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I told you I'd be out, let's see your side of the world you pathetic human, and who might this be, Hmmm?

"Get out of my head, get out, get out!" Seth yelled.

No human! I will take over you, soon, you will no longer exist. Kill my family, now watch me kill yours. Witness me as I snap her in half, farewell Seth. You'll be hidden for quite awhile, and I'll let you resurface once I'm done with everything you love.

"Seth, you're freaking me out. So stop it, what the hell is wrong with you." The girl spoke as I stood up but failed miserably.

He was fighting to get out.

Keep him locked up Maximus while I take care of what's in front of me.

With a loud growl and a loud scream, both my wolf and Seth disappeared.

The girl before me stared with fear and concern. "You'll have to excuse me little one. I'm having a hard time...what's the word. Readjusting, to all this." I said while pointing at this pathetic body.

She strangely looks down at me before nodding her head. "Guess the Marines was hard on ya, I understand. But why have you been discharged Seth, and dishonourably? You're a good man, did you do something wrong?" She asked.

I stood up and flexed into this body.

What was the man doing to himself?

I felt unfit in a way, looking around the room. I inspected every detail quickly. "This is my life? I lived this way?" I asked, taking in the filthy place.

"You're not going to answer my question huh? Okay. And yes, you are a pig, look at this mess." The little girl said with a smile on her face.

"Are we a couple?" I blurted out.

She frowned before shaking her head. "No, you just asked me to be your fuck buddy. I can't believe you would say that Seth, I liked you, but now I don't. Anyways, I've got to go back home. Call me if you need anything, you know where to find me." She said before walking over to the small closet, grabbing a shirt.

She placed it on her before heading out the room.

Wait, find her where? I don't know where I am nor who she is.

"And where is it exactly that I can find you?" questioning while following her out.

Down the steps and into a small living room before entering what seemed to be the servant area.

She looked back at me, opening a sliding door that led to the back of an opening area. "Next door silly, where else?" She faced me, inspecting carefully. "Seth, are you sure your ok? Your acting strange and it's kinda creepy."

I needed this human to show me around and to tell me where exactly I am. "I order you to tell me your name and where we are, " I spoke in my alpha tone, but it seems not to have an effect on her.

Of course, it won't; she's human.

Raising an eyebrow at me, she dared. I felt anger, but she spoke before I made my way to her. "You order me? Ok, seriously! What the fuck Seth, this shit is not funny anymore so quit it." She yelled.

I had to think of a way to make her understand me, but how?

I gazed at her humanly features, and she was beautiful. Long golden hair, emerald coloured eyes, a figure quite intriguing for a human. Curvaceous and tiny, lifting my eyes to her pouty strawberry lips, I felt h


"She had to be human...grrrrr, find a mate and kill her!" Maximus, my wolf, said in anger.

The connection went weak, find a mate? You killed her remember?

She wasn't, and if she was, she deserved to die. Or did you like it when she...

Shut up...

"Seth, hello?" She whispered while waving her hand, inches away from my face.

A loud roar and huff from Maximus came through before he left. What was his problem?

Looking at the beauty before me, I spoke. "I'm sorry, I've been through a lot. You can say I have these episodes that come and go. I'm trying to adapt back to a normal life but seem that I can not. Work at the facility was hard my dear."

"Why are you talking like that? And what facility are you talking about Seth? Weren't you in the Marines?"

"Can you please not call me by that name anymore?" I hissed out angrily.


"That name, it irritates me. Don't call me Seth!" I yelled causing her to back away from me, but I pulled her in closer to my body.

"Don't walk away from me, " Maximus demanded while glaring at her.

"Maximus, what are you doing?" I asked him.

"LET GO OF ME SETH!" she roared.


"MAXIMUM STOP!" I yelled.

"You're scaring me and hurting my arm, please let me go!"

"Where are we human? What is your name?"

"Maximus you're scaring her, let her go." I pled him



What was wrong with him?

"Your eye's.... they're black?" He pulled me in even closer to him, causing my feet to hover in the air.

"Name?" He barked out.

"Maya, don't you remember? I think you need help, Seth-"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" He shouted causing my ears to ring.

"I'm sorry, I wanna leave, please."

He growls like an angry beast before walking into the living room with me still in his arms. He threw me on the couch.

I stared in horror as he ripped apart the living room with his bare hands. I didn't know what to do as his fist went through the walls over and over.

He was crazy, probably due to his work, I don't know. I need to leave.

"Why are you mad?" I asked, causing him to stop.

His head slowly turned my way until he faced me.

Big black eyes were all I could see piercing through me. That's until he collapses onto his knees, raging heavily.

I felt terrible for him. "You need help Seth-" I stopped as a loud growl came out from him.

"Ok, ok I'm sorry! What should I call you then?"

He looked at me. "King Zordon Maximus the third, Zod for short. Or you could call me by other name, Maximus."

"Oookkk, that's um...okay."

"I'm sorry, I told you I have these episodes where I lose my mind. I-"

"You need help Se...I mean, Zod...or Maximus. Like psychiatric help, this." I stated while pointing at the destroyed living room. "All..this is not normal."

"You will find out when the time is right, I just need you to help me, and I promise you that I won't harm you...Maya."

"You have any medication you take?"

He shook his head as he stood up, dusting his hands off. "Is there any wolves here?" He asked out of nowhere.

Huh? Ok, I needed to leave before he murders me. He's crazy.

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