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   Chapter 271 Extra Story Four Modern Life

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Two months later, in a villa by the sea, Yun Canglan sat on the sofa watching TV weakly. In the TV play, the two male lions fought for a female lion, and the female lion stood aside and shouted cheerfully. The two male lions were beaten, and Yun Canglan criticized one or two male lions from time to time, for example, "bite his ear directly! Go to hell! Come on! Your sweetheart is watching! Oh my god! You have destroyed your face and become a pirate of the underworld!".

Lei Tianyan wore a clean white shirt, and the blue jeans matched his long legs. The red feather at the corner of his eyes was still enchanting. His overly long hair was neatly coiled up with a simple hairpin. He looked a little weird, but the conflicting dressing style of him was very attractive.

What was more frightening was that he was wearing a yellow SpongeBob apron, holding a spoon in one hand and a vinegar in the other. After he walked out of the kitchen, he stared impatiently at Canglan who was reclining on the sofa.

"Canglan, serve the dishes. They are coming back.".

"No," Yun Canglan refused without turning her head. "The game is not over yet.".

"There's nothing to look at. You don't walk all day and have gained a lot of weight recently." Woman could not be spoiled for she was getting lazier and lazier.

Yun Canglan ignored it and touched her waist. She thought it was okay, so she continued to watch the lions fight.

The big brown door quietly opened. Yang Gezhi and Huo Liuyun walked in. They had become accustomed to the idle Yun Canglan on the sofa and Lei Tianyan who was busy in the kitchen.

"Gezhi, come here and serve the dishes." Lei Tianyan said in a low voice. After all, there were seven men.

Yang Gezhi followed Lei Tianyan into the kitchen, and Huo Liuyun took the opportunity to get close to Yun Canglan.

"Canglan, it's my turn tonight.".

Canglan moved reluctantly from the lion to him. "Go to take a bath first. There is a smell of medicine on your body.".

Huo Liuyun, who had been ill and become a doctor for a long time, stealthily learned the acupuncture techniques of Yun Qin and Yun Qi. Combined with the essence ad proficiency of martial artists, he opened a medicine treatment hall that was disdained by all the people. Nobody knew what kind of luck he got. The first customer he came to visit was the wife of the governor of S Province. Her infertility was cured by him. From then on, the medicine treatment hall was invested a lot. So he had succeeded in business. In the past two months, a large number of visitors had come, most of whom were political people.

Now the society was full of pressure.

Huo Liuyun reluctantly ran to the bathroom to take a shower.

Yang Gezhi walked out of the kitchen with a delicious dish of meat in his hand. After giving Yun Canglan a kiss on her face, he put the dish on the table, coiled his long hair neatly, and wore a pair of glasses, looking fashionable.

Nowadays, he's a scientific designer who specialized in studying the antiques in China. His strong point is that he has high wages.

"Canglan, are you hungry? Tianyan said the tea would be ready soon. ".

Moreover, Lei Tianyan had a red feather on his face, and his face that could attract

all women in an instant. When everyone was

n, with his perfect posture, perfect body, elegant skills, exquisite Kung Fu, slender limbs, and refined eyes, fixed on all the killers of "night cat".

Naturally, he became the boss of the killers.

When Yun Canglan knew this, she said in contempt, "you're such a bitch.".

'you bastard, you know Kung Fu well, but they know nothing except fighting. Bastard. You were the number one in the ancient times. They won a fight champion at most. 'son of a bitch! You know how to dodge nimbly. They are just sensitive.'. You should compete with bullet and atomic bomb.

Shui Minghan was not afraid of bullets at all. He caught the bullets easily, just like catching Yun Canglan who fell down the stairs because of the fat.

He had wanted to compete with bomb, but now he realized that it was forbidden by the country. He could not even find atomic bomb.

"You don't have a mission today?" Qin Liuren sat there, picked up a document and read it. Shui Minghan looked up at the second floor and asked Yang Gezhi, "why hasn't Xi Zhiyao come down? It's time for dinner.".

One of the two men became a househusband, and the other one was a super indoorsman. He only fiddled with the computer at night when it was his turn. How pitiful he was.

"Are you looking for me?" Xi Zhiyao went downstairs, and his straight legs were hidden in his trousers, long and powerful.

Since he no longer pursued the incomplete beauty, he was a decent man.

"What are you doing?" Stock market speculation, Weibo, hackers, and Qin Liuren all heard from Xi Zhiyao. They thought Xi Zhiyao was interesting, so they sometimes asked him about what he had found.

Xi Zhiyao went down the stairs and sat at the table. He ate prawns and winked at Qin Liuren.

"I found something interesting today and it may help you.".

"Hitman Training Manual?"

"A Path to The Underworld?"

"A Hearty Meal?"

"The Scripture of Hua Tuo?"

"The Golden Lotus, The Carnal Prayer Mat?"

Xi Zhiyao looked mysterious and interesting. After a while, he opened his mouth, "a love action movie.".

Yun Canglan puckered her lips.

The rest of them opened their eyes wide and asked confusedly, "what is love action movie?"

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