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   Chapter 0 00.01 Real World

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A girl that looked no older than sixteen sighed as she stared at the giant, floating clock on the wall. She was only minutes away from finally being able to play like everyone else. By play, the girl wanted to spin the famous wheel like everyone else that had studied at TTDW Academy.

Despite the girl looking like she was in her teens, she was a young immortal that had lived for a few millennia in the Immortal Realm. Although to some, her age might seem old, in reality, she was one of the youngest immortals out there.

When the girl heard the loud chime, she squealed along with the other young immortals who were ready to begin their adventures with The Wheel of Transmigration.

"Song Peizhi!" Someone yelled out, getting the attention of the girl. She turned around and smiled when she saw her best friend, "Long Meixi!" Both girls embraced each other in excited hugs and chatted about what assignment they would get as they walked to the Main Hall where the famous wheel resided.

On their way, they noticed several pictures of veterans in the the industry and they sighed, "Let's promise each other that one day, we'll have our pictures in this hall!" Song Peizhi exclaimed, giving her friend a high five. Long Meixi nodded and pouted, "It's not fair, Zhi Zhi! You passed all our training classes with top scores! And you're the prettiest immortal this year with a bunch of immortal guys striving after you! I'm afraid you're going to leave me to eat your dust!"

Song Peizhi rolled her eyes at her dramatic antics, "Despite passing the training classes that required IQ, Xi Xi, you know I failed most of the EQ classes! And Xi Xi, my looks are thanks to my parents, go complain about that to them! And every immortal boy always asked you to any event! I may be the prettiest, " Song Peizhi mocked her friend, "but apparently you're the most beautiful."

Long Meixi humphed playfully and blushed, but suddenly, her line of vision fell on a handsome, young man's portrait among the other veterans. She sighed as her eyes began to cloud with infatuation, "Zhi Zhi, look at him!"

"Who?" Song Peizhi was confused. All she saw was a handsome man with narrowed eyes on his face, no indication of a playful manner or smile. She disliked the serious type the most.

Long Meixi smacked her friend at her cluelessness and pointed at the man's name: Heng Donghai.

Song Peizhi shrugged her shoulders, "What about him?"

Long Meixi smacked her friend's head again, "Zhi Zhi, do you not remember him from our lessons at the academy?"

Song Peizhi shook her head and Long Meixi sighed and began explaining, "Heng Donghai is the best student to graduate from TTDW Academy. From outstanding scores to outstanding appearance, Heng Donghai had managed to easily ace his assignments spun on the wheel. He was also the youngest immortal to have his picture on the Main Hall... he's a senior we all aspire to be one day!"

Song Peizhi glanced back at the handsome picture and mumbled, "I'm not aspiring to be him."


"You heard me!" Song Peizhi blurted, "He looks too old fashioned and boring! Like seriously, learn to smile for the camera!"

Long Meixi furrowed her eyebrows and asked, "Camera?" Song Peizhi gasped at her stupidity for exposing herself and her adventures in the Central Realm. "You've been to the Central Realm!" Long Meixi's sentence wasn't a question but a statement. This made Song Peizhi avert her eyes in embarrassment.

"You fool!" Her friend reprimanded, "Do you have any idea what could happen if you found out a young immortal like you had been wondering on the Central Realm without supervision? How could you!" Despite Long Meixi's obvious anger, Song Peizhi sensed the worry behind her words and allowed herself to be scolded.

"Zhi Zhi! Please don't go out to the Central Realm without the guidance of an Expert! The moment we both become Experts, we'll go venture the Central Realm, together! For now, we have to accumulate enough points from our missions!" Long Meixi widened her eyes in realization and hooked her arm with her friend's arm, "Come on!" She urged, "We're going to be late!" Both teenagers quickly scurried off in the direction of the wheel, not realizing that they had completely forgotten about the topic of Heng Donghai. They also hadn't realized there was a man listening to their entire conversations with emotionless eyes and an expressionless face.

"Master!" A white fluff ball squeaked in anger, "That girl disrespected you!"

"Xiao Meng, no need to be aggravated." The man answered calmly, despite the small pet's anger. Xiao Meng frowned and she began cutely barking, causing the man to chuckle and rub the Pomeranian Teacup puppy affectionately. "Soon, we'll teach the neophyte how tough the wheel can be."

Xiao Meng licked her master's stroking hand with adoration, "Master is very petty... Xiao Meng is very proud!"

"Indeed..." the man murmured until another man yelled out, "Heng Donghai! You procrastinating ice cube! Shouldn't you be starting on another assignment?"

Heng Donghai turned his attention to his subordinate-slash-friend, Zhang Siyue. His amused expression shifted to apathy as he listened to his friend ramble on about why he, Heng Donghai, was too much of a bully.

"You! Share some points with the less fortunate, okay? It's unfair how you easily slice through each assignment like tofu!" Zhang Siyue continued to rant, "It's also unfair how you are—" Heng Donghai quickly covered Zheng Siyue's mouth in annoyance, "You almost blurted it out..."

Zhang Siyue's face flustered and he stuttered, "W-Well it's your fault! Anyways, when are you going to spin the wheel?"

Heng Donghai smirked coldly, "You know, it gets pretty boring spinning the wheel and letting fate decide."

