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He had his hand around my neck as I gasped for air. Pushing me back down onto the sofa, he turned around and picked up the coffee table, throwing it across the living room.

I had enough of his insanity.

"Ok, you touch me one more time and I'll fucking call cops Seth-"...


He roared as his body began to shake. Flexing every inch as his breathing ragged.

"Prove it, if you are a wolf as you say you are. Then you can transform, right? Just like the fake story you told me. You're sick in the head, and something is wrong with you. So do it, and I'll believe you, maybe even help you." I screamed as I stood up to face him.


"THEN I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, SO STOP SCREAMING AT ME, " I shouted just as loud as he did.

"You puny human, how can I want you... You're a-"

"Shut up you lying idiot; you're fucked in the head. There's no such thing as werewolves. It's a false tale to entertain people back in the old days. How can you shift from a wolf to a human or whatever? Stop making up stories; this isn't funny anymore. You need help. You need Jesus!" I yelled out angrily.

His black eyes went back to the brown colour it was before.

I was seeing things, that didn't just happen.

"Please believe us, Maya. I don't have proof now. I have tried everything, can't you see how my body has changed. Didn't you say I was much bigger, taller? I'm trying everything, but it won't come out, I need to go see if my family is still alive." He whispered in defeat.

It's wasn't the same tone, it was different than a second ago. He was crazy; the military fucked him up big time.

"Who am I talking to now? Zod? Maximus? Seth? Who exactly? I don't know what you went through, but I know that this isn't normal."

He stared at me for a moment, thinking of something. "If I bring out Seth to tell you the truth, would you believe me then?"

I was going to play his game and see where this leads too. "Yea, Zod doesn't seem to know me. I'll ask a question only Seth knows the answer to if he tells me that what you're saying is true. Then I'll help you go back, bring Seth out."

God, I was just as crazy as he was, why was I even here in the first place?

"Maximus, it's our only way to prove ourselves. So let him out!"

"She will leave, he will help her. We won't go home if he surfaces out."

It was two different voices, coming from the same person. "Shit, I'm going crazy, you're making me crazy along with you."

"Bring him out now, pull him back in if he tries to run."

A loud growl escapes from him before he shook violently on the floor, I stood there watching as he screamed over and over again. I back away from him, took my backpack and ran out, but a voice I knew so well called out to me.

"Don't leave me, Maya, please, I'm scared."

My eyes began to water, Oh my god, was this happening?

"Seth?" I whispered as I made my way back, hugging himself as a lost child, he laid there.

"I didn't know, if I did I wouldn't have signed up for... It was a suicide mission, they killed my friends, I was supposed to be dead along with them, but I survived. I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone, I just want my life back, get out of me, please. I beg you to get out; I can't do this anymore." He cried out.

What the hell, was he really...

He stood up slowly, walking to the kitchen, he was looking for something. He then found it.

"Seth?" I whispered before he turned around, gripping a knife in his hand.

My eyes widen in horror as he placed the knife to his throat. "No Seth, stop! Don't do anything stupid, is there someone in you?"

"Two of them, one's a beast and the other is a human. I'm trapped in between them. He took over my body. Possessed it in a way. I'm not crazy Maya, and they're not lying, but I can't take it anymore. I have to end this before they hurt you."

I walked over to him as slow as I could.

"Hey, let's make a deal with them. I believe you!" I said as I took the knife from his hold.

I didn't believe him. He was crazy. He needs help and fast.

"You do?" he asked with such hope.

No! I just don't want you to hurt yourself.

"It sounds crazy and unrealistic, b

ut yea, I believe you. I just wish you had proof, do you have proof, Seth?"

"Yes!" He stated before letting go of the knife.

"Show me!"

"In my room, there's a USB. You will find footage of what I did. I secretly recorded things I saw at the facility and sent them over to my email. I downloaded everything into a USB. I never meant to hurt anyone. I was scared for my life, scared they would kill me. I've already spent a year in an asylum, Maya. I don't want to go back there." He said, pushing me back before kneeling on the ground.

I watched how he shook before roaring out. His eyes shifted to the black ones I've gotten to known.

"Maximus or Zod?" I questioned.

What the hell? Was I believing that he was a wolf? Sadly, yes!

"Maximus human! You wanted proof, go see it for yourself!" He said, marching over to me.

Ok, Maximus was the grouchy one. So Zod would be the civil one?

"I want Zod to come out, so I can see the footage of him. You're too scary, and I don't like you."

He snarled his teeth at me before picking me up effortlessly. "You will be with me, so deal with it human."

"My name is Maya, Maximus! Not human. So talk with respect if you want my help."

Pushing me back against the wall, he gripped my waist. I was lifted up to face him. Staring into his black eyes, I drowned as I searched for anything.



You want her?

Shut up!

You want a human?

Shut up!

Let her touch you Maximus, is she?

"Can you please bring out Zod, you obviously hate me. Maybe I can communicate better with Zod; he is less scary then you are." She whispered in fear.

Let me come out Maximus; you've done enough.

"I don't hate you.....I despise you! Loathe you. I want to kill you."

Maximus? What are you doing? Look at her. She's crying!

"I want to leave. Please let me go." She cried out.


"Pleas......I want...go...please." She choked out as tears fell.

Maximus was holding in him something he didn't want me to know, slowly putting her down. I watched as he hid the unknown feeling.

Why aren't you letting me feel what you're feeling Maximus?

He disappeared before answering, I took over and watched her cry.

Bending down, I tried to calm her down. "Maya, it's me, Zod! I'm sorry, Maximus doesn't like humans because they killed our kind. He won't harm you, trust me! If he wanted to, he would have, can we please go up so you can see the proof you wanted to see?"

She stared up at me, "As crazy as it may sound, I believe you now. I don't think I can help you. He's going to kill me after I do so, why should I help you?"

"I give you my promise as king Zod, which Maximus won't harm you."

"You can't control him" she whispered before she stood up. "I-" she stopped, looking behind me.

I turned to face what she was looking at, right at the door was a couple who just stood there.

Their form was different from Maya's type. I could sense that they were not human. They stared at me before nodding their heads in command.

"Maya, is everything ok?" The woman spoke as she came to Maya's side.

"Take her to the house, Vivian. I need to talk with Seth in private." The man spoke firmly.

They werewolves. I knew they were. But if they were, how come Maya wasn't?

The woman nodded her head my way before taking a frightened Maya out the house. The man closed the sliding door before facing me, "My wolf is commanding me to bow down to you, who are you and what have you done to Seth?" The man who I did not know his name yet said as he walked closer to me.

"King Zordon, you are?"

He bowed down without hesitation, "I am Harris, how did you end up here? I'm not in a pack nor do I belong in one. I am a Rogue that is trying to live a life away from everything my king. I-"

"Why isn't Maya a wolf?" I interrupted him or more like Maximus ordered.

He looked up before answering, "She is not our real daughter, she is human sir. We adopted her due to our circumstances. My wife can not bare children. So we broke the rules and ran away from our pack, adopted Maya and lived here away from everyone."

Maximus roared out angrily, "You dare to care for a human, have you no respect?"

His eyes bolted out in fear as he heard Maximus voice, "She is my daughter, human or not sir. Please do not harm her; she has done nothing."

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