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   Chapter 4 01.04 Weimin Ru

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"Where were you?" Murong Feili questioned with snark and a growl.

Murong Jieli sighed as she stared at the first, legitimate daughter of the left prime minister. She was still bratty and always would be bratty. Unfortunately for Murong Feili, according to the story plot supplied by the wheel, she was destined to be cannon fodder.

A cannon fodder always meant to be envious of her sister and make life hard for her. Such a character only was made to make Murong Jieli more pitiful in front of Ru Weimin and the rest of the world. It only made her death more gruesomely horrid and made Murong Jieli appear more angelic in front of Ru Weimin due to her sympathy with her half-sister.

Personally, she, Song Peizhi, hated the white lotus type the most. But according the memories and such, Murong Jieli was genuinely kind. There was no black-heart involved like the usual cliché. In fact, it was most likely due to her protagonist halo. She was destined to have a happily ever after, at least before Song Peizhi appeared.

Now, she was going to end up very sad and lonely due to her cat's mischievous plans. 'Murong Jieli, wherever you are, I'm sorry for ruining your life. But the wheel brings only justice, so you must've done something wrong.'

"I-" before she could begin her sentence, Murong Jieli was slapped harshly by her sister who held a scowl on her face. "How dare trash use such honorifics when speaking to their higher up? Should we make you go without food and water for a few days, again?"

Murong Jieli kept her eyes down and remained quiet until Murong Feili was done with her tantrum. In reality, the girl didn't care for honorifics and such.

She just wanted to humiliate Murong Jieli and she was jealous because Murong Jieli looked like a goddess descended in their world, even with her yellow skin and commoner clothing.

Murong Feili had asked her mother to do every method possible to make the girl uglier, but no matter what, Murong Jieli always kept the beautiful glint in her dark brown eyes and thin lips. Along with her smooth skin that never seemed to age nor scar, no matter how much she ordered the servants to whip her.

Murong Jieli sighed internally when dealing with such a childish person. She wanted to knock some sense into the girl regarding her abusive behavior. The teachers had warned the students about cannon fodders or supporting female leads that tended to let their jealousy get out of hand. This was a prime example.

'''Mistress, just say the word and her eyes will be clawed out tonight.'''

Murong Jieli smiled at her pet's support. Unfortunately for her, Murong Feili has seen the smile and assumed it was Murong Jieli mocking her. Another hard slap came her way to which Murong Jieli didn't even have time to dodge.

She flinched from the pain and cursed mortals for being so sensitive to pain. She preferred her immortal body that never had any wrinkles nor feel pain. Unless one was the Masochist God, to which he was owned by the Sadist Goddess like a pet. Both were teachers at TTDW Academy to help students regarding pain. Long Meixi, her best friend, jokingly always called their headmaster kinky for such choice of teachers.

In fact, Song Peizhi had walked in accidentally on a private lesson between the two and it had been eye-scar-worthy. To this day, she shuddered remembering the event.

"Servants!" Murong Feili snarled loudly as she beckoned the servants, whom of which were giving her a look of absolute terror. Murong Jieli couldn't blame them as the girl truly did look psychotic and appeared to need the support of an exorcist.

"Take the trash inside the wooden hut outside the city and leave her there for one week. She is not allowed to leave nor allowed any food or water." Murong Feili instructed as the servants unwillingly picked up the weak Murong Jieli by both arms and dragged her out.

Once she left, Murong Feili cackled with joy. The trash would never be able to defeat her no matter what. In terms of appearance, she had the upper hand, but Murong Feili wanted to see how long the girl would be able to hold on before she finally cracked. Once she broke, Murong Feili would be there to step on the shards and enjoy seeing Murong Jieli suffer...


'''How much longer will you allow these insignificant mortals to drag you around like a soulless doll?''' Xiao Fu complained as he desired to jump out of the world he was in into the real world to teach the servants and Murong Feili a lesson.

To him, only he was allowed to bully his foolish mistress. The cannon fodder was overstepping her boundaries. Even though her purpose was to make Murong Jieli's life a living hell, Xiao Fu still didn't like it. He really wanted t

o use his claws to decorate her pretty face. She was starting to piss him off with her antics and the mission was barely starting. Xiao Fu hoped, for her sake, that she learns to behave else he'd have to do something...

