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   Chapter 275 Extra Story A Movie Was Always On The Loop (Part One)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5532

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It was a simple house with only a small living room and a bedroom. In the yard, there were some Cowherd and Leo. It was very lively running around.

On their way back from the farmland, they occasionally met one or two villagers who greeted them warmly with a smile on their faces. Obviously, they were very happy.

"It's a small room. You can sit here as you like. I'll fetch some water for you." the woman asked Yun Canglan to sit down, then she went into the room to fetch water for them. The man sat beside her, looked at Yun Canglan and the other two, and his eyes stopped on Yun Canglan.

She still remembered his face was serious but spoiled in her childhood. As she grew up, he looked more rigorous even though he got wrinkles. But now, he got more wrinkles and even his temples turned white. He was not as serious as before but more gentle and kind. Even his shrewd eyes were still as lead, looking older than before.

"You.Are you a university student? " The two men were dressed in strange ways. They looked young and energetic, but what made them more graceful was their pride.

Yun Canglan calmed down a little bit. Lei Tianyan and Xi Zhiyao took care of her intentionally or unintentionally, which gave her enough courage.

"No." Yun Canglan answered.

The man gently smiled and said, "you look like twenty, I thought you were the university students. There are indeed many college students like to paint here.".

"We just want to take a walk.".

"Are you a star? Hahaha, both of you look good." the man seemed to be in a good mood. Yun Canglan didn't remember he laughed so happily before.

Canglan also smiled faintly and hi

gure was no longer tall, but weak. Looking at the three people who were about to leave, he burst into tears silently.

Their daughter! Their daughter.

When they walked to the car, Xi Zhiyao suddenly exclaimed, "I forgot that my stuff is in his house. Tianyan, stay with Canglan for a while. I'll go get it.".

Lei Tianyan understood and took Yun Canglan into the car. Xi Zhiyao left in a hurry.

In the setting sun, the two figures had not left. They looked at their direction. When they saw Xi Zhiyao running over, they quickly wiped the tears from the corners of their eyes and pretended as if nothing had happened.

"Sir, did you leave anything behind?"

Xi Zhiyao knelt down in front of them and said, "I am Xi Zhiyao, I am glad to see you two, my parents in law.".

The man and the woman was stunned. "You. Why did you... "

Xi Zhiyao raised his head and looked at the two old men who were wiping tears, "I've noticed it long ago. When you saw Canglan, joy and satisfaction flashed in your eyes. Although you tried hard to control yourself, you still miss her and care about her."

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