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   Chapter 8 01.08 Weimin Ru

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Before he could think of anything else, a guard suddenly announced, "Introducing His Highness Prince Ru Xueling from the Ru Empire."

Ru Weimin softly sighed as his brother's tardiness. How was he planning on explaining the reason that he was late?

The emperor beside Ru Weimin narrowed his eyes for the foreign prince's tardy but didn't say anything. Ru Xueling ushered someone and whispered something to the guard that looked dumbstruck. The guard cleared his throat and announced, "Introducing the Left Prime Minister's Second Daughter, Murong Jieli."

Everyone stilled in silence once they heard the guard utter those words. Some cringed away because they were sure that she wasn't pleasant to the eye, while others looked in the direction of the entrance with interest. Were the rumors regarding Murong Jieli true? Was she both hideous and horrendous?

And a few other people, including Ru Weimin, focused their attention on Ru Xueling. They wanted to know why he was tardy and why he was with the illegitimate daughter of the left prime minister.

Meanwhile Murong Feili pouted as she stared at her mother. "Mother..." she whined softly, "why is she here?"

The first wife of the Murong household sighed as she tried to comfort her daughter, "I'm not sure sweetie." She smirked while holding a fan in front of her face to prevent anyone from seeing her vicious appearance, "But I highly doubt the stupid girl has anything decent to wear to such an important banquet..."

Murong Feili's eyes glimmered with excitement, "Maybe this incident will finally get father to kick her out along with that home-wrecker of a servant."

The first wife's eyes darkened at the mention of the servant who seduced her husband to give her a child. The moment they are both kicked out, she will personally make sure they disappear permanently. They were both a stain to her husband's reputation that must be disposed of... to have allowed them to live this long is already a blessing.

Both mother and daughter duo flickered their eyes to the entrance and nearly toppled once they saw someone with ethereal beauty enter with the foreign prince. Her small and dainty appearance shook the hearts of not only men, but women as well. Her averted gaze of amber left a feeble impression of a small bunny needing protection. Paired with her attire that made her look like a painting come to life, it was as if she did not belong to this world.

Meanwhile Murong Jieli has averted her eyes due to the sparkly and large amount of glittering gold and silver. The tacky decorations hurt her eyes. It was shocking that the palace was so vibrant with color despite it being evening.

Her gaze glanced around and landed on a man staring at her expressionlessly. Her thin, cherry-colored frowned. Ru Weimin didn't seem pleased to see her here. Wouldn't he be bubbling with excitement since he's the male protagonist?

'''You idiot, he's wondering why you lied to him.'''

'Oh... well shoot. My bad.'

Xiao Fu snorted in her head, '''you don't sound apologetic in the least bit.'''

Ignoring her sidekick's words, she walked forward along with Ru Xueling and bowed deeply. The old emperor's eyes were glazed with admiration. The left prime minister truly had hidden such a precious jewel from the world and had made sure everyone assumed wrong regarding his second daughter. Such a beauty... Emperor Fan sighed softly. Alas he was too old else she would be in his harem. But he didn't mind having her as his daughter-in-law.

"Pardon us for being late, Your Majesties." Ru Xueling answered p

his servant prayers." Murong Jieli explained. Or technically, Xiao Fu explained.

Meanwhile the real Murong Jieli was utterly confused. Her sidekick's ego was slowly starting to increase without her noticing. What god, what rubbish?

Murong Jieli—still controlled by Xiao Fu—turned around and stared at the first wife with a daring look in her eyes. She was daring the first wife to deny her words. If she did, then the entire left prime minister's family would be implicated as the emperor passed a law that the entire family must go to a temple during festivals and holidays to pray to the gods and goddesses regarding their fortune. Unfortunately, the first wife hadn't allowed Murong Jieli to ever go, but if she said that now, they would be known criminals in front of their emperor and the foreign emperor.

The first wife understood Murong Jieli's message and bitterly smiled behind her fan, hence deciding to remain quiet and silently support Murong Jieli's words.

But Murong Feili hadn't understood the meaning and blurted out, before her mother could stop her, "She's lying! She's lying about everything! Your Majesty must give us justice."

Emperor Fan frowned at her choice of words and asked, "Murong Feili, why are you disturbing this banquet? For you to use 'must', are you ordering this emperor to do what you want?"

Murong Feili paled as she rapidly began to shake her head, "N-No, Your Majesty. This servant does not dare."

Before the emperor could sentence Murong Feili or utter another word, Murong Jieli spoke softly, "Your Majesty, please forgive this servant's sister. For this servant to have arrived late, it must've cause this servant's sister to feel confused hence why she spoke oddly earlier."

Emperor Fan laughed, "Alright, I will not be angry. Now we will begin the competition. All the ladies that wish to participate, please step forward."

Murong Jieli didn't move and remained in the middle of the banquet as other girls joined her. Their glances alternated between jealousy and admiration. Only Murong Feili gave Murong Jieli a look of absolute hatred. In her heart, she didn't care that the trash knew how to sew. All that mattered was that the trash was going to be utterly defeated once involved in this competition. Everyone would cheer and admire for her since she was the best of the best.

Murong Jieli didn't stand a chance!

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