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No more Zod, no more Seth, Just you and I, mate! Never will I accept you, I will make you wish you never were born.

Let me out Maximus, don't you dare harm her.

I chuckled lowly as I watched Maya inserting the USB into the device called a device she called a computer.

Zod knew more about these objects. I was the beast hidden while he was the man in charge of my human form.

Pathetic how we wolves still need our human part, why couldn't we be free from our other half?

The sound of Seth's voice whispered through the device.

"I'm Seth Lones, Marine soldier at a facility I don't know where exactly yet. I'm recording this for evidence shortly, a General I work for here took us on a mission. I and my team didn't know what we were going up against. This is going to sound crazy but, our mission was to capture wolves. At first, I didn't know why or what for, but then, I reach this place and found out that they're experimenting on these creatures that can transform into human beings. They are part wolf, part human. I know you won't believe me, but I will show you in upcoming videos that I will secretly record. I've been bitten by the first one I caught; he claimed to be king. He was much more different then the other wolves I have seen so far. After he bit me, his body disintegrated into ashes, leaving no proof of life. I don't know what happens to the creature or why it bit me, maybe Revenge? I don't know, all I know is that my body is far different from before. I can sense things clearer. My body weight has increased so has my physical appearance."

The video cuts off only for another to appear.

"March 23, 2013! As you can see, wolf's are being trapped in cages. The weird part about this, they kneel whenever I am around. I feel sad when I look at them. I never signed up for this. But if I didn't cooperated, they would have killed me."

The video cuts off again.

"It's been two months seen I've been bitten, I am the new General in charge of this operation. I don't think I can do this anymore, the sound of they're howling haunts my dreams. I feel as if I'm betraying them in a way, I want to leave but I can't. I wish I knew why the wolf bit me. If I ever make it out alive, which I doubt. I want to watch these videos. I'm telling my Future Self that you will do all the research you can on Mystical wolves. Where did they come from? How did they become what they are? I was never a believer in such things, but now, I believe that there a

ay, towering over her small form. I stared intensely into those Emeril eyes of hers and spoke, "I don't like humans little one, I don't like you even. I'm trying my best not to kill you; I'll reject her to be mine queen."

She pushed me back, shocking me with her boldness act. "Look here you beast, I don't care about your love life. All I care about is Seth, I will help you, but only if you assure me that you will let Seth go once we get you back home. I don't know why you even want my help, what the hell can I do to help you?"

Well, this was going to be easy, all I have to do is promise her that I will let this pathetic human inside me be free once I'm home.

But little does she know that I'm in this form for the rest of my life.

A sting of pain soared through my body, knowing that she cares for another besides me. But I will let that go. I don't want her so it shouldn't be a problem.

"Keep telling yourself that Maximus, you know that you won't accept anyone touching her but you." Zod chuckled.

That's why I'm taking her back with me. I'll hold her prisoner in my ceil forever king Zod.

"You can't do that! She will find out sooner or later that she is your mate, don't make me-"

I blocked him out and stared down at her, "I don't know how you will help me, but we will think of a way. I need a human to lead me to another pack that is willing to give me answers that I'm still searching for."

"What pack? Where are you taking me Maximus? I'm not going until I have your word that you will let Seth go once this is over."


"Deal? Are you going to let him free? Promise?"

"I SAID DEAL!" I shouted into her face.

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