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   Chapter 278 Extra Story Eight Dust To Dust, Soil To Soil (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 13280

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The seven men stared at Lei Tianyan's half bowl of rice and the rest of food, eager to rob him.

After a long time, Lei Tianyan raised his head and looked around the crowd calmly. He completely took the plate with his saliva spitting on it.

You go ahead if you can.

Yun Canglan swallowed her saliva in disgust and continued eating instant noodles.

The rest refrained from vomiting and felt that instant noodles tasted good for the first time, at least no saliva.

As a matter of fact, why did Lei Tianyan strike? One day, when Lei Tianyan went upstairs with Yun Canglan in his arms as usual, Shui Minghan leaped into the air and blocked Lei Tianyan. Qin Liuren released level ten cold air. When Lei Tianyan was pulling up his clothes, Xi Zhiyao pulled Yun Canglan in his arms. Yang Gezhi smiled and pretended not knowing what to do, while Huo Liuyun grinned and poured the juice out and Lei Tianyan could only go to take a bath angrily.

By the time he finished the shower, the six men had arranged the room for Canglan, except Lei Tianyan.

According to the words of Confucius, if they didn't break out in silence, then they stayed in the empty room instead. Therefore, the six men broke out, and Lei Tianyan also went on a strike.

Shui Minghan took a drag on his instant noodles and said, "I have invited a guest, and he will come here three days later.".

Xi Zhiyao raised his head and asked, " a guest? Male or female? A killer? From the underworld? "

Qin Liuren asked, "your friend? You have a friend too? How could you make friends too? "

Huo Liuyun continued, "three days? Why do you need three days? What do you need? "

Yun Canglan glanced at him when she was eating her noodles. Shui Minghan didn't look at them, but answered directly, "it was the man who asked me to kill someone. I asked him to come here three days later.".

Lei Tianyan burped, "are you sick?".

Shui Minghan raised his head and glanced at him coldly. He thought, 'you are wrong, all of your families are wrong.' then he added, "the principal was Qi Yuntian, and the person he was going to kill was Canglan.".

"Ahem." Yun Canglan choked on the mouthful of noodles. She raised her head with excitement and gave Shui Minghan a thumbs up, "well done. You are allowed to enter the room tonight.".

In his mind, Shui Minghan knelt down to thank Yun Canglan and said obsequiously, "thank you, my wife." but he had to keep his poker face.

"Bang!" Yun Canglan banged the table, stood up excitedly and began to arrange her task: "now it's time for us to unite. Let go of those little grudges first. After this matter, we immediately go back to see the children. Someone supports our families, earn money, and someone gives birth to children. At that time, I will be happy to marry each of you ten or eight females. You would be so happy.".

The fourteen people's eyes were like laser knives shooting towards Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan stopped and straightened her face. "Hum! Cangyue, hand over all the evidence you got from those women to Liuyun. Liuyun, get in touch with your senior officials and place the evidence in front of them. Zhiyao, is there any banquet? I'll show off in front of Qi Yuntian these days".

Xi Zhiyao nodded, "don't worry. I'll arrange it.".

"Gezhi, buy me some wolves. The more fierce they are, the better. I'll put them in the yard to look after the house. Tianyan, clean the house. Don't let the visitors feel too shabby. Besides, make some delicious food for the following days. You see, I'm so hungry that I could not show my breasts and butt.".

In the evening, the sound of waves came from the seaside. The chilly sea breeze blew into the brightly lit villa, making the air filled with a smell of the sea wind everywhere. The waves patted on the rocks, making the summer night more lively.

In the villa, Lei Tianyan went off strike and fought in the kitchen as usual. Yun Canglan was wearing make-up in her room. After Xi Zhiya

wo shallow pear sockets, eyes which were clear as water. The women in front of him were completely different. But he knew that they were the same person.

"You don't understand why I'm still alive, do you?" Yun Canglan still showed a pure smile, but her lips were bloodthirsty. She approached Qi Yuntian and a smell of death was more obvious in his eyes.

"In fact, I was dead the moment you ate my flesh in my legs and stabbed a knife in my chest. But I was lucky enough to meet them in another world." Yun Canglan looked around. She was touched by the men around her.

"But I have never forgotten the pain you inflicted on me. So, I'm back.".

Qi Yuntian stared at Yun Canglan nervously and terribly, "You...What do you want to do? "

"What do I want to do? Of course you have to pay your debt. "She wanted him to feel the pain of being eaten.

As soon as Yun Canglan finished her words, a delicate bamboo whistle was placed on the tip of her mouth, making a shrill sound. Qi Yuntian didn't know what she was going to do, as his intuition was not good, and his body instinctively tried to escape. But Shui Minghan faster stopped him. Qin Liuren, like a ghost, stood behind him, preventing his escape.

The rest of the men stared at Qi Yuntian coldly, as if they wanted to eat him.

However, they would only feel dirty if they eat him.

With a snort, two wolf dogs jumped in from the window. The soil they brought smudged the expensive carpet, but no one stopped them. They were like ferocious beasts, pouncing on Qin Liuren directly. Qin Liuren had sensed the breath behind him, so he slightly tilted his body, and the two wolf dogs accurately pounced on Qi Yuntian.

Then followed the scream.

Yun Canglan turned her head away and smelt the blood that someone else would vomit.

The seven men blocked her, trying to cut her off from the tragic scene

"Canglan, it's time for us to leave now." Lei Tianyan was the only one who dared to speak now.

Yun Canglan's heavy heart was cleared. She stood up as if she had escaped from some shackles.

"Well, it's time to go back to see the children.".

In the farmland, an aged woman stood behind a man sitting on a stone bench, brushing out his white hair one by one, and muttered, "more and more white hair is coming out.".

The man held a piece of newspaper and read it with great interest.

In an inconspicuous corner, the man watched a news for a long time.

A seaside villa last night was set to fire and hundreds of millions of dollars was burnt to ashes overnight.

"Has she left?"

"Yes, she has left."

"She will be happy, won't she?"

"Yes, she will."

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