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The look Maximus gave me that night is still engraved in my memory.

I felt he wasn't being honest with me.

Why didn't he want me to know who his mate was?

Maybe I can talk with her and make her see that he isn't all bad.

Yea he was loud, irritating, annoying, obnoxious, and straight up mean. But I felt that there's a side of him that he doesn't want to show, or more like afraid to prove it.

I won't denied that I was relieved when I found out that I wasn't his mate, but I would have kept an open mind and tried to get to know him better.

I don't know. At least I thought I would give him a chance. I'm still a bit lost.

For the past week, I've done as much research as I could on mythical wolf's that can transform.

Google gave me a shit load of pages and I didn't know where to start from. I was interested more in the mate thing, don't ask why.

I also researched Seth's from the documents I found in his room that was hidden in a box under his bed.

I found out that he was being watched by an organisation called 'The X', due to 'confidential reasons'. The words 'threat' were highlighted in bold red colour.

"It says here that, 'Under further investigation, Seth Lones may be a dangerous hazard to himself and people around him. It is still unknown if he remembers what happened or if he has and remembrance of his last mission. Countless of footage of him talking with himself caused us to suspect that he is suffering a mental disorder. On further investigation, the doctor appointed to treat Seth sent him to a special hospital for treatment. After six months of no mental Improvement, he was sent to an Asylums for experimental treatment. His progress rapidly improved with a dose called "X". After multiple treatment of the dose and under section 5BC-112. I, General Marshall James, as a result of this authorised the release of Seth Lones under my ongoing investigation with plan X."

Woah, Seth was in deep shit.

"So, I can not go anywhere without being followed?" Maximus asked.

Blowing out an exhausting sigh.

"Well, to what it says on these documents you signed. Yea! You're being watched. Or more like Seth is, I don't know how you p

m and I didnt like it one bit.

The scary part, I kind of enjoyed them as well.

"Are you ready to go Maya?" Mom said as I placed my notebook in my backpack.

"Yea, I still don't know why we can't fly out there. Driving there seems so hard, is Maxi...I mean Seth ready?" I trailed off saying.

She nodded her head and entered the room. "You and Seth are very close these past few weeks. Is he nice to you?" She asks, and I nod.

"I know he's having a hard time now. But if he ever tries to hurt you, let me know. I can tell he has anger issues." Mom stated, placing her arms around me.

"He's going through a lot more than you think mom, I kinda got use to his loud mouth but I know he's good inside."

Mom smiled happily from the heart as if she was excited. "I'm glad you have a big heart Maya, you see things others don't see. I love you so much; you know that."

"Yea I know, love you mom."


6 hours into the drive there...

"How long before we reach there?" I whined exhaustively.

"Twenty more hours-"

"The fuck!" I yelled out.

"Language young lady!" Dad said a bit louder. A growl escaped from Maximus that filled the SUV.

I pinched his arm; he stared at me before looking at dad who was looking back at us through the rear view mirror.

He was about to say something, but the sound of a police car siren stopped him. Dad pulled over with a panicked look on his face, causing me to worry.

"Rogue!" Maximus whispered.

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