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Two years ago, Seth...

"Okay, listen up comrades, you are a group of highly selected Marines that were chosen for this job. It's top secret, you go in and do your job without question. Do I make myself clear?" The General Commander of our group mission said.

"SIR YES SIR!" The group yelled unitedly.

There was about seven of us, we didn't know what we were getting into, but that was the thrill of it.

"What you are about to see, you erase from your memory completely, or you will be court-martialed and discharged dishonourably. You will face a maximum sentence in a mental institution for six months if you ever try to speak of this. No one will believe you so toughen up soldiers and do your job with open minds, we're saving humanity from these..." he stopped before the helicopter landed and the door opened.

"Make us proud and catch what you can. These are not your basic humans, their monsters and we're here to take them out." He whispered before heading out before us.

The General stood beside the helicopter as we left. Geared up and fully armed, we walk into a forest.

"What the hell are we haunting sir, " one of the soldiers said.

"Wolves!" He said through our earpiece.

Scattering all over the place, we separate our ways, we make our way in deeper to the Dark Forest.

The moon was full, so we could see where we were going, but I felt as if we were being watched.

"Anybody got this feeling we're being spied on?" I whispered through my microphone.

"Affirmative Soldier, all you have to do is bring one Wolf in. Your gun has special bullets, so one shot and drag them back to the chopper. You all have one hour. If you're not back here within that hour, we're leaving you behind. Understood?" The General said.

Letting out a deep breath, I walk in a while checking my surrounding.

Why the fuck are we hunting wolves?

Ten minutes into the search, I get this feeling I'm being followed.

"Seth, something is moving behind you. Be careful!" My friend Josab said.

Slowing walking ahead to make whatever is behind me think I don't know it following me.

I stopped, Deep panting grew louder and louder, with one turn, I froze!

"What the hell?"

It growls at me like a wild animal. It was a Wolf, and it was a god damn monster standing over 6'7, towering over me while showing its sharp teeth.

Nervously panicking, I made a right turn before it charged at me, clocking my gun ready before I shot it.

Loud howling sounds erupted all around me.

"Lock and load boy, get the beast out of there before the pack attacks. Now, Seth now!" the General yells.

Gunshot came flying from all over the place while wolves came out from all different directions.

Hearing the helicopter hover above me, a rope was thrown down. "Place it around the monster and let's get the fuck out of here, now."

I did just that, the wolves around me came charging at me like I am taking something valuable from them, but my team shot them one by one.

I quickly hooked up the rope around the lifeless Wolve, and in a blink of an eye I was taking down by another wolf. Digging its teeth into my back, but one of the soldiers shot it.

The helicopter flew up higher. It was going to leave us here.

What the hell!

I grabbed the legs of the monster and watched the group of men I was with being ripped apart. Covering my eyes from the view below me.

I held tightly on the wolf that was being reeled up into the helicopter, and I held on for dear life.

The men pulled it up along with I; watching how the two men were surprised. The look on their faces seemed as if they wanted me dead.

"Are there any survivors?" The general's voice spoke through the radio.

The two men looked at each other before answering. "Yes sir, one sir! He's here with us, what should we do?"

What do they mean by that?

I waited for a response which took a while. "Good, bring him in with the creature. Who's the guy?" He asked.

They both looked at me before a big explosion was heard, I looked out, and half the Forest was on fire.

Shit, this was a suicide mission. They wanted us dead, they knew we had no chance but still went on with the task.

"Who is the-"

"Seth, Seth Lones!" I spoke loudly and firmly.

"I'll see you at the base, congratulations son. You just past the test with flying colours." The General said before I was injected with something into my neck from behind.


One month later...

A cold bucket of water was splashed on me. I woke up tied to a chair. The room was dark, and I couldn't see a thing.

The sound of footsteps came closer, someone squatted in front of me. It was the General, smiling in a sadistically way.

"You were supposed to be dead along with your group, but you made it. Good, well done, now you have two options son. You either work with us here because we need a man like you. Or, " he paused. "We can just kill you, what do you say, my boy, wanna join us in saving humanity?"

Every time I would wake up, they would inject a needle in me. I had no other way out, I had no other option but to agree or I was a dead man.

"Isn't that what I signed up for? Why am I even here?"

"We'll tell you when the time is right; first you have to pass the test. We need to train you some more. Then you'll know what you're here for."

I nodded my head and went along with what he was saying, didn't want to be dead so I'll just go along with whatever.


Four months later...

"This is Seth, your new captain. He's been training for the past four months. Brought us in an Alpha we've been searching for five years now, he knows what you know, maybe even more. He will train you all in what you need to do. He's been on several suicide missions and still comes back alive with what we want. Be more like him men, can't have more casualties in losing more men along the way." The General who I did not know his name yet said.

I was turning into a beast killer, and I didn't like it one bit. But I had to do it to live, the last mission I caught an Alpha, and it's Beta. But they looked nothing like the first one I took down; he was bigger and stronger like no other. Locked away in a ceil in the lower part of this facility, I didn't know where we were or what continent.

