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   Chapter 17 01.17 Weimin Ru

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After convincing Murong Feili, Zao leaped out of the palace and rode his already-prepared horse, back to the capital of Ru, Qiangda, where his guard was waiting.

Once he arrived in the palace of Ru, the man that had introduced himself as Shen Zihao widened his eyes and bowed, "Master." His tone was respectful as he kept his head bowed.

Zao, or going by his real name which is Shen Zihao, nodded as his guard that he placed to pretend to be him. Ever since he woke up approximately one month ago with memories of his past life, he had been scheming nonstop to destroy Ru Weimin and make him suffer. He began to devise a plan that started with Murong Jieli, the girl that Ru Weimin was madly in love with it.

As fate has it, the illegitimate girl had managed to snag Ru Weimin in this lifetime, too, hence why needing to use her. Such a beautiful girl, it was a shame to kill her, but alas, she was only a liability to further his master plan. Surprisingly, in this life, she was very different. Shen Zihao suspected it was due to her being reborn as well, but that idea was quickly disregarded as the girl showed no indication of knowing about her past life.

Shen Zihao had planned everything perfectly well starting with Murong Jieli's ambush. Originally, he was going to kill her like he killed Ai Zingxiu in his previous life, but after contacting Ru Xueling, the man that despised Ru Weimin as well, they both planned on what to do, starting with Ru Weimin's beloved.

Unsurprisingly, Ru Xueling has fallen for Murong Jieli in this life as well. And Shen Zihao has promised the man that he'd leave a Murong Jieli alone, but deep in his heart, he scorned the fool for being so gullible. In this lifetime, he will be the last one remaining. He will destroy Ru Weimin along with everyone he cares about, including Ai Zingxiu, who surprisingly surpassed her expiration date.

He laughed manically, scaring his shivering guard that was still keeping his head bowed. Previously, his master was as calm as the tranquil sea. But after he suddenly woke up

ou so much!"

The man tsked and smiled mockingly, "My dear, you should learn to control your words or else a certain toddler will feel the consequences."

Ai Zingxiu paled as she defeatedly asked, "What else do you want from me? How much more do you want from me, you bas—" the man didn't allow her to finish as he suddenly took her small lips and feasted on them. A sliver of blood dripped down the side of her mouth as he continued to ravish it. Once he finished, he licked his lips and whispered in her ears, "I want you to do nothing except wait for their wedding. Once it arrives, you'll know and see what happens, my dear."

Ai Zingxiu's knees buckled as she fell on the floor, her eyes dull and lifeless. To kiss her mouth, to claim a kiss from her... was she sullied? What would her future husband think? What would he do?

To make him wear a green hat before their marriage, even though she couldn't control it... Ai Zingxiu felt that this was worse than her betrayal. She wanted to die. Her eyes fell on the plate of walnut cookies as she closed her eyes, grabbed one, and quickly placed it in her mouth, swallowing it before she could think. This was her punishment for being so cruel to her loved ones and because she couldn't live with the guilt that someone claimed her lips other than her husband.

This was karma that she was setting for herself...

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