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Zod's second in command, Arthur the second.

"We must choose our new king, Zod is probably dead. We can not keep this going, what if he never comes back?" Prince James spoke as he faced the minister.

Prince James was Zod's second cousin who would take over asking if anything did ever happen to Zordon.

"Asking for permission to speak sir?" I asked.

The minister nodded his head as James eyed me suspiciously.

"We know King Zod is alive. We just don't know his whereabouts. After shifting into a human body, all connections with him are lost. He needs time to adjust to the new body he took over, to gain back all his powers sir. I don't know how long it will take him, but I do know my king, he will try to get back home at any cost. Power or no power, he will be back. I ask for you to give him time, we can not replace him, but I understand we must have a temporary leader." I spat out while looking at James. "The pack is lost and terrified; they need reassurance that their king will return, we can not replace him. They will lose all hope, so I say, with your permission of course. That you chose someone that is understanding of knowledge and experience to be placed on the throne just for the time being. I know you will choose the right person, sir."

"Where is the princess?" Prince James yelled out. "She must have a say in this." he huffed while pacing the kings' courtroom.

"The princess is here James, I agree with Arthur, but I know the decision is up to the minister." the princess said as she makes her way towards us. "Whomever he chooses, will be the one who will lead the pack until my brother returns." Princess Yara implied.

She was younger than King Zod, but very wise and calm for her age. Her beauty was like no other, black long hair with hazel green eyes that could possess you. Her porcelain skin matched her long white ruffled gown as she walked pass prince James just to stand by my side.

"You believe and agree with the man who chose a witch over you princess? How interesting, how can you still live with him after he loved another then our kind?"

James would say anything to get the throne, he has wanted rule the kingdom since forever and will do anything to take it.

"My personal life is not of your concern prince James. The minister will choose the one who will take over, that is until my brother comes back."

"This is absurd, who will you choose minister? We need to notify the pack our decision by tonight. We can not stay without a king. Chose wisely, we are awaiting your answer." James stated before taking King Zod seat.

Anger filled my body, and a loud roar escaped my lungs. "GET OFF THE THRONE PRINCE JAMES!"

He jumped out from the chair and stood still; he was no king, he couldn't lead this pack no matter what.

"I will let the pack chose who they want to lead them until the king comes back. It is only fair for them and fair to King Zod to let them decide. My vote is for Beta Arthur; he is the one who is suited for the job. Princess, What do you think?" The minister questioned.

"I think that is the right choice, at least I know he will return the throne once my brother comes back." She spoke with a smile on her face.

James wasn't enjoying what he was hearing. He left in a hurry before he gave his answer.

"If you two will excuse me, I will go speak with the pack. I must know their answer and send someone to Inform the tribes of our decision." The minister uttered.

"Farewell minister, I know they will choose Arthur." Princess Yara said before leaving.

"Minster." I nodded my head before leaving after her.

"Arthur?" He yelled out. I turned to face him. "The pack still hasn't forgiven you for your actions, I am afraid that prince James might talk them out of letting you be the king, but I will do my best to convince them. If Prince James takes over, then I know he will never return the throne."

I left him while thinking about what I've done, it was a sin to mix our kind with others, but I fell in love.

That was before I knew princess Yara was my mate, my love didn't have to suffer because of my destiny. I felt it wasn't right to leave her just because I found my mate.

Yes, I had feeling for Yara, but Emana was my first love.

I made my way to Yara's room, opening the door to find her cradling my child. "She is hunger, have you found her mother yet?" She asked as I stood there watching her.


After all, I have done, she still loved me. I didn't deserve her. She was an angel.

She sensed and knew what I was thinking of.

"I am not mad Arthur, and I know you were in love with her-"

"I love you now Yara; you are my mate."

"I know, but you loved her before me. She as well loved you, and she left so you can be happy. It is a shame that our destiny is chosen for us, that we can not choose who we love. I just wish that I was never your mate, " she said in a whisper.

Looking down at the child, she smiled. "Her powers are uncontrollable; she is a powerful child like no other. One of a kind Arthur, I fear something bad will happen to her."

I walked over to her side. "Nothing will happen Yara. She is safe here-"

"But what if they come and take her? I can't bare the heartbreak. I love her as if she was my own. They will come for her. I just wish that Zod will be here before that day comes."



A month had passed, and still, I hadn't adjusted to this situation, I couldn't shift nor contact my pack.

Maya was the only one I knew here; she was back at her so-called school but still came over to check on me from time to time.

