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   Chapter 277 Extra Story Eight Dust To Dust, Soil To Soil (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6096

Updated: 2020-01-25 00:13

At night, the neon lights lit up every corner of the city. The hazy moonlight was like a mysterious veil, covering the bright light and wine, burning rotten laughter and indulgence.

It was "Match Making Party", a famous high-class club with distinctive style. The surrounding environment was romantic with the light of romantic lamps. Top-grade luxury cars stopped in front of the door one after another, and a doorman with a smiling face greeted an arrogant guests into the house.

Fashionable men and a sexy women walked in and out of the clubhouse with unknown business.

They were richest people in the city, and women who were playing up to them. This was a place where the rich would spend time and money from time to time. As long as you had money, you could find all the excitement here.

In a private room on the second floor of the club, Qi Yuntian sat on the leather sofa, legs crossed, with a cigar in one of his hand. He arrogantly looked at the man opposite to him, full of disdain in his eyes from time to time.

Behind him, there were several tall, strong men in black. All of them looked very serious and intimidating.

Since the last ball, he paid a high price to hire a few bodyguards, and even took a restroom with him. Because the name "Yun Canglan" really shocked him.

If it hadn't been for his inquiry, Yan Cangyue, the top boss of "night charm" brothel, had to do with Yun Canglan, he would have thought he had met a ghost. Although the woman looked different from what he remembered, he clearly remembered her horrible eyes.

He couldn't forget the past, because he would even dream of Yun Canglan revenge on him, shouting "Qi Yuntian, I want to eat your flesh." And then there were her white bone chilling legs.

So he hired several bodyguards to protect him

However, he was still

why Lei Tianyan refused to work?

Yang Gezhi came over and took out a bowl of instant noodles and a bowl of hot water for each of them. " Canglan said the take out food was produced from ditch oil.". It was relatively safe to eat instant noodles.

There was a large table, and each of them held a bucket of noodles and began to eat. Lei Tianyan walked out of his room with a dish in his hand. It was just a small plate, but the dish was still steaming. The aroma of the dish covered the instant noodle.

There were seven people and fourteen eyes in the table, staring at the dish as ferociously as wolves.

"I'm in a trance." Xi Zhiyao said.

"It's not good to live on your own. We should stick together," said Qin Liuren.

"It seems to be a little burnt. Do you want me to help you have a taste?" Yan Cangyue.

"Tianyan, you should pay attention to your behavior." Yun Canglan spoke.

"Fuck! This is a demonstration!" shouted Huo Liuyun.

"Well, Tianyan, I have lost some weight recently." Yang Gezhi said.

"No, it's just vegetable. This is beef noodles with beef." Shui Minghan said.

Zap, zap, zapZap, zap, zap... "Someone covered his ears with the leaves of the dish, enjoying the meal.

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