Have you seen a group of people walking around here?" I asked while wiping my tears, before staring up at whoever was there.

Looking up, my breath got caught stuck in between my chest and throat as I stared up at the Adonis before me.

"What people are you talking about?" He questions as I took in his appearance.

He was tall; he was tan, he was freaking handsome. Dark brown eyes mixed with a hint of black, jet black hair that fell over his forehead. Plump red sexy lips, my eyes trailed down to his neck. Every vein form I could see clearly. His shoulders were broad; chest heaved up and down as it inhaled and exhaled. His body was built like no other, "You're a

t by his side within the next five minutes, so please, let's go."


It was a close by gated community which the wolves lived in, house after house was the same. Boring if you ask me, but one house stood out from them all. In the middle of the street stood a white, three-story high mansion, turning off the engine. I stared at Ethan who was on the edge of his nerves.

"What's the matter? I asked, causing him to look at me.

"They don't believe in the king here; they may kneel and act as if they are. But I'm telling you, I can feel them. It's like they want him dead or something. We searched a pack house that lives a couple of miles away from here. They told us that this pack was evil and deceitful, the old man won't even let us see anyone from whom Maximus saved. I'm telling you, Maya, something doesn't feel right."

A knock on the side of my glass door took me out of my worried thoughts.

I glanced up at Lexin who was staring at me intensely. His eyes turned from brown to black in a blink of an eye.

"Don't you want to see your mate?" He said with a wicked smile.

Was everyone against us?

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