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   Chapter 12 01.12 Weimin Ru

The Wheel of Transmigration By silentscarlettt Characters: 6633

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The empire of Fan held a somber mood as their beloved emperor had suddenly passed away without any warning.

The people grieved as their easygoing and joyful emperor had already been taken away by the god of death. Nobody expected such an outcome, but that didn't stop them from kowtowing in front of the palace's doors.

"Your Majesty!" An old woman sobbed as she remembered the emperor from his young days, "How could you leave us? How could you go to the underworld before your servant?"

"Your Majesty! Your humble servants dare call you selfish for leaving us so soon..."

"Your Majesty!" Many people cried as they continued to kowtow in white clothing.

"Your Majesty, your benevolence will no longer grace us..." A woman in her thirties, Emperor Fan's last concubine, tearfully cried as she held her beloved husband's final gift—a hairpin.

Empress Fan had been the most hysterical of all.

The man she had married from a young age had died so suddenly. The man she had loved from a young age had abandoned her like so. "Your Majesty..." Empress Fan wept as she clenched on his yellow robes, "Oh, Your Majesty..." cherry blossoms blew in her direction as more tears clouded her eyes once she remembered the first time they had met—her, the right prime minister's mischievous daughter, and he, the scholarly prince with the gentle smiles.

Their wedding had been a simple one. She had been crowned crown princess and his wife. She had expected for him to treat her coldly, but his genuine smiles never failed to make her flustered with emotion. Such a man... Empress Fan knew such a man would never surrender to death easily. Her husband had been poisoned and there was no way of discovering the culprit.

Her former rosy yet aged face was pale as she had aged a decade overnight. Empress Fan gripped her white hanfu and kowtowed one last time in front of her husband's casket that was draped with his yellow robes. "Your Majesty... chenqie will join you very soon,

words anyways. Why did it bother him for her to be married off to someone else? He had seen the way Emperor Fan and Empress Fan shared looks as though she was going to be their daughter-in-law in the future. He didn't want her to be married to someone else as that would be a waste for her and her talents.

Besides, Ru Weimin pegged his behavior as being attracted to the female protagonist. By now, he was almost one hundred percent sure she was the female protagonist and he was the male protagonist. So it was natural for them to marry each other, right?

'''Master, are you making excuses?'''

'Xiao Meng, I think you should go and rest.' Ru Weimin quietly and discreetly snapped his fingers and blocked Xiao Meng from his thoughts. Currently, he was not in the mood to deal with his pet and her antics.

"Didi, " Ru Xueling spoke, interrupting his train of thoughts, "I think it is only right if we send our condolences once we reach the empire and also send the new emperor, whomever it may be, our blessing." Ru Weimin nodded as he motioned for the servants to pack everything up for them to leave. Their short break had extended longer than necessary, anyways.

He needed to get back to the empire... he had been away for too long. 'Besides, ' Ru Weimin mused, 'I need to prepare for my wedding anyways.'

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