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   Chapter 7 01.07 Weimin Ru

The Wheel of Transmigration By silentscarlettt Characters: 5245

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Once Murong Jieli sat in the beautiful, golden carriage that belonged to the Ru's first prince, she found herself sharing the carriage with two other people.

One was clearly Ru Xueling, as this had been his carriage in the first place. And two, being her newly-hired guard whom she still didn't know the name of.

"Hey, " she whispered conspicuously to the assassin, "what's your name?"

The assassin found himself subconsciously cracking a small smile at her antics. Before he could help himself, he gave out the name he used as an assassin in general, "Zao."

"That's ironic!" Murong Jieli blurted out with excitement glittering in her eyes.

Ru Xueling couldn't help but interrupt, "How so?"

"The character 遭, which is read as Zao, means to meet by chance, usually by some type of misfortune. We truly did meet by some type of chance, the misfortune being mistaken identity and you attempting to take my life!" Murong Jieli explained, although her eyes were narrowed with annoyance at the last statement.

The stoic assassin, Zao, finally allowed himself to chuckle. "Little girl, you sure are interesting."

"Murong Jieli." She answered automatically. "That's my name."

Ru Xueling's ears perked with interest, "Are you related to the left prime minister?"

Murong Jieli nodded, "He's my father."

"Oddly, I have only heard of Murong Feili... is she your sister?" Both men watch Murong Jieli's reaction intensely as she nodded. "She is the legitimate daughter."

Ru Xueling's eyes flashed with understanding as his interest in the beautiful gir

to majority of the behind-the-scenes for the wheel, he still couldn't see what one spun on unless they told him themselves. Or unless he was granted permission from either the user or the big guy. Both were equally difficult to persuade, so he didn't bother with them and used Xiao Meng to tell him where and which one she thinks is the girl.

'''Master, why are you doing this anyways?'''

'I'm bored.' He simply answered with an expressionless look on his face.

The emperor beside him kept trying to make him pleased with either women or more gifts. It was honestly starting to annoy Ru Weimin. Apparently there was a competition between the young women to impress the emperor, which Ru Weimin didn't think it was the old man beside him, so he was probably the emperor they were trying to impress. It wasn't arrogance, it was just logic.

His protagonist appearance was top-notch. Almost as handsome as his real appearance when he visited his parents after what they called his disappearances as escapades when he was away from home.

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