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"The scent was coming from the side of the road, " Maximus whispered, pulling me close to his side.

The officer took the information he needed from dad, inspecting it very carefully while frowning. "Do you folks smell that?" The officer asked while returning dad's licenses and registration.

I fought for personal space, but Maximus wasn't letting go. "Let go, " I whispered.

"Hartn?ckige Puppe." He mumbled out before stepping out of the car. He looked down at me. "Stay!"

"Sir, what are you doing?" The officer yelled out in panic.

"I have to, " he said while grabbing his um...oh my god, did he just do that? "Use it, isn't that how you people say?" He looks down at me while my eyes were glued at his hand that gripped his family jewels tightly.

Looking back up at him, a smirk took over his lips. "You do not leave this vehicle under any circumstances, " he orders me before leaving towards the woods to do his business.

The officer went back into his car before driving off; dad impatiently tapping his fingers against the steering wheel.

"Stay in the car Maya; we have to see what's taking Ki...Seth so long." Mom said which caused me to look at her strangely.

"I mean, he's pissing obviously. Why would you go-"

"STAY IN CAR MAYA!" Dad shouted before going out along with mom.

I watched them go into the woods until they completely disappeared from my sight.

I wasn't going to stay all alone.

Why would they go after him?

Something was off, after a minute or so, I got out the car. I had to see what the hell is going on.



"Did you find anything? We should go back sir, if it's a rogue then we need to leave. It could have-" Harris stopped talking as sounds of paws hits against the ground.

"Show yourself!" I demanded.

Two wolves were on each side of me.

One was grey with white fur while the other had a brown fur coat. It was Maya's parents, they shifting so they can protect me.

Growling at whatever was in front of us, it was hidden far more rooted in the woods.

Her voice cracked in fear as she spoke.

I turned around and faced Maya's frightened self. "Maximus, there's two wolves by your sid- aaahhhhh."

I saw her struggle to breathe as a man standing behind her wrapped his arm around her neck.

He wasn't a wolf; he was human.

"Come on out." The man said as wolves surrounded us in a circle.

Her parents were growling while taking small

ar, waiting to hear anything else but nothing.

It was dead silent for a good minute.

My eyes were glued into the dark part of the woods. Waiting for something to come out, but nothing. One of the wolf's slowly made its way into the woods only to stop midway.

The wolves came back out with a big...I mean massive pitch black wolf. It had a coat of fur that overlapped his form.

I rubbed my eyes as it walked closer to me, the wolf's bowed down as it reached me.

Licking its face that was filled with blood, the wolf's back away from me. Giving him space as he circled me, a shiver of fear struck my body.

I was trembling, and tears filled my eyes. The brown wolf didn't leave my side, but the black wolf growled, causing the brown wolf to whimper softly.

As if it was begging him for it to stay with me, but it didn't let it. The black wolf snarled its long sharp teeth at the brown wolf.

It slowly gets up, backing away from me with it's his head facing downward.

The black wolf just stared at me with its pitch black eyes, slowly making its way to me. His black fur came in contact with my arm. It was so soft and long.

Brushing against my back, it stopped, before facing me completely.

I didn't know why, but my hands went to touch it long fur. Dropping my weak legs to the floor, it rested itself on my lap.

The black wolf was enjoying my touch, gliding my fingertips through its thick fur, I stopped as I felt something wet beneath my fingers, picking my hand up, I scrutinised it.

It was blood; something hit the back of my head. A low howl came from the black wolf as darkness took over me.

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