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   Chapter 14 01.14 Weimin Ru

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Two weeks have passed and Murong Feili and Fan Yishin were getting married as well as being officially crowned emperor and empress.

For Empress Fan, it had been a long two weeks as she tried to prove the authenticity of a document she created, but in the end, they had no evidence that it wasn't legitimate. The court officials could only brood in silence as Fan Yishin, the prince that only a minority supported and rooted for, became emperor and Empress Fan became Dowager Empress Fan.

Despite the happy occasion, the majority of the empire was still solemn and grieving for their beloved emperor, so they couldn't conjure much happiness, despite their best efforts. Even Fan Yishin, who was going to be emperor, couldn't help but keep a poker face throughout the ceremony. Only a handful of people, including Murong Feili and her family were grinning and excited.

Murong Wu because his daughter was going to be empress. Murong Xan, the first wife, and Murong Feili's mother, because her daughter had managed to snatch the position of the empress, making her one of the most powerful noble ladies, and Murong Jing because of the endless tables of food that awaited him after the ceremony.

Throughout the past two weeks, the Fan family had to consult a matchmaker to see if the marriage was acceptable.

The matchmaker has taken one look at the bride and had wanted to immediately decline the marriage, but that very night, she received a generous donation from the left prime minister's family which led her to boast that no other marriage was going to be as great and heavenly as this one.

Then, the Fan family had sent over enormous amounts of jewels, fabric, dresses, tassels, and a large sum of money as well. Such betrothal gifts were so lavish that the left prime minister remained quiet and only pampered his eldest daughter even more than usual, telling her how proud he was of her beauty and talents.

The Fan family had sent over elaborate wedding gifts along with betrothal gifts that made Murong Wu's eyes gleam with greed.

Since the auspicious day for the marriage had been decided at the imperial

fer. But such retribution, did any woman deserve it? Even the worst of the worst didn't deserve the pain she was currently going through.

Murong Feili weakly attempted to push him away using her legs, but he, the obviously much larger and stronger man, easily prevented her feeble attempts to escape. "You should suffer the way I will suffer soon."

As though noticing her confusion, Fan Yishin chuckled, "The one I want is marrying in two weeks to a bastard. Only she is sufficient enough to be in my collection."

Murong Feili felt hate bubbling in her chest for her sister. The guilt and remorse she felt for harassing her sister disappeared and were replaced with menacing hatred as it was her sister's fault that she was being treated like so. She despised her sister to even greater lengths and vowed to kill the bastard in front of her along with her sister that was blessed with everything.

Murong Feili promised herself that she must endure until the day comes where she extracts her vengeance. So thus, despite her great reluctance, she endured the harsh pressure that the bastard was forcing her to experience as he shot his seed deep inside of her. To bear his children... Murong Feili would rather kill herself than to do such a humiliating thing.

But for the sake of appearance, she pretended to stop struggling, ignoring the dull and agonizing pain in her pelvis as the bastard ravished her.

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