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   Chapter 3 01.03 Weimin Ru

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"Hehe, " Murong Jieli laughed awkwardly, "don't worry about it. Have a nice day!" She quickly got up and scurried in the opposite direction, only to hit someone else while Ru Weimin was watching.

Murong Jieli smacked another hard chest, although this one seemed harder and more refined. Before her bottom could suffer again as it hit the ground, a pair of strong arms quickly caught her and her face was directly met with the most handsome man in her life. His sharp eyebrows that matched with his dark, phoenix-like eyes and sculptured jawline. His aura screamed ferocity and danger, yet Murong Jieli couldn't help but try to get closer...

'Wait a minute! Who's this guy? Xiao Fu? You there? Oh you naughty animal, you disappear when I need your cheating sources the most!'

Murong Jieli attempted to get away but the stranger's strong arms kept her firmly in his hold. The man from earlier walked in their direction and greeted, "Didi!"

'Little brother? Well shoot! It seems like I really did mistake them... next time, I'll be sure to look at the characters' images. But then again, Ru Xueling wasn't even supposed to appear this quickly in the flipping plot! Unless the dumb cat forgot to tell me this part!'

Somewhere in a misty-slash-foggy world, a black cat sneezed and shivered but went back to sleep.

Murong Jieli looked at the younger brother, Ru Weimin, and swooned over how handsome the man was. No wonder this is a parallel world, no one is this handsome! She sighed in jealousy at how smooth his skin was. Since she was an immortal originally, skin wasn't an issue. But now that she's in the body of a mortal, she had to be a lot more careful.

She watched as the real Ru Weimin opened his mouth and a velvet-like voice rung out, "Xueling-ge, what are you doing here? I believe I was only supposed to be here." Ru Xueling's fists clenched discreetly and he widened his smile, "I'm here to help! Isn't this the least I could do for the em—" Ru Weimin swiftly covered his brother's mouth and whispered inaudible and incoherent words in Ru Xueling's eyes. Murong Jieli couldn't hear anything, so she sighed in disappointment.

But what she could see was a frustrated Ru Xueling nodding his head and turning around to leave. Before he left, he made sure to give one last look at his brother and surprisingly, Murong Jieli as well. She furrowed her eyebrows and shrugged it off. As she prepared to leave as well, Ru Weimin's voice called out, "Wait, Miss." he walked in her direction and apologized, "For going through such, please allow me to treat you to lunch."

'Treat to lunch? My dude, I may look poor but I can afford my own food!' She stated in her head angrily but another, weird side of her argued, 'But it's free food.'

'But my dignity as an immortal...' she argued back. 'But it's free food!' The weird side of her argued again. Murong Jieli internally sighed, 'looks like free food triumphs over anything, ' the weird side of her voice out victoriously.

While she had the internal debate, Ru Weimin studied the young woman who bumped into him and his brother. He could clearly see what she was wearing was a disguise and wanted to know what her motive was towards him or his cunning stepbrother. He, Ru Weimin, didn't think that anything in the world was coincidental. And besides, if he's guessing right, she should be the one who insulted him earlier.

"Okay, sure..." Murong Jieli said uncertainly, "If it is a way of apologizing, then I accept."

'And free food. Food is me, I am food.'


"Sir, I believe that you've ordered plenty of food. I don't think I can eat another bite, "

Murong Jieli forced out with a bitter smile. The man had wanted to apologize, but in fact was changing her into a pig! She knew that her mortal body would gain weight, but in order to seduce the man in front of her like the plot suggested, she needs to be pretty as a lotus! Not a chubby pumpkin!

"Nonsense, " Ru Weimin said with a charming, yet mocking smile on his face, "You mustn't let so much food go to waste. And besides, I owe the young miss an apology and this is my way of redemption."

Murong Jieli clenched her jaw and forced out another smile at the man who was currently watching her suffer and had clearly seen over her disguise. Who knew that such infuriating mortals existed? How did the previous Murong Jieli deal with such a man? But knowing that he was destined to be the body she was occupying's husband, Murong Jieli could only swallow her complaints and pretend to enjoy the jerk's company.

Murong Jieli felt like he was spiting her and purposely annoying her. But she didn't understand. Why would he do such a thing? She truly did not know who he was for goodness sake!

But you knew that you were going to meet Ru Weimin and bump into him.

Shut up, Xiao Fu! Don't expose me like that!

"Miss, " Ru Weimin's sudden words snapped her back to attention, "why are you in such an awful disguise?"

Awful your sister! Awful your family! This disguise took me so long, you big baboon!