All I can see from my small window room was tress beyond tress.

"Seth?" The General said.

I faced him and stood my place. "Yes, sir!"

"At ease boy, I have something, or more like want you to do something for us. Do you remember the first monster you brought in?" He asked.

How could I forget, it was like no other I have ever seen before. It had to be something necessary for them to keep it locked up.

"Yes, sir!"

"Well, it now speaks! It's asking for you. It wants to talk with you only. I don't know why maybe it wants revenge or I don't know. It just wants to speak to you. We've been trying to communicate. And it did, but it only says your name. We want you to go in and see what it wants. Can you do that boy?"

Did I want to go? No! Did I have a choice? No! But I had to go along with whatever this was. "Yes, sir!"

He smiled and walked ahead of me, and I followed behind him.

"Don't worry; it's locked up with unbreakable chains so it won't come near you. But I must warn you. It's compelling. Like no other we have ever encountered, it must be something special and unique. So try your best to know what it is and what it wants."

"Yes, sir!" Was all I could say.

I wanted to meet the creature as well, so fascinated by its form.

We entered the elevator, and the General place a key into the lower level before pressing the ground floor.

The door opened, we walked into a long narrow hallway, ceil upon ceil with steel doors were holding back the raging wolves that wanted to be free.

A loud howl was heard from the end of the hall, and all wolves stopped there howling.

"See, it has power over every one of them. They're all from different packs from all over the world, but still, he has command over them. I think it's a king or something." The General said as we reached the cell where the creature was held in.

"Does it have a name?" I asked curiously.

"That's for you to find out. We're having technical difficulties with surveillance cameras at the moment. I'll be here hearing the entire conversation, don't take long."

I nodded my head as he opened the ceil door. The room was dark but the moon tonight was shining through the glass window as bright as the night I took the creature down.

Heavy panting took over my hearing as I step closer, I couldn't see it clearly, but it's form held it height that wasn't hard to notice.

"Step....closer.., " a deep voice spoke.

I'll admit, it did sound scary.

"I'll stay here, what is it you want from me?" I asked.

Slowly making its way out, I gulped down the fear I had in me.

Snarling his sharp teeth at me. "You started a war like no other human, you've killed my kind for no reason. Over the years we've kept our distance away from you humans, but all you want is to wipe us off the face of this earth. Tell me, what is it that you want from my kind?"

I didn't know. I was never told.

"Do you e

ven know why you are bringing us here?" He spoke as he walked even closer.

This time, his whole form appeared in front of me.

I took a step back as he seemed to smirk wickedly. "You're here to be trained." The General shouted.

"Trained for what exactly?" The creature said as he continued to step even closer.

The sound of the chains being dragged behind him scared the living shit out of me.

"Trained for the military, imagine having your kind fight for our country, it would be a blessing and curse at the same time. So corporate and let us train you." The General said.

A loud banging sound from the cell outside comes through. The General turned around, and just like that, he's screaming at whatever it was to stay back. But it attacked, and in one stupid move, I made. The creature caught me in his hold, sinking his sharp teeth into my neck.

"Possess thee body I hold in my hands, Transform Me Moon God and make me one."

He spoke before he sank his teeth in more in-depth and profound, I felt something being pulled out of me before something else being rushed into me.

Shaking violently as if death was taking it crouse. The creature fell, causing my body to fall along with it.

I backed away and watched it give its last breath. The blood gushed out of my neck. I got up with all I had left in me and opened the ceil door.

Big black wolves stood before me. I thought it was going to attack. But it didn't. It was kneeling before me.

I slowly walked ahead, leaning against the wall for support. The black wolve observed me, getting closer.

I ran to the elevator door, thinking it would chase me but it didn't. It went back to ceil before the elevator doors shut close. I placed my hand over the wound.

I was going to die.

Reaching the top floor, I crawled out, holding on to my injury. Soldiers came rushing to me before I collapsed down to the floor, passing out.


Two months later...

"You healing just fine, I'm surprised you're not dead from that bite." The nurse said as she cleaned my wound.

Two months recovering from the incident, my hunger was more than savage. My body seemed bigger than before. I could feel different senses I've never felt in my life.

But was I going to tell them? Fuck no! I was going to be their guinea pig for them to examine on if I spoke a word.

"You look like you can rip someone with those hands of yours, overall, you're much better and can go back to work. Remember the wolf that bit you? Well, I think they found another one just like it. It's still out on the ground, and they want you to see if it's the same kind you caught the first time." The nurse said before getting up.

I got up and followed her.

All eyes were on me. I was called the unbeatable; I was the new General in charge of these missions, where I got to know its name.


"Boss, there's another load of wolves here we want you to see." A soldier named Jack said as he took me out to the field.

And like every other group they bring in, they appear as if they're kneeling before me.

"Isn't it weird they do that when you walk out?" He asked, but I just ignored his question.

"Where is it?"

