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   Chapter 276 Extra Story A Movie Was Always On The Loop (Part Two)

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The man bent down and helped Xi Zhiyao up. "You are indeed an extraordinary person. We are relieved to have you by her side." the man sighed, melancholy and longing, and whispered, "two years ago, Yun Canglan disappeared. Everyone said she was dead, but we did not believe it. We once met an expert on the mountain. The expert told us that she was indeed dead, but, we would have a chance to meet once again..., so we just waited. No matter how Canglan looks now, I can recognize her at a glance. After all, she is our daughter. ".

Xi Zhiyao had never known that it was such a happy thing to have such parents. Canglan, you are so lucky.

"Father, mother, please don't blame Canglan. We will go back sooner or later. She was afraid that if she recognized you, you would be more sad, so she didn't dare.".

The woman broke into tears again. "I know. We all know it. As long as Canglan is fine, I know.. "

"Don't worry about her. She is good. After her death, she came to our world. She had gone through a lot of difficulties, but now she is a legendary woman. She has seven husband and three children. Besides me, he was Lei Tianyan, Shui Minghan, Qin Liuren, Yang Gezhi, Yan Cangyue, Huo Liuyun. We all love Canglan very much. You can rest assured that we will take good care of Canglan. ".

They nodded with satisfaction, "that's good, that's good.".

Xi Zhiyao looked back and said, "I'm leaving now. I'll visit father and mother another day.".

Finally, I've dealt with Canglan's worried.

When they got back to the car, Yun Canglan fell asleep. Lei Tianyan asked with his eyes. Xi Zhiyao nodded with a smile and drove away.

Yun Canglan woke up on the way and seemed to be in a good mood.

"Tianyan, call them. I'm in a good mood today and invite you to see a movie.".

When Yun Canglan, Lei Tianyan and Xi Zhiyao arrived at the cinema, the rest were already there. The five kinds of feelings, cold, gentle or elegant, captured many women's side eyes and their faces w

the beggar dressed in popular FS, revealing most of her butt, which is amazing. And then look at herself, ah, ah, in the hot sports wear and a pair of glasses, she is indeed a bumpkin.

"What are you looking at, country bumpkin? You're just in the town." The woman walked over, her red hair pulling at her side. The handsome man next to her was all sissy.

Without saying anything, Yun Canglan stared at these three people, wondering why it was so popular in the world.

Disdainful, red haired and arrogant, she held two men's arms and said, "what are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen them? They are both my lovers. What's wrong?"

"Nothing special. I'm a little curious about them," Yun Canglan answered with a smile.

The world had changed too fast.

The woman with red hair raised her head proudly. "Well, my lovers are both very handsome and very good to me. HOHO, this is not what a bumpkin like you can understand. You can be jealous and hateful. Don't say that I'm too many people to bully you.".

"Canglan." Lei Tianyan called her and fell into a warm embrace. Then Huo Liuyun, Yan Cangyue came over.

In the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by seven handsome and elegant men.

Yun Canglan still introduced them smilingly, "let me introduce them to you. They are all my husbands, legal men.".

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