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   Chapter 11 01.11 Weimin Ru

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"Because she will marry me."

Ru Weimin's declaration startled everyone, including Emperor and Empress Fan because they wished for the girl to be their daughter-in-law. Meanwhile Murong Wu didn't mind having such a handsome and powerful person as his son-in-law, never having expected that his useless daughter would be able to snatch such a powerful person to be her husband.

He clasped his hands together with a grin, "Very good! Li'er, father is very proud of you for accepting heaven's will and marrying Emperor Ru. To prevent any further problems, the wedding shall take place next month!"

"But—" Murong Jieli didn't have the chance to voice out her disbelief as Murong Wu silenced her with a sharp glare. He wanted this deal probably more than the groom wanting the bride. To have some type of power in the Ru empire easily made him the most powerful person in this small empire.

"Wait, " Ru Weimin said calmly, "What does she want?"

"Huh?" It was a first for the bride to have an opinion regarding her marriage, so it shocked Murong Jieli as well, especially in this era where women were considered tools for power and pleasure.

Ru Weimin turned his dark and beautiful eyes to Murong Jieli and asked, "Do you want to marry me?"

'No, ' she wanted to say.

'''But no matter how much you avoid the male protagonist...'''

'...he'll end up clashing with the female protagonist anyways.'

Murong Jieli forced herself to smile shyly and avoided answering his question. He clearly recognized her as the woman he dined with and the woman that lied to him... was this a form of revenge?

Emperor Fan widened his eyes in panic as he pushed his favorite son forward. Despite not being as handsome as Ru Weimin, Fan Yishin was handsome enough for women to swoon. Paired with his easygoing smile and peach blossom eyes, he was a handsome sight to behold.

He stared at Murong Jieli with a smile and glanced as his imperial father, wanting to know why he was pushed forward. Emperor Fan mumbled something that only Fan Yishin understood. He nodded and opened his mouth, a clear, baritone voice being heard, "Before you accept, this prince would like to propose marriage to the M

nation as empress.

Before she left with Ru Weimin and her future brother-in-law, she whispered in Murong Wu's left ear about servant Mei attempting to poison her and how she whispered for her father to take care of it.

Murong Wu, no longer wanting to appear as a neglecting father, nodded and promised to teach the servant a lesson.

Xiao Fu widened his cat eyes as he mumbled, '''petty. Won't even leave the snitch to be.'''

Murong Jieli shrugged, 'she chose the wrong boss and job.'

Murong Jieli didn't bother to go back to her shabby pavilion and get anything as nothing in there was usable much nor did it belong to her. Thus, she waved goodbye to Emperor and Empress Fan and sat inside the beautiful sedan prepared for her to leave to the empire of Ru, her sword in her hand.

Once the guests started leaving, Emperor Fan sighed. They never had the chance to finish the competition due to the interruption of the assassins nor did he have the chance to give the winners his surprise. Even though the other competitions weren't held, it was clear who would've won, anyways. And if he did give her his surprise prize, Emperor Fan didn't believe the soon-to-be powerful empress would let it benefit her anyways.

What would his imperial decree of granting her one wish, any wish, do?

Unfortunately, Emperor Fan never had the chance to find out as he was suddenly bedridden with a terrible, mysterious illness that killed him off that night.

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