And him, being the lazy cat he is, preferred not do anything unless necessary. But just in case... Xiao Fu sharpens his small claws and meowed cutely inside of Murong Jieli's head, to which she only chuckled and allowed her pet to do whatever.

The servants and guards finally reached the wooden hut. Once they opened the door, that looked like it would fall down at any moment, they harshly pushed her inside and slammed the barely-standing door closed. That almost caused the entire hut to break down as it violently shook and rumbled.

Murong Jieli coughed as she stumbled trying to get up.

"Xiao Fu, " she said weakly, "We have to get out of here or else this weak body of mine will be the end of me and this mission." Xiao Fu leaped our of nowhere and smirked as he purred, "Mistress, What is one of the benefits of a protagonist halo, at least in these type of stories?"

Murong Jieli thought long and hard about the lessons taught at school and answered honestly, "Happy ending?"

Xiao Fu tsked, "Think harder."

"Unparalleled beauty?"

Xiao Fu rolled his eyes, "Yes, but not what I mean."

"Long string of suitors?"

Xiao Fu nodded excitedly, "You're getting warmer!"

Murong Jieli tilted her head in confusion and wonder. What other benefits was she forgetting that her assistant kept hinting at? Noticing her ponderous look, Xiao Fu rolled his eyes and answered for her, "A damsel in distress..."

"...always has a hero!" Murong Jieli finished with gleaming eyes. Of course! How could she forget that a damsel protagonist, in this case would be her, would always be saved in times of crisis by a hero. Who later turns out to be a suitor, if not the suitor, more commonly known as the male lead.

Murong Jieli didn't even have to bother with escaping as someone would be coming to bust her out, anyways. Once she returned to the manor, the first thing she would do is either slap her sister or fix her attitude.

Of course, she had better kiss up to her father to keep herself alive.

She knew martial arts, was proficient in it actually, but occupying this weak body that hadn't been fed much and always illuminated an aura of feeble weakness, she couldn't use most of her strength.

'Xiao Fu, how did we escalate from a simple touring of this era to lunch with the male lead to even being thrown into a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere due to some dumb girl's jealousy?'

Xiao Fu sighed at his mistress, '''if only you actually stayed inside and planned on how to ruin the plot a bit more.'''

'But I technically did meet Ru Weimin despite wanting to avoid him...'

'''Protagonist halo, remember? This time, it was so strong you managed to meet male lead and supporting male lead-slash-antagonist, ''' Xiao Fu reminded Murong Jieli.

Murong Jieli sat down and crossed her arms. She was beginning to hate being protagonist as the world automatically created situations for her to meet Ru Weimin, the male protagonist.

Murong Jieli waited for a while, hoping a hero could come save the damsel in distress, but to her distress, she didn't hear the sound of fighting, only the chirps of crickets and buzzing of other bugs. It disgusted Murong Jieli to no ends that she was surrounded by insects, barely separated by a barely-from-falling-apart, wooden hut.

'Gosh darn! Did the freaking supporting male lead or the male himself disappear when I actually needed their meddling?'

Five minutes later, Murong Jieli has completed given up on the legendary protagonist halo. This Mary-Sue is going to get a way out of here, herself!

Murong Jieli quietly stood up and opened the door ajar. Peeking outside, she noticed that most of the servants that brought her were gone and only two guards remained. One of them was asleep while the other one barely kept his eyes open.

She contemplated on which fist she would use, and most likely break in some dysfunctional way, to knock the other guard out. Xiao Fu chuckled and dully noted, '''you know, I could always supply you with a drug to assist.'''

Murong Jieli's eyes widened in realization. She felt so stupid for forgetting why Xiao Fu was even allowed to accompany her. To give her advice, of course, but to also handle any type of drug use. She quickly demanded for a knockout bomb and rapidly threw it in between the two guards. Before they could react, they were already knocked out cold.

Murong Jieli smirked proudly, in return, Xiao Fu used a paw to facepalm as he tsked. His mistress was a unique one...

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