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   Chapter 10 01.10 Weimin Ru

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Before they could continue with the next parts, an arrow stroke and almost hits Emperor Fan in his heart. Everyone gasped as the guards prepared their weapons to look for the intruders. Ru Xueling quietly stood from his chair and stood next to Murong Jieli, whispering a warning, "I believe you should defend yourself with your sword."

"B-But where's Zao?" Murong Jieli couldn't believe that the man she conversed with disappeared so easily without looking back. It looks like she was indeed too na?ve to believe that he, an assassin, was willing to be her guard. In fact, Murong Jieli wanted to smack herself for suggesting such a option in the first place. Even though he mistook her identity for Princess Ai Zingxiu, who surprisingly was not at the banquet, that didn't mean he wouldn't kill her off anyways, especially since she had seen what his appearance looked like.

It looked like she had to defend herself. Murong Jieli grabbed the sword that was in Ru Xueling's hand, the same sword that Xiao Fu found earlier, and began to clash with the intruders. To her surprise, there were a few that were defeated way too easily.

'Huh? That doesn't seem right.'

'''Finally; something you said that makes you sound somewhat intelligent.'''

'Xiao Fu! Not the time!'

Murong Jieli held her beautiful sword tight and walked towards Emperor and Empress Fan along with the princes and princesses huddled next to them and Ru Weimin as well. They were all pale at the thought of the arrow hitting Emperor Fan's heart, but to Murong Jieli's surprise, Emperor Fan looked at the sword in her hand.

Both he and Ru Weimin were

r not to involved in anything political."

"So you're going to ignore the will of the gods and goddesses!?" Murong Wu snapped at his daughter. Tonight was the first time he had truly seen her and he was not disappointed. Possibly the most beautiful young lady he had ever seen, Murong Wu knee there'd be plenty of marriage offers for such a talented and gorgeous young woman. And Murong Wu felt accomplished to know that such a girl was his daughter. He felt regret for not recognizing her talents sooner, but he was sure that once he showed her a bit of affection, she would surely be baited and obey him.

Murong Jieli didn't know how to answer his question as this world was extremely religious in their beliefs of their gods and goddesses. To say that she would ignore their will was suicidal, especially in front of so many people.

"She will not ignore their will..." Ru Weimin suddenly spoke out, "Because she will marry me."

'What. The.'

'''Heck.''' Xiao Fu finished for her. For the first time, both sidekick and transmigrator were speechless at the turn of events.

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