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   Chapter 15 01.15 Weimin Ru

The Wheel of Transmigration By silentscarlettt Characters: 6050

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"Zingxiu, I have found another suitable candidate to be your husband." Ru Weimin suddenly spoke out as the trio, which consisted of Murong Jieli, Ai Zingxiu, and himself were eating breakfast. It had been one week since the announcement of the new emperor and empress of Fan, meaning only one week remained for Ru Weimin and Murong Jieli's wedding. For some odd reason, Ru Weimin felt nervous and anticipative.

Even Xiao Meng was surprised as to why her usual stoic master was feeling so giddy regarding his marriage to the girl that insulted him.

"What?" Ai Zingxiu said with astonishment and a bit of sadness. Rumors rung in the palace that he was going to make her his concubine, hence why canceling her original engagement, but to hear him utter such words was disheartening.

"Really?" Murong Jieli blurted out, not noticing how excited her tone was. Once Xiao Fu reminded her of her unnecessary enthusiasm, she cleared her throat and said, "Zingxiu, I'm so happy for you!"

Ai Zingxiu flashed her a smile of appreciation but her eyes were filled with her anxiety. All her hopes of marrying her cousin seemed worthless as he was sending her off to marry a stranger. It was her duty as a princess of a nation... she didn't want to complain but that didn't mean she didn't feel slight envy at Murong Jieli being able to marry the man she loves.

But she shook off her feelings as Murong Jieli and she were good friends. And good friends never eye each other's men, right?

'But she took yours, ' a masculine voice reminded her as she suddenly remembered the man that had been visiting her continuously for the past two weeks, secretly at night.

The strange man, who refused to tell her his name, always reminded her that Murong Jieli was taking something that didn't belong to her. Of course, Ai

iu snapped in anger. This man had truly been annoying her for the past three weeks, ever since her cousin and future cousin-in-law appeared.

"Did you hear them quarreling?" The masculine voice asked her in a whisper, "You must break them up."

"No!" Ai Zingxiu blatantly yelled, "I will not destroy my cousin's relationship because of your foolish words."

"But do you not love him?"

"I do, " Ai Zingxiu stated as a nostalgic smile appeared on her face once she thought of her cousin. But her eyes hardened once she uttered her next words, "but I will not destroy his love for the small possibility of marrying him. I wish him all the happiness he deserves."

"Foolish girl!" The voice growled as the stranger grabbed her check, choking her, "You must break them up, or you will say goodbye to your precious younger brother."

Ai Zingxiu widened her eyes in fear once she thought of her baby brother. Only five years old yet this ruthless man would kill him without mercy. "What must I do?" She said in exasperation as tears filled her eyes. 'Weimin-ge, I'm sorry.'

'This lifetime, that bastard will not win, ' the strange man thought in glee as he tightened his grip on Ai Zingxiu's neck.

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