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   Chapter 13 01.13 Weimin Ru

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Once they arrived at the capital of the Ru empire, Qiangda, Murong Jieli couldn't help but peek out of her sedan's window in admiration. The Fan empire's capital, Beiwei, was incredibly and noticeable smaller than here. Vitality flowed in Qiangda as laughter and freedom rung in the streets. Such a precious place, it was no wonder that Ru Xueling eyed the throne so much.

To be the emperor of such humble and joyful people, it was a blessing. Ru Weimin noticed her wide and admiring eyes and chuckled.

Murong Jieli blushed scarlet and avoided his teasing gaze.

The people cheered once they noticed the imperial horse that Ru Weimin rested upon. It was clear to see that they loved their emperor.


Once they arrived at the palace doors, a beautiful girl wearing a blue hanfu waved cheerfully as she regarded Ru Weimin. Her rosy cheeks were an indication of her innocent crush as she looked at Ru Weimin.

"Weimin-ge!" The girl called out affectionately.

"Zingxiu, " Ru Weimin said calmly, "Why are you standing in front of the gates in such a chilly weather?"

Truly, the weather wasn't cold, but Murong Jieli could sense the worry and affection behind it. She laughed bitterly for assuming this Ru Weimin wouldn't have multiple women like the previous Ru Weimin in the last lifetime. It seems like he wasn't in love with her much like the story intended... she truly had screwed things up.

'''You're doing good on the sad ending, honey.'''


'''Why yes, I am happy to see you suffer.'''

Murong Jieli cleared her throat as both Ai Zingxiu and Ru Weimin turned in her direction. Ai Zingxiu widened her eyes at the gorgeous girl but gaped when her cousin introduced her as his fiancée. "What..." Ai Zingxiu said amazed, "y-you're engaged?"

Ru Weimin nodded, "As of the imperial banquet, Murong Jieli, the second daughter of the left prime minister, is my fiancée and will be my wife in approximately one month."

Ai Zingxiu gasped at how soon their wedding was going to take place before her heart clenched

some boy wishes for a harem. I don't blame him, she's so pretty after all—'''

'Shut up.' Murong Jieli interrupted Xiao Fu before he could finish.

'''Geez, so salty. I'm supposed to be the salty one in this relationship, what happened to your pure self?'''

'She's dead. And if you don't shut up and don't stop nagging me in my head, you'll be dead too.'

Xiao Fu shivered and remained quiet, preferring not to speak any longer.

"That's great!" Murong Jieli said with as much enthusiasm as she could conjure. When in reality, she wanted to stay away from the princess and her cousin.

Ai Zingxiu nodded, "Yes! Although I believe I'll be in a different engagement soon enough... I am only a princess and my duty is to my empire; to be as beneficial as can be."

Murong Jieli's eyes softened as she grabbed Ai Zingxiu's hand, "We're both in this together. I have to marry a stranger as well."

Ai Zingxiu blushed as she remembered this beauty was indeed suffering like her. Not only in a foreign country, but with foreign yet somewhat similar customs and a stranger husband as well. She may know her cousin, but that didn't mean this pretty girl did. Sympathy filled her heart as she nodded, agreeing with Murong Jieli's words, "We're in this... together."

And thus, a friendship bloomed between the two girls as they headed back to the palace.

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