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   Chapter 16 01.16 Weimin Ru

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"Are you ready to meet your fiancé?" Murong Jieli whispered to Ai Zingxiu playfully. Ai Zingxiu mustered up a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. After her fiasco meeting with the stranger man three days ago, he didn't appear.

Ai Zingxiu didn't breathe a breath of relief as she knew he was most likely planning something. As she tilted her neck to the side, she winced from the pain. She had purposely worn a scarf-like cloth around her neck to prevent her cousin and future cousin-in-law from worrying. Since she was going to destroy their relationship, Ai Zingxiu didn't want the guilt to be harder than necessary.

Their concern tugged at her heartstrings. Such pure people, why was she forced to break them? For the sake of her five-year-old brother, Ai Zingxiu clenched her small fists and hardened her gaze. Even though they may not forgive her and say she betrayed them, at least she'll know the real reason behind her betrayal. For the sake of Ai Luoyang, her smaller brother, she would endure everything, including the scorn of the man she loves and the woman she had befriended.

Ai Zingxiu gripped her hanfu as she stared at the approaching face, Prince Shen Zihao. With his dark and sinfully beautiful almond eyes, he was extraordinarily handsome. She felt her breath hitch as she regarded her future husband. He smiled kindly and Ai Zingxiu felt a type of familiarity with him, although she couldn't quite recognize where from.

Meanwhile, Murong Jieli and Xiao Fu were both scrutinizing Shen Zihao. He was extraordinarily handsome, but for some reason, the duo felt like they knew the man. Such an idea was impossible as it was the first time Murong Jieli was meeting him, the man that wasn't a villain in this lifetime due to her interference.

He noticed her gaze and flashed her a grin. His cocky attitude might've been cute to other women, but to Murong Jieli, they sent danger signs and she couldn't help but be cautious. She ignored him and turned to Ru Weimin, whispering in his ear, "Is this guy really the best choice?"

Even though the couple was not aware of their position, but to other spectators, they looked like a flirtatious couple sharing secrets. Ai Zingxiu felt her heartache, but she reminded herself that she must get used to it from now on.

That woman, Murong Jieli who is coincidentally her friend as well, is going to be her cousin's wife and empress. That man, Shen Zihao, despite the warning alarms in her head, she still had to go stand near him due to her position as his bride-to-be.

"You two look so lovely next to each other." Murong Jieli bluffed with a beautiful smile. Shen Zihao chuckled as he used one arm to wrap around his future wife. Despite his action breaking protocol and tradition—not having physical contact with the bride until marriage—nobody could muster the courage to tell the foreign prince to keep his arms away due to their treaty that was like walking on thin ice. Easily breakable and destructive.

Finally, Ru Weimin no longer able to stand watching his cousin squirm, spoke up, "Prince Shen, please keep customs and modesty in mind and keep away from physical contact until marriag

r question, "Your sister..." immediately, he received the expression he needed and expected as her face contorted into hatred, "Your sister is getting married in less than four days."

He continued, "I saw the way that Ru Weimin doted on her... Xiao Li, why must you suffer like this as she gets to enjoy life with a loving husband as a powerful empress? Xiao Li, tell me, how is that fair?"

Noticing her fists clenched, he smirked to himself and extended his words, "May it be because she's more beautiful? More talented? More graceful? Xiao Li didn't your husband also say he wanted her—"

"Enough!" Murong Feili snapped as she couldn't stand hearing him praise the harlot. Her husband, her family, Ru Weimin, and now, even Zao, were spelled by that whore. She couldn't stand hearing about her delightful life for a second longer!

It wounded one's pride to know that one's husband preferred another woman and openly admitted it, no matter how villainous he could be.

"Xiao Li..." Zao said gently, but Murong Feili slapped his hands away like a madwoman. "No! You probably love her like everyone else! Go away and leave me alone to my misery!"

Zao ignored her resistance and pulled her into a comforting hug, "Xiao Li, I don't like her. Xiao Li, I am only your friend, not hers."

Hearing his comforting words only then did Murong Feili calm down. She felt deep gratitude for the man that had his arms wrapped around her as he was her friend and belonged to her and not that thief that stole everything from her.

"Xiao Li, how would you like revenge?" Zao whispered in her ear with a smirk. Murong Feili didn't think of the consequences as she nodded, "I want revenge! I want her to suffer in the deepest depths of the underworld!"

Zao nodded at her enthusiasm, "Xiao Li, you must visit the empire of Ru on her wedding with your husband and this is what you must do..." And he began to explain to her his plan.

Murong Feili widened her eyes as a sinister look flashed through them. This plan of his, she loved it!

'Murong Jieli... May the heavens help you for what's going to happen.'

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