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Arthur, Beta and second in command.

"It is at this moment today. I announce your new King. Arthur the second, Beta and second in command to rule the kingdom until King Zod returns. The pack has chosen wisely. I know Arthur will care for us just as King Zod would." The minister declared among the crowd who cheered happily.

This was a burden on my shoulders, and I had to prove myself that I am capable of leading the pack. Kneeling down, the minister places the crown upon my head. Followed by a pat on my shoulder as reassurance that I will do well.

I hope I live up to the expectations of King Zod; he is a man that genuinely knows Justice.

"You will do well my boy, do not fear. I am glad the pack looked past your mistake and chose you as their new king. Arise, my boy. All seven tribes are here in congratulating you on being the king." The Minister stated as he pulled away from the crowd to see as I stand.

Yara, my mate. Stood by my side as we walked the wooden stage where the ceremony was held. The seven-member tribe leaders rose to their feet before bowing in respect.

Tribe leader Luther was in command of lighters pack. He stood alongside his trusted men, he was known as the one who knows no fear.

Tribe leader Angeles was in command of darkness pack. He was known as the wind of the night where no one can see when he attacks.

Tribe leader Charles was in command of the moonlighter's pack. He was in charge of the moon sighting that would help us understand more about the moon god.

Tribe leader Hocla was in command of the seadeep pack. Living in the depths of the jungle in Africa, they are known for their attacks as they rise from the water to hunt their prey.

Tribe leader Zuyana was in command of the lustrous pack. If wolfs were not able to find their other half, she would be the one you seek help.

Tribe leader Smira was in command of the dessert pack. Known for their power against heat and wild instincts. They


I needed to shut him out completely. He mustn't come out ever.

"Maximus, are you ok?" She whispered out. She was standing very close to me; her scent was overwhelming to the point lust took over me.

"I know who my mate is, and I know she will never accept me for me. She won't love Maximus; she will love Zod. Just as the mate before her did." I uttered out hurtful.

"You had a mate before this one?" She questions.

Closing my eyes, I try to block out what she did to me. "She was human, and she said that she would never accept me as her other half. She....."

"She was afraid maybe. It could have been hard for her. Or maybe you were cruel to her with your words? But that doesn't mean your new mate will be the same. You haven't even tried yet. I can help you if you tell me who she is-"

"She already refused to be my mate, so why bother, " I said truthfully.

Maya didn't want me, and if she didn't accept me, then Zod wouldn't have her either.

"Am I your mate Maximus?"

The air in my lungs was sucked out, replaced with a burning feeling. Yes, you are, but I will never let you know that.

"NO!" Was all I said for her to let out a breath of relief.

That hurts more than being rejected; no words were needed for me to know that she doesn't want me.

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