"Bullshit! We both know that's not how it works for y

ou, Mr. Special!" Zhang Siyue complained pitifully.

Heng Donghai ignored his loud friend and payed close attention to the girl that had insulted him. She was nervously glancing around as she placed her hand on the sidekick generator.

This so-called sidekick generator is what most people would call the infamous system. Majority of the time, it's only a nagging voice that appears in the user's head that allows them cheats and handles the user's drug use, but very rarely, a player can get a sidekick with a physical form. For example, Heng Donghai was one of the people that was lucky enough to get Xiao Meng, his little, adorable sidekick.

Heng Donghai snapped his fingers and the sidekick generator began to spin frantically and suddenly, it flashed as a small, fluff ball popped out of it. The teen immortals surrounding the girl gaped at the girl's luck but quickly scoffed when they realized what she got—a black kitten. Getting a sidekick with a physical body was a blessing, but getting an animal that screamed bad luck? They shook their heads at the girl's luck.

Heng Donghai smirked and his friend, Zhang Siyue, gaped at the emotions his emotionless friend was displaying. He was confused until he glanced at the girl who held an aura of being dumbfounded. She was pretty, gorgeous even, but Zhang Siyue knew his friend wasn't easily swayed by pretty girls or beauties. So why was he bullying this newbie immortal girl that hadn't even received her first assignment?

Meanwhile Song Peizhi was picking up her sidekick cautiously with a look of confusion on her face. She hadn't expected to be one of the rare people that get a physical sidekick by their side. But out of all the fluff balls out there, how had she managed to attract the attention of a black cat. Life was truly horrible since she was stuck with the same sidekick forever until she decides she no longer wants to participate in the wheel spinning.

Stroking the black kitten's fur, Song Peizhi smiled as she thought to herself, this shouldn't be that bad. Suddenly the kitten leaps out of her hand and accidentally scratches her, making Song Peizhi flinch. "Ouch!" She yelped in annoyance, "Bad kitty!"

"Meow!" The kitten replied sassily, "It seems my mistress is a dumb one."

"Hey!" Song Peizhi wanted her curse her luck for giving her such a sassy cat that apparently has no filter on its mouth. "What's your name?"

The cat sighed, "Obviously you have to name me..."

Song Peizhi grinned as a plan of revenge formulated in her head, "Actually, I can just say hey when I want to speak to you since I'm so dumb that I can't think of a name to name you." The cat's lazy eyes widened in horror as it got on its knees, "Merciful, intelligent mistress! Please pity this poor, nameless cat!"

Song Peizhi laughed merrily and picked up the cat, "What gender are you?"

The cat began purring when she stroked it and mumbled, "Male."

"Good, " Song Peizhi stopped stroking him and hugged him affectionately, "you'll be called Xiao Fu..."

"Little Luck?" Xiao Fu felt like his master was teasing him based on his appearance. He pouted unhappily until Song Peizhi rubbed his fur again.

"Come on Xiao Fu, let's go spin the wheel and see what we get as our first assignment!" Song Peizhi dragged her newly acquired sidekick and scurried in the direction of the giant, golden wheel: The Wheel of Transmigration. The wheel itself was divided into six parts: Antagonist, Protagonist, Cannon Fodder, Supporting Character, Background Character, and Opposite Gender. And after the user's role is determined, the wheel automatically transforms into four parts: Change To GOOD Ending, Change To BAD Ending, DON'T Change Ending, or Transmigrator's CHOICE.

The wheel was completely fair as it didn't spin for the transmigrator, but the transmigrator got to spin themselves. So the more strength they use, the more time the arrow keeps spinning until it lands on something. Although this didn't mean they could just do a weak spin, no, they had to try or else it would be considered invalid. And the good news was, when a user was spinning the wheel, it was only visible to the user. No one else could see it's content despite how humongous the wheel itself was. It was a privacy setting that the creator had added to make things feel safe and secure for the user.

Song Peizhi's palms were sweaty as she neared the giant wheel occupying majority of the room. Her best friend, Long Meixi, patted her shoulder comfortingly and mumbled, "I'll go first if it makes you less nervous." Song Peizhi flashed her a grateful smile as the petite girl walked forward. Long Meixi took a deep breath and pulled the handle like how one would pull at a slot in a casino. The wheel begun to spin rapidly until it stopped at Antagonist. Long Meixi paled but her shaking hand pulled the handle again. Once more, the wheel began to spin rapidly until it landed on Transmigrator's CHOICE. Long Meixi heaved a breath of relief and waved happily at her friend, quickly disappearing in the mini-portal that appeared before her.

Song Peizhi took a deep breath and slowly reached for the handle, not knowing someone was tampering with the wheel's settings. As she pulled the handle, the wheel spun and landed on Protagonist. She squealed in happiness and pulled the handle again but almost screamed when it landed on Change to BAD Ending. She closed her eyes and one could figuratively see her soul floating on top of her. The mini-portal pulled her body inside of it despite her clear protest.

Heng Donghai burst out laughing at her antics and snapped his fingers again, allowing himself to be transmigrated in the same world as her.

'Little girl, you're going to regret insulting me', that was Heng Donghai's last thought before he leaped inside the same world as Song Peizhi...

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