Maximus would come out every time Maya was here. I didn

't know why he wasn't giving me the power when she came over. I felt that he wanted to be with her, that he-

"Zod, You here?" Her voice interrupted my thoughts.

A loud growl from Maximus came through.

Please let me talks to her; I must tell her if we wish to return.

Find a wolf to mate Zod, or I fear I might take her.

What? No! You can not. She is human. Not our kind, we do not mix ourselves with them. Is this why you surface every time she is here? Do you crave her?

Find a wolf Zod before it's too late.

He disappeared as I felt a touch on my shoulder. "Are you okay?" She asked.

I looked up at her before pulling her hand off my shoulder.

How was I going to tell her the truth? I had no proof that I was a wolf, I couldn't shift nor had any of my powers.

LShe wasn't going to believe me and would think I am crazy which I already know she does.

"You Have you been exercising lately? Because it's showing, did you eat yet?" She questions.

I stood up, facing her. Her eyes widen in fear. "I think I'm seeing things, or did you freaking grew?"

I did, I gain all my physical appearance back, but not my wolf form. No matter how much I worked out or how much I ate, still Maximus couldn't come out.

She held on to her bag that was resting on her shoulder very tightly. Avoiding my gaze as I stared at her intensely, Maximus would always growl when I did that.

"Can you please sit down, I must speak with you."

"Um...I have to go home. My parents are coming any minute now from work, and they want to see you. But I've told them that you're going through a tough time and needed space. They asked me to tell you to come over for dinner, I mean, that's if you want."

Maximus growl, what is wrong with you? She just asked politely.

Hurry up...

Blocking him out. "I will come, but can you please sit down, it's important I talk with you Maya, you might be the only one who can help me."

She walked around me slowly before taking a seat, her scent was toxic, causing my body to shiver.

I was going to tell her and see what she would say.

"I'm going to tell you a story about a kingdom far away from here, so please bare with me. I won't take long!"

She nodded her head as she sat down before pulling her legs up, folding them one on top of the other. I sat down in front of her on the wooden table. Her hair covered her face which caused my fingers to itch to grab the strands and push them away.

"Long ago, in a small town in Costa Rica named marvank, a witch named Zambia cast a curse. Turning all the people who lived in that town into wolves, they were given power like no other, forgotten about their human instincts. The witch left happily in what she had done, over the years, the wolves adapted, learned to live as one. As a pack, you can say. Time went by and they somehow learned to transform back into their human form, which made it easier for them to move across the villages without being noticed. Decades upon decades, they grew mating and producing more of their kind. What they didn't know was, the witch was keeping an eye on them. She didn't like the idea that they were more of them, and that they were doing fine. So she cast another curse, just so they can suffer, not so they can adapt. She created hunters to kill them. The wolves knew the only way to stop the hunters is if they killed the witch. The King upon them gave his life up for his kind to live. It was a battle like no other, and the war was over. The witch was dead, and all was well, but they knew that they would never be accepted for what they were in this human world. The queen's king decided to spread out the wolves across the world. So they can live among human, the oath was never to reveal yourself to humans. Years passed by and somehow the humans found out about these wolves that could transform, thinking that they were a threat to them. The humans became the hunters, and the wolves became vulnerable. Time went by, and the human race became more powerful. Military, wars, nuclear bombs they build so that they can kill. Testing on each other, I've seen how you humans love to kill one another. Wolves watched in fear as to why these humans had no mercy. The humans discovered where these wolves who can transform were, so they went hunting for them. A facility was built where they would bring the wolves in so they can experiment on them. The king had a son named Zordon, and he was told that they would come into the Black Forest and kill his pack. The man you knew, Seth! Was apart of this, in the black Forest where I lived, he came hunting for my kind, along with his friends. I was at sight when they arrived, he might be human, but he was quick and skilful. With a special gun they designed, he shot me, paralysing my body before capturing me to this facility. I grew weak and helpless, I didn't know what happen to my pack, but I do know that I wasn't the only wolf there. This will sound crazy to you, but I, king Zod. Possessed Seth's body. I need you to help me know what happen to my pack, to the wolves inside that facility. I need to return to the black forest to find my family. To return to my pack, to be the king I am." I finished all at once, waiting for her reaction.

She smiled, before laughing out loud. Standing up while applauding, "Oh my god, that was the best story ever. I think you should be an author and make that into a book Seth-"

Maximus growled loudly before coming out. "Listen here human, and listen good. Say that humans name one more time and I will kill you. This isn't a story. It is real! I need to leave this place and go back to my kingdom."

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