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   Chapter 9 01.09 Weimin Ru

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Murong Feili smiled smugly as the empress began to explain the rules. There was absolutely no cheating tolerated and the winner would get whatever they desired from the imperial treasury plus a surprise from the emperor himself.

The empress had benevolent, warm eyes and a kind smile as she regarded the girls. Her gaze lingered on Murong Jieli a bit longer than necessary, but other than that, she continued to explain rules and such.

All the girls squealed in happiness as the empress instructed the servants to bring the necessary supplies for 畫 (hua), the painting process of the four arts.

'''What are you going to paint?''' Xiao Fu asked.

'I don't know...' Murong Jieli answered.

Even though Xiao Fu had taken over her body for the sewing portion, that didn't meant her sidekick was going to do everything else for her. Despite how wonderful the suggestion seemed, she was taught skills like painting and calligraphy and such as a young child. She didn't just learn them TTDW Academy, but she enhanced her skills there. Her parents wished for her to not be lazy hence teaching her a few things that somehow managed to coincidentally help her at the moment.

Speaking of her parents, she picked up a brush and began to paint thoughtlessly.

Using only four colors, Murong Jieli began to create a masterpiece. Strokes of yellow and black, with the tiniest hints of red and blue, she created a scenery that only one person was familiar with—Ru Weimin.

He immediately recognized that as the Ethereal Village, one of the quaintest and loveliest places in the Immortal Realm. Ru Weimin assumed that is where her true self lived... This also confirmed that she is the person he was looking for. But watching her paint with nostalgic and sad eyes, something stirred in his heart.

Xiao Meng noticed her master's gentle eyes and she began to panic, '''master! Snap out of it! Don't be fooled like everyone el

empress, only for her to give her a knowing smile. "That, my dear, is a couple set."

'Damn it.'

The empress continued, "Once you find a husband, make sure to give him the other half. That green jade is a very special jade."

Murong Jieli opened to ask how, but the empress explained, "From the Mountains of Guo, to the temples where they are polished by monks, that particular pair of green jade pendants is known as the Eternal Intertwinement, meaning the couple that owns it will forever be connected in every lifetime."

Murong Jieli wanted to scoff. Maybe in this fantasy world that was real, but to her, she was an immortal and such silly toys wouldn't carry on with her no matter what. Nonetheless, she thanked the empress and grabbed the beautiful pair of pendants to keep.

Everyone watched with interest as Murong Jieli accepted such a valuable treasure. Murong Feili clenched her hanfu tightly with anger as she was sure that should've been hers as it didn't belong to trash like Murong Jieli.

Meanwhile a man watching the entire scene from far away frowned. That shouldn't have happened. Murong Jieli shouldn't have won any portion of the competition if he remembered clearly from his previous life...

Did that mean that Murong Jieli was reborn as well?

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