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   Chapter 6 01.06 Weimin Ru

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The rest of the assassins whipped their head in the direction of where the arrow came from and so did Murong Jieli. She gasped when she found Ru Xueling standing with his guards.

Not only Murong Jieli, but Xiao Fu also, stared at the villain-slash-second male lead with wide eyes and gaping mouths.

Was this the famous hero saving damsel in distress? Was the situation that she currently was in, being attacked by assassins, qualified for the world to release a hero to save her? Or did it trigger her protagonist halo?

Of course, Murong Jieli's stunned silence lasted for a few seconds before she gripped her sword tighter and assisted Ru Xueling. Together with the guards and the villain, Murong Jieli fought and defeated all the assassins except for one.

Before the remaining assassin could commit suicide, Ru Xueling caught his sword and forced him to kneel. He took off the assassin's disguise and began to interrogate him. "Who sent you?"

The assassin remained silent and averted his eyes from the second male lead's intense stare. He didn't look like he was going to reveal who sent him to kill Murong Jieli. His irksome behavior annoyed Murong Jieli.

"Hey, " she called out softly, attracting the attention of not only the assassin, but Ru Xueling and his guards. "please tell us who sent you."

While she waited for his reply, Murong Jieli took the chance to check out his appearance. And surprisingly, he wasn't old at all. He was in his twenties with sharp brows and pale skin, paired with his shoulder-length, shaggy black hair. He was indeed very handsome. Not as handsome as Ru Weimin, but definitely on par with Ru Xueling.

Meanwhile Xiao Fu snorted at her attempt to use her protagonist halo. But surprisingly, the assassin's eyes turned to her eyes and they met. His phoenix eyes were dark, mysterious and beautiful. His eyes were reflected with annoyance and another emotion Murong Jieli couldn't decipher. "I am dead either way." His husky voice muttered, "I'd rather irritate one last person before closing my eyes for eternal slumber."

"Come on!" Murong Jieli pleaded, "I don't understand or know anyone that wishes for my life to end." Her beautiful face scrunched into question and a form of fear. The fear, clearly wasn't from Song Peizhi, but was from the original's body. As she was now a mortal, having natural instincts, including fear, was normal. This was something taught at the academy, so students didn't feel troubled when their body began to grow and develop unknown emotions and behaviors.

Then again, Murong Jieli didn't succeed much on classes regarding EQ but did fine when regarding classes with IQ. "I must have some type of compensation in orde

nd besides, he died. What way would he be able to extract revenge?

But according to what the Wheel supplied her, Ai Zingxiu had taken another route to get to the palace. So why were the assassins targeting her? Other than her appearance, courtesy of Xiao Fu, she truly didn't appear as extravagant nor elegant as a princess. For goodness sake, her carriage was a rented, wooden carriage. Nothing was enclasped in jade or jewels like you'd expect a royal's carriage to be.

What was Shen Zihao doing? The plot should be exactly the same... right?

Murong Jieli didn't dwell on the fact and said, "No! I am not a princess at all, nonetheless Princess Ai Zingxiu!"

The assassin's face contorted into shock and disbelief. But deep in his heart, he shook his head at her stupidity. Of course he knew who she was. "My mistake." He answered bluntly.

Murong Jieli shrugged her shoulders and turned around to her carriage, only to see it falling apart due to the numerous sword slashes. She sighed. Looks like she isn't able to make it to the banquet after all.

"Miss..." Ru Xueling suddenly spoke out, "I could take you to the banquet."

Murong Jieli's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "How do you know where I am going?"

Ru Xueling gave her a smile of amusement, "I don't think such attire is appropriate for an outing or anything of the sort." Realizing what he meant, a delicate blush spread on her cheeks as she found herself slowly nodding. "Sure, I'd appreciate the ride."

Ru Xueling flashed her a charismatic smile and motioned for her to go in the carriage. He picked up her abandoned sword with a look on his face. A plan began to formulate in his head as he thought of a way to exploit the little beauty, especially since the plan involved teaching his older brother a little lesson...

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