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There were all dead, Ethan shifted back to his human form, unlocking all the cages that held the wolf's hostages. I was still in my wolf form, scrutinising my surrounding, this place was just like that facility. But the men didn't seem as if they were military.

Humans like to hunt, but why in a group?

"Maximus, everyone is out. Let's go before the other come back." Ethan said.

Slowly circling the body in front of me that laid on the floor, I shifted back to my human form. Watching him take his last breath as he struggled. "You humans love to kill and suffer others, along with your kind. The humanity in you has died a long time, do you not think we feel the same way you do. Have wives and children of our own, just like you humans do? This world will never be the same, cause the human heart doesn't feel in any way. You think, without feeling for the others you torture in pain. You enjoy they're suffering? Do you? What were you planning on doing with these wolf's, showcase them to the world while humiliating them? Stripping away-"

"Just kill me and go!" He whispered in a dull tone.

"No human, suffer as you made my kind suffer. I'll leave you here to die on your own, where it will be too late for anyone to save you." I stood up while looking down at him.

"Just kill me, come back and kill me you beast." He yelled out.

Walking away from him before shifting. I heard him scream. It was like music to my ears.

Making it back into the woods with Ethan by the side, I looked for a certain someone, but she was nowhere to be found.

Harris had already changed into some clothing; I shifted back to my human form.

"Where is she?" I questioned as he handed me a pair of shorts.

"She' the car with Vivian."


He stared down, not daring to answer me. "How will we get all these wolves out of here without being noticed?" Harris asked.

"There's a school bus station in the second town from here; you can meet us there. I can hiwire one, and follow behind you." Ethan spoke.

"No, that's not a good idea. It's too dangerous and very suspicious, we have to think of something else." Harris stated as he thought hard.

"Isn't there any other form of transportation for them?" I as

er side before getting in. Programming the navigation system to the nearest Walmart I could find.

I sat back while gripping the steering wheel tightly. Letting out a deep breath, I dared to ask. "I'm your mate, aren't I?"

I stared at him as his body shook. "No, your not. Now drive!"

"I'm not going until you tell me who's your mate."



He grabbed my hand before placing it on his chest, the same electric feeling I felt before. But this time it was stronger. "You feel that only cause I want you to feel. You are not my mate; it's just a power I have."

I pulled my hand away from his chest. It was on fire. My whole body was, maybe he does have powers, or perhaps he's lying to me.

I wanted to know if he was lying, so I made up something.

"Mom told me I was your mate, why are you lying to me?"

"Because I don't want you to be my mate, now drive."

Holy...fuck! I was his mate; I stared at him as he looked out to nothing.

"I lied, mom didn't tell me anything. But I got you to confess, don't worry. The feeling is mutual."

He growled loudly before pulling me close to his face, staring me deep into my eyes. "YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME, YOUR MINE RATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT." He hisses before crashing his lips upon mine. Hard, possessive, wild, dominant kiss before pulled back.



With shaking hands and raging breath, I managed to start the car before taking off in a lost daze.

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