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   Chapter 1 01.01 Weimin Ru

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When Song Peizhi opened her eyes, she was no longer in her body but was staring in the eyes of a middle-aged woman wearing ancient-Chinese type clothing that Song Peizhi recognized to be from the Tang era of China, more commonly known as the most prosperous era of China. She humphed at Song Peizhi and suddenly, foreign memories exploded inside of Song Peizhi's head.

She was currently in the body of the female protagonist in a book that was set in a similar era to the a lot of Ancient and Industrialized China, as in, it had quirks from certain eras while maintaining its ancient status. The female protagonist was named Murong Jieli, the beautiful, second daughter of the left prime minister.

Like every female protagonist, her beauty was enough to cause the downfall of the country. But unfortunately for Murong Jieli, she was the illegitimate daughter, so she held no official power.

She was always forced by the first wife to be in the shadows and let Murong Feili, the first daughter, always be in the limelight. Even though it was difficult to believe, Murong Jieli's mother, a servant who climbed to power by seducing and sleeping with the left prime minister, also reprimanded her and reminded her to do exactly what the first wife suggested.

Thus, Murong Jieli was forced to be hidden away from society which created rumors that she was ugly and horrendous, which Murong Feili never denied. And her father and half-brother never bothered with her, so Murong Jieli grew to be very timid and believed she was worthless.

Luckily, this wasn't a period where people has cultivation or anything of the fantasy genre, it just wanted women to not be talentless and men to have martial arts prowess. Murong Jieli hadn't had anyone to teach her any skills since the first wife forbid the illegitimate young miss to learn anything, so this contributed to more mocking from the people.

Even though she suffered, Murong Jieli later on accidentally met a mysterious man named Ru Weimin, who later turned out to be a powerful emperor visiting their small empire for supervision. Like every story, the protagonists fell in love. In fact, he fell for her angelic self and extracted revenge for her later on and made her his empress. It was an extremely romantic story since Ru Weimin went against the norm and didn't bother with any woman except Murong Jieli.

Throughout the story, there were many antagonists but one stood out in particular that was in love with Murong Jieli—Ru Weimin's step brother, Ru Xueling.

Just like his younger brother, Ru Xueling was handsome beyond compare but unfortunately, he hadn't been able to inherit the throne because of his illegitimate status. This caused the man to harbor deep feelings of resentment and despise toward his half-brother and began plotting against Ru Weimin.

For years, Ru Xueling planned out ways to destroy Ru Weimin but didn't expect for Murong Jieli to appear. One look at her and he paused. Once he realized that she suffered like him as an illegitimate daughter, he vowed to make her his.

Unfortunately for every villain, they have been destined to never have a happy ending. Ru Xueling was also a secondary male lead, so he didn't end up with Murong Jie

li, either. In the end, he died while looking at Ru Weimin and Murong Jieli with heartbroken eyes and tears streaming down his face. It was tragic, but once again, he was set as the villain of the story, so he had no choice but to die to give the protagonists a happy ending.

"'Mistress, despite being the protagonist, the wheel demands a bad ending, ''' Xiao Fu's warning echoed in Song Peizhi's head.

She sighed and the woman in front of her, Murong Jieli's mother, rolled her eyes, "Jieli! Can you stop with your antics? Enough is enough! Not only did you think it was a good idea to go to the royal banquet earlier despite knowing the first young miss was going to be there, but you also wanted to go without a veil!" She paused as she took out her fan, fanning herself in her so-called angst, "Luckily, the servant Mei had managed to at least convince you to wear a veil." She paused to look at the bowing servant with a grateful smile, "So well-behaved for a servant! Jieli, sometimes, I doubt you're my daughter!" With those words, Murong Jieli's mother humphed and turned around to leave, leaving Murong Jieli and servant Mei alone.

Servant Mei quickly rushed to the side of Murong Jieli with a worried look on her face, but Song Peizhi could notice her obvious mockingly eyes. According to the knowledge shared with her by the wheel, servant Mei actually served under Murong Feili but pretended to care about Murong Jieli. She spied on the meek illegitimate young miss and told the legitimate young miss everything, including a few exaggerations like Murong Jieli's so-called arrogance.

This just fueled Murong Feili's jealousy and hatred toward her half-sister and earned servant Mei a few silver taels. Unfortunately for Murong Jieli, she never found out about her treacherous servant until later, with the help of Ru Weimin.

At this moment, Murong Jieli had snuck out and gone to the royal banquet because of her curiosity. There, she accidentally met Ru Weimin and thus his interest in her began, later developing into love. Song Peizhi waved off servant Mei and was left alone in the room trying to rack her brain for a way to make this story's a bad ending.

Xiao Fu appeared out of thin air and jumped on her shoulder. "Mistress, are you having a difficult time thinking of a way to turn the ending bad?" Song Peizhi nodded and Xiao Fu leaned forward to whisper in her ear. After he finished, Song Peizhi gasped and shook her head, "No way! That's too cruel! I can't do that! Xiao Fu, another solution is necessary because I won't do the one you suggested!"

Xiao Fu rolled his eyes at his mistress' dramatic behavior, "It's just a story; they're not even real people! And besides, didn't you want to accumulate enough points to become an Expert in the future? I think the wheel will appreciate you ending the story in such a way since your spin landed on such an ending!"

Song Peizhi hesitated and glanced at her sidekick and slowly agreed. If it meant she could go to the Central Realm sooner, what did it matter? She just needed to get enough points so her best friend wouldn't nag at her for sneaking out all the time.

Thus, Song Peizhi decided to do something very cruel and heartbreaking; guaranteed to be marked as a bad ending.

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