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"I'm sorry my king; this is what you ordered me to do."

I held in my anger, trying not to kill him. I did tell him to hit her on the head, but only because she would lose consciousness.

I didn't want her to follow us, which I knew she would have. It was too dangerous for her.

"Look after her as I help them, " I said to Maya's mother who was crying as she stared down at her daughter.

"Drive into the next town; I will follow once I'm finished helping these wolves. If anything happens to her, I will kill you two." I stated.

Picking her unconscious body back to the car, I held her close to my chest before placing her carefully down in the back seat of the vehicle.

"This is why you took over Seth's body? You scented her smell on him?" Maya's father asked.

Brushing her hair away from her face, I sighed deeply as I faced him. "You will tell me where you found her. I need to know everything about her-"

"She's your mate?" Maya's mother questions me.

"Yes!" Truthfully stating.

"She knows about you, doesn't she? She knows your a wolf." Harris whispered out.

"Yes! Now go!"

It wasn't time for questioning. It was time for them to leave so Maya could be safe.

Once the engine started up, I walked back to the woods, everyone has shifted back to their wolf form, except for one.

"Are the bodies buried?" I ask.

"Yes, my ki-"

I cut him off, "Maximus."

"Yes, my ki-"

"I said call me Maximus; I shouldn't be helping you. But there's a saying, I and my brother against my cousin. My cousin and I against my enemy. You all might be rogue's, but still, you're wolves. My kind, my responsibility as your king. Now, can anyone inform me of what's going on?"

The same wolf who helped me killed those humans approached me. "You're willing to help us now, but what about after you do? Then what? Are you going to kill us?"

No, I wasn't.

"No, if I wanted too, then I would have already done so. After you tell me what's going on, you all follow me to the pack I am going too. You have my word that no harm will come your way." I promised them when I didn't even know if I could keep that promise.

"A group of hunters captures wolves, skinning them alive. But not before torturing them for fun, at first they

efore crouching down. "I'll stay here, you go and free the wolf's."

I looked at Ethan who was ready to go, "I need someone to protect her-"

"I can protect myself, just go."

"Hartn?ckige Puppe!"

"Yea, whatever!" she replied as I stared at her.

Irritatingly sighing, I walked over to her. Kneeling to face her. "You do not move under any circumstances. No matter what you hear, or what you see. Do not move, understood?"

Slightly nodded her head in agreement, I looked up her mother.

"You stay here with her and the rest of the wolf's. If anything happens to her, I will kill you."

"Don't talk to my mom like that."

"Stay Puppe."

"What the fuck does that even mean-"

I turned around, ignoring her. I headed down the small hill with Ethan, Harris and the rest of the wolf's. Looking back at her, I shifted.



I couldn't believe my eyes, it was like nothing I've ever seen, like magic happening before my eyes. A shiver took over my body in amazement. But that disappeared when the loud sounds of men screaming for their lives along with gunshots was heard throughout the woods.

"Kill them!"


"Shoot them, shoot them!"

"Holy mother of Jesus, what is that monster?"




"Help us!"

I covered my ears so I couldn't hear anymore, tears filled my eyes as they cast down upon my cheeks.




Was the last this I could manage to hear before everything around me turned into silence.

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