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   Chapter 18 01.18 Weimin Ru

The Wheel of Transmigration By silentscarlettt Characters: 4351

Updated: 2018-07-28 04:08

"Murong Jieli." A voice suddenly startled her thoughts. Murong Jieli turned around and noticed it was Ru Weimin, coming in unannounced and unnoticeable.

She sighed. She should get used to him inviting himself in her room without informing her as she'd soon be sharing a room with him. But it still awkward for her, the girl who didn't really bother with relationships neither in the academy nor outside of it.

Ru Weimin noticed the thing in her hand as he attempted to reach for it. She was currently messing around with the green jade duo necklaces that Empress Fan gifted to her at the imperial banquet and competition. Truly, since so much had happened, the event seemed so long ago, when in reality, it was only a few weeks ago.

"What are you doing?" Murong Jieli squeaked as he reached for one of the necklaces. Honestly, even Ru Weimin didn't understand why he wanted one of the necklaces. Maybe it would reassure him about keeping her as his? Maybe he wanted physical proof that they were a married couple—or at least would be in a few days.

'''Or maybe you just like the green color, ''' Xiao Meng grumpily voiced in his head as she decided to go to sleep.

Hearing his cousin knocking, Ru Weimin found himself slipping and dragging Murong Jieli with her. Both were found in an ambig


'Xiao Fu... I'm tired of everything. I originally meant to play and treat the wheel as a joke but to think the job that came with it is so difficult. I can't stand all the plotting that is most likely going on since it happens in every story in ancient China, at least according to teachers and seniors. I'm tired of stupid assassins after my life. I just want a break. Couldn't the dumb wheel send me somewhere relaxing? Like the Central Realm's Hollywood or somewhere similar!'

'''Mistress, be careful what you wish for because the wheel hears and knows everything.'''

'That's creepy.'

Xiao Fu shrugged his shoulders as he snuggled up in his spiritual form. He didn't bother with his mistress much longer as he went to sleep.

Murong Jieli didn't ponder on her problems much longer either as she quickly fell asleep once she closed her eyes.

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