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   Chapter 5 01.05 Weimin Ru

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"Let's go back to where the original Murong Jieli lived, in her room in the manor. Let's be sneaky as well." Xiao Fu shook his head as he leaped on her shoulder, '''no need, ''' he said in her head. '''Did you forget the plot?'''

Murong Jieli paused in confusion. 'What about the plot? I thought I was on track with the events.'

'''If you hadn't been kicked out for sneaking out, you would've been on track, ''' Xiao Fu bluntly stated. Murong Jieli sighed as she asked her pet to elaborate.

'''Tonight, Murong Jieli was supposed to originally go with the family to a banquet for the first time, with the exception of last time since she got kicked out because she snuck in. This was courtesy of Murong Feili who wanted to embarrass the girl since the original Murong Jieli didn't know any of the four virtuous arts, and the palace was holding a competition to impress the visiting, powerful emperor, ''' Xiao Fu coughed, '''who coincidentally happens to be Ru Weimin.'''

Xiao Fu continued, '''Murong Jieli was almost embarrassed like planned because she stood with her head bowed down and face flushed as everyone laughed at her incompetence, ''' Xiao Fu rolled his eyes as he said the next sentence, '''except Ru Weimin saved her by standing up and lending her a hand. Immediately, everyone stopped laughing and acknowledged the girl.'''

'Well shit...'

Xiao Fu's eyes sparkle as he nodded fervently, '''I know right? How cliché and boring.'''

Murong Jieli shook her head, 'no, I'm saying 'well shit' because he would've fallen in love with her even more by that point. I completely screwed the plot!'

'''Oh, that's important, too, ''' Xiao Fu muttered. '''Not important to me, though!''' He suddenly blurted out happily and disappeared, '''good luck!'''

Murong Jieli facepalmed and slowly walked in the direction of the palace.

Her plan was going inside as a late guest. Despite not being on time was disrespectful to the emperor, she would find a way to convince them. She wasn't sure how to yet, but Murong Jieli would worry about it when she got to that point.

Her priority right now was going back inside the city and looking decent. There was no way they'd allow her to go inside the palace unless she looked formal and not like she rolled in dirt.

Murong Jieli truly knew she was stuck in an awkward position as she didn't have any money to buy anything, either.

'Xiao Fu, Murong Jieli called out, can you lend me some money?' Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as her assistant snickered.

Xiao Fu sighed dramatically, '''if I must be your savior and stylist... then so be it.'''

Murong Jieli waited for the money, in this case was banknotes, to appear but they never did. Instead, her body whooshed into the air and rapidly started spinning.

Anyone that saw the sight, which luc

The sword looked mythical as it sparkled the word emperor and once opening it, the word emperor was once again etched to the silver metal but with a rainbow reflection. It was stunning but caused Murong Jieli to have a bad feeling in her gut.

"Where did you get this sword?" She asked cautiously as her hand wrapped around the sword. It automatically minimized to fit her hand perfectly. A magical sword in a non-fantasy type of world? Only Xiao Fu could do such things.

Xiao Fu rolled his eyes at her last sentence, '''I found it.'''

'But you were with me the entire time?'

Xiao Fu sighed in exasperation, '''I can be in multiple places. Besides, being with you gets kinda boring most of the time. Wait, ''' Xiao Fu paused and corrected, '''all the time.'''

Murong Jieli didn't feel hurt as she had gotten used to his snarky comments and blunt behavior. 'But where did you find it?'

'''In a forest between the two empires. This empire and lover-boy's empire.''' Xiao Fu explained as his cat eyes sparkled with interest at the beautiful sword. '''It was buried deep and protected.'''

Murong Jieli snorted, 'maybe for a reason?'

Before Xiao Fu could reply, a sword pierced the wooden carriage, barely missing Murong Jieli.

She hopped out of the carriage and quickly assumed a fighting stance. With her sword in her hand, she quickly began to fight the men in black cloaks and back clothes. There seemed to be approximately a dozen and they all wore their disguises well.

Why would anybody want to assassinate her? For goodness sake, she wasn't even involved as the male lead's empress...

'''Yet, ''' Xiao Fu added, to which Murong Jieli ignored. Murong Jieli cursed the beautiful hanfu she was wearing because it happened to get in her way as she defended her life.

Before a sword could slash her from the back, an arrow pierced the assassin's heart...

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