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Why do you care and want to know so much about her Maximus?

None of your concern Zordon, you don't need to know anything. Follow my orders without questioning me, do I make myself clear?

I am apart of you; we are one! I must know why you have so much interest in her, is she our mate?

Maximus roared angrily as he always does, was she our mate? Cause if she is, I can't feel it, why isn't he letting me feel anything?

Is she? I asked.


But you have feelings for her. You are hiding them from me. I can feel it. If she is, then we must take her back with us.

She is not our mate. Our mate is a wolf just like we are, not a human!

But our first mate was a human Maximus. You're not going to kill Maya as you did...

Enough Zod, don't make me take over and lock you up along with the human inside us. She is not our mate after this is over, I will kill her!

You can't; she has done nothing to harm you. Leave the human alone; they are not all like.


I remained quiet, she has to be our mate, or he wouldn't crave her as he does. I watched how Harris eyed my every move as I inspected their home, it was standard and small. I couldn't believe they left their pack so that they can adopt a human being.

"Why did you possess Seth's body? Was is for a reason or was it the only one in front of you?" Harris questioned as I took in the photos of Maya's childhood.

"Does Maya know what you are?" I asked before turning around to face him.

His expression sadden. "No sir, she doesn't! My wife and I haven't shifted in some time, we've learned to adapt to our new lives. And I don't regret one second of it, she is our light, and we will love her no matter what she is. Human or not!" He answered.

"Are they any wolves here?"

He shook his head, "Only coyotes, most of the wolves are in the upper northern part of the region. Colorado, Michigan, Canada and Alaska. We moved far away from any wolves so that they won't harm Maya, but more and more are mating with humans sir. Some claim the humans are their mates. It's hard for the humans to accept it. Some agree while other run away for their lives, the tribes still don't mix their kind with other, but here, they do! The moon god is only trying to bring us together sir. I believe she thinks that we can love one another. You are still trapped in the past-"

I cut him off. "The humans attacked my pack; they built a facility where they are bringing in wolf's from all over the worl

hing myself up, the hardwood floor beneath my hand caught my attention. It moved slightly, getting on my knees. I pulled up the covers off the bed that hung over the edge. The board was nailed down. Trying to get it open, but I couldn't, I needed something to open it with.

"You need help with that?" Maximus voice boomed through the room, scaring the living shit out of me.

I faced him before backing away, was it weird that I already knew who was who? I knew that was Maximus. His voice was deeper than Zod's, scarier.

"I want Zod to come out, not you!" I whispered.

He marched over to me as slow as possible, crouching down to my level.

"I'm sorry, you won't be seeing Zod nor Seth ever again." He stated before ripping the board out with his bare hands.

Ok, he could quickly kill me. I had to get on his good side, just to stay alive.

And what does he mean by I won't be seeing them ever again? I can't be with this monster. He will kill me. He hates me!

His black eyes intensely stared into mine; he had this look of....want?

"Give me your hand." He irritatingly said.

I held it out, not because I wanted too, but feared if I didn't, he might rip me apart. He grabbed quickly, bringing it up to his soft lips, skimming gently down the palm of my hand. I watched how he inhaled sharply before mumbling out words I couldn't hear.

A lot of butterflies went crazy in the pity of my stomach, I tried to pull my hand away, but his hold was tighter than before. Goosebumps rippled against my skin, and just like that, he placed a light feather kiss before throwing my hand down to the floor.

I swear this monster had severe issues.

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