"I-I don't think sir is right, " Murong Jieli reached for her hat but realized it

was missing and all she reached for was blank air. Oh right, I dropped it. How perfectly delightful for this situation.

Why are you so polite when trying to be sarcastic?

Shut up, Xiao Fu!

"Miss, " Ru Weimin said with amusement, "I believe you dropped your hat earlier."

'Thanks for the obvious input, Mr. Baboon.' Murong Jieli thought in irritation.

Ru Weimin continued, "Besides, I believe young miss and I have met in the banquet. I remember your eyes, although your skin was definitely a lot paler."

'''Well shit, you're definitely screwed, ''' Xiao Fu added in amusement as he watched the scene unfold before his mistress failing.

"Um..." Murong Jieli was truly confused on what to answer back. Only her first assignment and she was already miserably failing? "You're mistaken!" Murong Jieli congratulated herself for not stuttering.

"This poor girl isn't allowed to go to any banquet. Sir must be mistaken." Murong Jieli said calmly. The more she lied, the easier she felt. The professors at TTDW Academy had made sure to teach emotional stability. Murong Jieli, the girl with the highest class average of her class, had forgotten such lessons when she stared in the eyes of Ru Weimin.

'''That's called the Male Lead Halo, ''' Xiao Fu explained dully inside his mistress' head. '''Ru Weimin has the ability to entrance anything and everyone. It's also the reason why he's able to escape every problem set out for him, via villain, unscratched.'''

"Hmm..." Ru Weimin said lazily, "If young miss says so."

Murong Jieli didn't want to be near the protagonist any longer, so she stood up and began to bid him adieu. "Sir, this poor girl thanks you for the meal. Your apology has been accepted." As she turned around to leave, Ru Weimin quickly called out, "Wait!"

Murong Jieli took a deep breath and attempted to calm down before strangling the infuriating man. With a small smile on her face, she turned around and said, "Yes?"

"Let us meet again." Four words and Murong Jieli furrowed her eyebrows. Why would he want to meet her again?

'''Because he's interested in you, you dumb girl!''' Xiao Fu said in exasperation. '''Now I understand why your EQ scores were so low... for goodness sake, how did you even graduate?'''

'Xiao Fu, why is your tongue so sharp!?' Murong Jieli thought in shock, to which Xiao Fu humphed and retreated sassily.

Before Murong Jieli could deny him, Xiao Fu reminded her that as the female protagonist, her goal was to end up with the male protagonist. No matter how much she avoided that fact, they would still cross paths and fall in love. So the sooner she made the handsome baboon fall for her, the quicker she could get the mission over with and change the story to a sad ending.

Murong Jieli smiled gently and nodded, "That would be certainly something that this poor girl looks forward to..." Ru Weimin was dazed against her protagonist smile. Despite Murong Jieli looking extremely yellow, she was still the most beautiful young woman in the story and the protagonist, a female protagonist made for the male protagonist, so of course he couldn't resist her charms.

"But, " that one word snapped Ru Weimin out of his daze as his sharp, bushy brows furrowed at the word. Never had he, an emperor, hear the word but. "we'll leave our meeting to fate as this poor girl is after all, a girl without status." Xiao Fu rolled his eyes at his mistress trying to play hard-to-get unknowingly, when in reality, Murong Jieli wanted to get away from the dude because of his behavior earlier.

He had left a bad impression on the foodie by forcing her, politely, to eat like a pig. If she was in her immortal body, then she would've not had any complaints, unfortunately, once again, she's currently a mortal.

'Xiao Fu, your mistress technically didn't lie as the original Murong Jieli was treated like trash and didn't hold one bit of status or power.' Xiao Fu remained quiet as he didn't know how to counter his mistress' words.

Ru Weimin's dark eyes flashed with an unknown emotion before he nodded. "Sure. Until we meet again." Murong Jieli nodded. Once she left, Ru Weimin shook his head at his stupidity. He was currently emperor and he acted so careless.

He wasn't one hundred percent positive that she was occupying Murong Jieli's body. And since he was occupying the body of an emperor, the girl could be a spy or some sort. Since he was an extra in the world and he didn't spin the wheel, he didn't know the plot of the story. All he knew was that he was the protagonist of the story because he felt his character's halo due to the fact that he had been in the transmigration business for so long.

And the wheel valued privacy so he didn't know if she was the woman in front of him. Although for some odd reason, he felt himself attracted to the woman before him. Ru Weimin shook his head and waved it off as admiration for a beautiful woman. Then again, she could be the female protagonist due to the fact that only her face was suitable for his current, protagonist, handsome face.

Ru Weimin didn't dwell on the thought of the woman and left.

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