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   Chapter 2 01.02 Weimin Ru

The Wheel of Transmigration By silentscarlettt Characters: 5526

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When Murong Jieli walked out with a black cat, the servants almost had a heart attack. When did the meek, young miss have the courage to go toward such a beast? Sure it was a small beast, but a beast was a beast no matter what.

Xiao Fu realized their looks of terror and roared cutely in the direction. Instead of finding it adorable like Murong Jieli, they scattered around screaming. Murong Jieli rolled her eyes at her sidekick's antics and picked up her pet.

Apparently they didn't have cats-slash-kittens in this world. She would have to hide Xiao Fu before he caused her any trouble. She snapped her fingers and Xiao Fu, resentfully, disappeared back to wherever he usually sneaks off to when he's not in his physical form. She assumed he disappeared into her head, but she didn't bother to find out.

As Murong Jieli continued to stroll around, she met a teenage girl who looked to be similar to her age with a snarky look on her face. "Murong Jieli, " she taunted, her eyes filled with malice. Murong Jieli recognized the girl to be Murong Feili, the legitimate young miss of the manor. She was also the person responsible for making Murong Jieli's life a living hell, the usual cliché sister who was secretly envious and schemed to no ends.

Obviously she, Murong Jieli, was too old to play her dumb games or too busy to bother with her, so she held down her head and scurried off in a different way than Murong Feili, exactly like the previous Murong Jieli.

Seeing this, Murong Feili smirked and shook her head. The servant's daughter was the same, no matter what. She didn't understand why she felt tension earlier when seeing her in her so-called disguise at the royal banquet. Trash was trash, no matter how much one tried to glorify it. The meek duckling was after all, a duckling. Even if she tried to be a swan, she would only crash and burn...

Thinking of her sister's demise, Murong Feili laughed softly as her fan covered her face. Murong Jieli might be more beautiful, but status was status, no matter what...


Murong Jieli was exhausted. She had snuck away with a disguise, wearing commoner clothing and apply a bit of makeup on her face, neck and hands, so they could appear yellow like she had stayed under the sun. She then proceeded to wear her hair in a bun with a straw conical hat on top. If someone were to see her, they would only assume she was a woman who was a farmer. She didn't look nor have the aura of a noble young miss, so Murong Jieli was sure there wasn't a chance to get caught.

'''You looks old, ''' Xiao Fu bluntly said. Murong Jieli ignored his snarky comment and continued preparing.

The reason she had done all this was so she could go sightsee. If this was her first assignment and it

was an ancient China-type of assignment, she didn't want to forget. She deeply regretted not sneaking a camera from the Central Realm. Before she starts her next assignment, she'll make sure to bring a cellphone with her.

Murong Jieli knew that in the original plot, she would meet with Ru Weimin by accident when she snuck out. Even though she was committing the same act, she made sure her disguise was a lot more believable. After all, this wasn't like the movies in the Central Realm where one could be wearing male clothing and society would be blind. No, she would be going as female, just not a noble young miss-type of female. A peasant woman walking around town... by the way she disguised herself, there shouldn't be any issues with perverts as she didn't exactly look pretty, especially with the beauty standards in this empire, if not this world.

Murong Jieli hunched and strolled around town, her eyes twinkling with excitement. It had been so long since she first entered TTDW Academy. So many agonizing hours later, she was finally doing her first assignment. Although by the things she and Xiao Fu had been planting for the bad ending, she didn't want to continue the assignment. It was cruel and horrendous.

'''Mistress, don't be such a chicken. These so-called people are not real! Only parallel worlds that resemble books. They are utterly 2D and utterly dumb. Please don't be tricked and be dumb like them.'''

Xiao Fu! Murong Jieli scolded in her head. 'You're too blunt!'

Before Xiao Fu could snarky reply back, Murong Jieli's body smacked into a hard chest and she fell back, her hat falling off of her head. She squealed and looked away, making sure her face was not exposed. She realized that her wondering had left her in an abandoned alley-like area. She did make sure to peek out of the corner of her eye and saw a man with a muscular body bending down and reaching for her hand. Murong Jieli panicked and hid her dainty hands that could give away her young-miss-status away immediately and mumbled, "It is fine. I appreciate your help."

"Miss, " a deep voice boomed out, "I apologize for bumping into you." Murong Jieli's dark eyes squinted until she was staring at a gorgeous face that was rivaled by none. Wow. The only person she remembered that would be considered more handsome would be Heng Donghai, the so-called genius. The man must've noticed her stare because he quickly narrowed his eyes which caused Murong Jieli to shiver. Was this the power Ru Weimin had? To make one fear him without even trying?

"Hehe, " Murong Jieli laughed awkwardly, "don't worry about it. Have a nice day!" She quickly got up and scurried in the opposite direction, only to hit someone else while Ru Weimin was watching...

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