"Over there sir!"

I walked over to where it the wolves was, and indeed it was the same kind. Like all the others, it kneeled down.

"Unlock the cages!" I ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Jack said as he signalled for the troops to do so.

They came willingly as if they were following my command. It was still unknown why they never attacked us. I was still trying to figure that part out.

The troops were all armed, one wrong move from the wolves and they would be dead.

"Take them down to the cell's; I'll bring this one with me."

I watched the grey and white wolves move back, for the first time. I witnessed something remarkable; it shifted into a human form.

Mind blown, I watched in fascination. A tall, dark man with tribal marks across his face and chest crouched there before me.

"You...have to help us...please!" It said with all respect.

"What are you?" I asked.

"They'll kill me...please save us..please do something. You are our kind now. You are our king."

What, A King, Me?

I stared at him, hearing snarling sounds from behind me. I took a look. The wolves were ready to attack. I looked back at the man.

Something in me wanted to help them, it felt like it was my job to do something, but why?

Why did I feel this way?

"I'm not king. I don't-"

"You are king Zod, ruler of the seven tribes and much more out there. Packs among packs take orders from you, your highness, you are from a royal family. You may not know this yet because you do not feel him in you. But he will come out and take his vengeance on humans, make him see that all humans are not evil before it's too late. Help us our king; your pack awaits your command."

"Look, I can't let you out. I'll be.." I watched him kneel before transforming back to its wolf form.

I stared at it, and I could have sworn I heard someone talk in my mind.

"Fuck it!" I said before standing up.

With one look at the men and one look to the wolve's. I yelled out, not knowing to whom. "ATTACK!"

The soldiers watched the wolf next to me. It ran its fur under my hand.

Giving it one look, I felt it knew what I was saying. A loud howl came from him before all the other wolves did the same.

I walked over to jack. "Sir, Stand down sir, stand down!" Jack said as the wolf beside me charged at him.


I rushed over to jack. "I'm sorry, I have to do this. Please forgive." I took the gun away from him before hitting him on his head.


Six hours later...

The facility was on fire, and all the wolves were out. I command for no one to be killed, but all I saw was blood. I was the last man standing, and the wolves surrounded me before hearing a helicopter hovering over us.

"Attack me and leave." But no one would do so.

Gunfire was shot. I felt a bullet hit my back right shoulder before collapsing down to the floor.

"Run, go before they come and retake you."

Howling was all I heard before I passed out.


Four months later...

"Do you remember anything?"


"What's your name?"


"Where did you work at?"

"I was a Marine!"

"What was the last mission you did?"

"I don't remember!"

The same questions, same torture I was getting from the people who captured me.

I didn't say anything, just pretended to know nothing.

"You are dishonourably discharged from the Marines Seth Lones. You murdered General Lewis."

They accused me when they knew the truth.

"I didn't kill anyone!"

She looked at me before continuing to speak. "Upholding your current state, You will be locked up for a year in a mental asylum, do you understand Seth?"

And then the voice in my head took over. "Who's Seth? I'm Zod, king Zod!" A voice spoke.

She frowned before saying. "Take him away!"


The entire year at the asylums...

Shift. I am a king in a pathetic body...

You idiot, I will kill you...

Get out...


"GET OUT, GET OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT!" I yelled out as I heard wicked laughter in my head.

You can't run away from me, I am you and you are me. We are one! Or should I say three? I will kill everyone you love, without you knowing Seth. You will see, goodbye for now. I'll come out when the time is right.



"Ahhhh, " Seth screamed out of nowhere.

"What's wrong? Are you ok? Seth, talk to me." I said in fear as I watched him toss and turn like a madman.

"Get out, get out now!" He yelled. Pushing me away from him. "Leave, you're in danger, he's coming out."

"You get me naked and pass out, and now you tell me to leave? What the heck is wrong with you?"

His eyes darkened; he was showing his teeth as if he was snarling at me. I pushed myself back off the bed even further as his eyes followed my every move.

"What is your name?" He spoke in a different tone I've never heard before.

"Really? Not funny Seth, not funny at all." I stood up and got dressed, looking back at him. "What? I told you we're not fucking, OK?"

He squinted his eyes in a confused look. He was turning around to stare at himself in the mirror.

"Don't check yourself out. You're not that hot."

He looked at me, tilting his head to the side. "Where are we?"

"The fuck? What is wrong with you Seth? You're back home, remember? You told me that you were dishonourably discharged before asking me to be a fuck buddy. Which I declined, then you went all Barbarian crazy on me, taking my clothes off before passing out. Don't you remember? It just happened a couple of minutes ago."

He shook his head before falling to his knees, screaming out loud as he tossed and turned.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, " he yelled out.

Oh shit, what the hell?

"Are you ok Seth?" I asked as he stared at me. "He bit me, and I'm not me anymore. I...don't...I need help. You have to help me, Maya, please. There's another person in me, no, a monster, a wolf that calls himself King Zod."

Ok, he needs help!

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