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   Chapter 273 Extra Story Above All, I'm Yun Canglan (Part Two)

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6727

Updated: 2020-01-24 00:13

"Mr. Qi, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful sister."

"Thank you for your praise, Mr. Guo."

"Lady Qi, do you know who you fall for? Do I still have a chance?"

"That depends on if Mr. Chu is sincere enough."

"Mr. Qi, I haven't seen you for a few days. You become more handsome. Why haven't I seen you recently?"

"Miss Wen, you are so busy. I have to make an appointment for a long time."

"I heard that you like to watch the opera, so I have two tickets. Can we go there together another day?"

"Okay, Mr. Sun. I'm available."

The dim candle light couldn't break into the bottom of the darkness, and it made people feel that there were unknown schemes and plots hidden on their surface. Such flattery, Frankie's flattery, and such debauchery and debauchery were the most real ones in this elegant dance melody.

Qi Yunlin was like a butterfly. She was good at flirting with the men. Her coquettish smile and trembling shoulder were like poison which made them lose their mind. And she was more satisfied to see the man behave humbly for her.

Qi Yuntian didn't need to do anything. The women, who knew his identity, naturally came here like flies and dealt with all kinds of methods to win his favor. Qi Yuntian, on the other hand, seemed to have become accustomed to it. He watched the women fight for him and shed blood for him with his beautiful eyes.

"Well, who is that?"

"What a beautiful woman!"

"That man is so handsome."

"Wow, you have a great figure and a pair of soul killer eyes!"

"Where did that woman come from? She is even more beautiful than celestial beings. If only I could sleep with her!"

"Body, tut, tut, no words."

Two people came to the entrance of the garden quietly. When they appeared, they were so radiant that many people marveled at them and couldn't keep a low profile.

Hearing that, Qi Yuntian and Qi Yunlin looked at the entrance of the garden. Under the dim and mysterious light, a woman and a man, arm in arm, slowly walked from d

standing what he meant, she came to Yan Cangyue and said: "Cangyue, let's dance.".

Yun Canglan released Yan Cangyue from her grip and looked at Qi Yuntian with a smile. Of course, Yan Cangyue knew what Yun Canglan meant, so he reluctantly followed Qi Yunlin to the dance floor.

The golden lights fell on them. One was tall and handsome, while the other was beautiful and graceful, attracting many people's attention.

Yun Canglan put her hand on Qi Yuntian's and walked into the dancing floor.

Wonderful music flew in her ears, and the graceful Luther fluttered with admiring hearts. It was a wonderful night, with dirty deals hidden behind. Everyone put on a mask and continued to laugh and dance.

"What's your name, miss?" Canglan heard a low and hoarse voice approaching her ear. She was not touched at all. Now she was as calm as a clear spring, but she had never suffered losses. Even if she didn't hate people, she wouldn't allow anyone who hurt her to have a good end.

"Do you really want to know?" Yun Canglan raised her head and spoke in a seductive voice.

"Of course, your name must be more beautiful.".

Yun Canglan nodded, "yes. My name is beautiful, but you may think it's a nightmare.".

"How could it be? Tell me.".

Yun Canglan gave a weird smile: "Yun Canglan, my name is Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan."

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